Sprinklr’s Summer ‘19 Product Release Is Here

Pavitar Singh

August 8, 20196 min read

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I’m so excited to announce the Sprinklr Summer ‘19 Product Release, available now to customers globally. The release includes over 300 new features across the five products that make up Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office Platform: Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, and Sprinklr Social. The new capabilities will help you listen to, learn from, and love your customers.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Sprinklr for nearly 7 years, it’s especially gratifying professionally and personally to launch hundreds of new features ahead of the company’s 10-year anniversary this September. I’ve been fortunate to experience Sprinklr’s high-growth journey from the early days, and today I’m proud to lead a tremendously talented R&D and product management team that has built a unified platform with unmatched breadth, depth and machine learning/natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. The advanced innovation I’m privileged to be a part of is the reason why 80% of the top 50 companies on Forbes’ 2019 World’s Most Valuable Brands list are Sprinklr customers.

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Release Highlights:

SPRINKLR MARKETING (30+ new features)

Sprinklr Marketing increases the ROI of content with AI-powered insights and reuse, saves time with automated workflows, and manages brand risk with enterprise governance. Two key new features are:

Smart Content Intelligence for Improved Reporting:

Improve your content strategy by identifying your top-performing content themes and tone (style of speaking) using AI that draws from historical content performance. Sprinklr’s AI model will label outbound messages with predefined content themes based on their text content indicating which emotional appeal it corresponds to. Now, you can avoid the manual tagging of your outbound content and automatically view reporting for content themes.

Workflow Task Operational Reporting & Reminders:

Save time by identifying the bottlenecks in your production workflows and sending automated email reminders. Sprinklr’s workflows now automatically track how long it takes to complete individual tasks across task types, teams, or milestones. With operational reporting, produce high performing content more quickly.

SPRINKLR MARKETING (80+ new features)

Sprinklr Marketing enables personalized advertising so that you can increase ROAS and efficiency across teams with AI, automation, and integrations on a Unified Front Office Platform. The features include:

Smart Budget Allocation:

You can now increase efficiency in allocating budget with a new AI-based algorithm and upgraded user interface. You will now also see a grouped view of metrics which you can select as the Optimization Goal. Metrics from third-party reporting tools like Google Analytics, DCM, MOAT, Adobe, etc. will be available for selection without any additional setup.

Expanded Integrations Suite:

Execute, analyze, and optimize your campaigns against your cross-channel business outcomes with our expanded Google DoubleClick integration, which now includes support for Snapchat and LinkedIn (in addition to Facebook and X, formerly Twitter). We also added integrations for Kochava, TUNE, and Appsflyer so you can better analyze and optimize your campaign performance across mobile activity.

Enhanced Optimization Techniques:

Increase the ROI of your ad campaigns with Sprinklr’s new Targeting Optimization functionality, which identifies the top-performing audience segments against your optimization goals. Use Sports and other TV events to align your media activity against key moments to ensure your ads are amplified at the most relevant time.

SPRINKLR INSIGHTS (40+ new features)

Sprinklr Insights enables you to turn data into real-time insights, decisions, and actions that make your customers happier. A top feature includes:

Audience Insights:

Know your customers better by understanding their consumption behavior, preferences, likes, dislikes, interests, habits, and demographics. Use that knowledge to curate your product mix, content strategy, media planning, and brand affiliations – and increase revenue in the process.

SPRINKLR SERVICE (50+ new features)

Sprinklr Service reduces the cost of customer support handling and resolution by applying smart, automated, and AI-driven technologies. Two highlighted features include:

CSAT Prediction:

Proactively identify dissatisfied customers using AI. At-risk customers will be filtered and routed to specific senior agents or supervisors in order to prevent escalations and ensure customer satisfaction. Based on the context of the conversation, Sprinklr’s AI capabilities calculate the CSAT (customer satisfaction) rating on a scale of 1 to 100. The score is updated every time you receive a message from your customer, which will help you understand and improve the rating for your brand.

Estimated Wait Time Values:

Manage customer expectations by providing a realistic timeframe for when they can expect a resolution to their issues. Once their case is placed in the Assignment Work Queue, an auto-response is generated, telling the customer how long until they can expect to wait for an agent to be in contact.

SPRINKLR SOCIAL (50+ new features)

Sprinklr Social ensures you can listen, publish, and measure across all social channels. Two great features to highlight are:

Smart Response Compliance:

Engaging on social every day requires a tricky balance between maintaining an authentic voice while following brand guidelines and compliance restrictions. To support copywriters, Sprinklr now provides AI-driven Smart Response Compliance, which flags content based on sentiment, relevance, and keywords. A red flag is generated if your response does not comply with any of these six categories: Brand Guidelines, Non-Profanity, Relevance, Semantics, Tonality, and Unbiasedness. Ensure that content always meets brand guidelines, and reduce the risk of publishing non-compliant material. *Currently supporting English only.

Instagram Grid Preview:

Curating the perfect post on Instagram is serious business. Sprinklr can relate, so we’ve made it easier for brands to create their perfect feed by previewing posts in the classic grid layout before publishing. Easily drag-and-drop images to create that perfect feed, every time.

Learn more about social media automation

SPRINKLR PLATFORM (70+ new features)

Sprinklr’s Unified Platform provides strong governance and privacy, helpful collaboration, sophisticated automation, and advanced AI capabilities to help you manage risk and be more efficient. Two highlights are:

New Modern Menu:

Navigating between Sprinklr products just got a whole lot easier. With the New Modern Menu, your favorite dashboards are more clear and accessible along the top of the screen. We’ve also released an enhanced search bar that recognizes related key terms and surfaces reports, dashboards, and more for faster navigation.

Salesforce 2.0 Connector Now Available:

To provide personalized, outstanding support, brands must truly know their customers. Available now on AppExchange, Sprinklr can now connect your CRM data to a customer’s social activity with a bi-directional connection that enriches each interaction.

This is just a sampling of the hundreds of new features we’re offering this summer. Thank you to our valuable customers and partners for providing feature suggestions we use to continuously expand the breadth and depth of our platform.

Explore what else Sprinklr has to offer:

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