How to track social media shares effectively and easily

Shubham Gupta

January 8, 20248 min read

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Social media has evolved from being merely a digital hangout to a critical platform for businesses and influencers. One of the key metrics in this digital universe is social media share, which is defined as the act of users redistributing your content on their own profiles. These shares help gauge the return on investment (ROI) on your social media strategies, ensuring that your efforts are paying off.  

With a global social media advertising ad spend valued at $230 billion in 2022, which is only expected to grow to $358 billion by 2026, the stakes are incredibly high. Additionally, almost 60% of the world's population uses social media actively, which underscores the enormous potential reach your content could have.  

So, what makes tracking social media shares so crucial? 

Imagine you've crafted the perfect social media post that’s sharp, witty and ripe to go viral. How can you tell if it's actually making an impact? The answer lies in effectively tracking these shares. This metric offers more than just vanity numbers; it's a reliable indicator of how well your content resonates with your target audience, providing data on reach and engagement. Ignore this, and you're essentially flying blind in your social media efforts.  When you track social media shares adeptly, you not only measure the success of your current content but also gather valuable social media insights for future campaigns.  

Curious about the “how” of it? Well, keep reading and you'll know. But first, let’s look at the “why.”  

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Why should you track social media shares?  

So, you've got your social media channels up and running. Your content looks great, and you're posting consistently. But here's the million-dollar question: Are people engaging with what you're putting out there? 

Not sure? Well, this is one of the reasons why you need to track social media shares. It's simply not something you can afford to overlook because: 

  • It shows the effectiveness of your social media campaigns when it comes to reach, interest levels and engagement 

  • You get to know what kind of content resonates better with the audience and what you can improve on 

  • You can figure out which social media networks work best for you and focus on them 

Here’s a situation that exhibits one of these advantages. 

Imagine that you've just launched a new product. You post about it, and boom — it gets shared 50 times within the first hour. Now, that's immediate feedback telling you that your audience is interested. So, you won't be shooting in the dark with your next move; you'll be making informed decisions based on what worked for you. The shares help you understand the pulse of your audience, from what they like to what makes them click that share button.  

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The long-term benefits of tracking social media shares 

But it's not just about instant information and being impressed by short-term numbers. Through social media share tracking, you also lay the groundwork for long-term brand awareness. Every share is a nod of approval that elevates your brand's standing in the noise. And here's the best part: This ripple effect also extends to other social media metrics, like click-through rates and conversions. So, the benefits are manifold. 

Simply put, tracking social media shares helps you understand where you stand today and guides you on where to go next. Your audience is talking; it's high time you listened.  

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7 expert tips for tracking social media shares effectively 

Knowing your way around the social media maze becomes much easier when you've got the right strategies up your sleeve. Whether you're a marketing veteran or a newcomer, these seven tips will help you track social media shares like a pro. Ready? Let's get started! 

Tip #1: Use the right tools  

The cornerstone of your success in tracking social media shares rests on the tools you choose. A variety of specialized platforms are available to help you:  

  • Some tools excel in social media listening, letting you tune into conversations about your brand 

  • Others are effective in social media analytics, offering hard data on your social media performance 

  • If you're looking to save time, consider social media automation tools that handle repetitive tasks, like planning, publishing and posting content, for you 

  • For a more localized approach, local social platforms focused on managing social channels across multiple locations might be what you need 

Here's the best part: All these tools are engineered to help you track social media shares effectively. They offer actionable insights, so you're not overwhelmed with information. 

Sprinklr's social media reporting dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of social shares, among other things.

Quick takeaway: Select tools that align closely with your social media goals. This ensures not only the effective tracking of social media shares but also a smoother, more efficient workflow. Make the right choice and watch your strategy flourish.

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Tip #2: Set up alerts and notifications  

If you're serious about tracking social media shares, staying in the loop is non-negotiable. So, how do you keep tabs on your shares without constantly checking in on your analytics tools? 

  • Set up notifications: Most platforms offer alerts that ping you when there's a change in your social share count. There are two types of notifications: 

    • Email notifications: Configure email alerts through your analytics tool to get notified regularly about changes in social share counts or significant engagement spikes. 

    • Mobile app push notifications: If your analytics tool has a mobile app, you’ll receive push notifications directly to your mobile device if there are any changes. 

  • Real-time updates: You’ll be alerted as and when someone shares your social post — without any delay. 

You see, tracking social shares doesn't mean you have to stay glued to your screen 24/7. By setting up alerts, you make the process efficient and automated. Now, you can focus on what really matters — fine-tuning your strategy based on these real-time insights. 

Pro-tip: Use alerts and notifications to make tracking social shares a part of your routine and not an interruption. Adapt swiftly and keep your strategy agile. 
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Tip #3: Analyze share patterns over time  

Timing can be everything in the fast-paced world of social media. Ever wonder why some posts get more traction than others? It might be “when” you're hitting that publish button. 

  • Spot trends: By tracking social media shares over a period, you'll start to see patterns. Maybe your audience is more active during lunch breaks or late evenings. 

  • Optimize posting: Use these social media insights to adjust your social media posting schedule. Tailor it to when your content is most likely to be shared. 

Don't let randomness dictate your results. You turn gut feelings into actionable data by consistently analyzing the shared patterns.  

Pro Tip: Sprinklr's Smart Scheduling capability intelligently picks out the best time to publish based on the time of the day and selected account. You can also select a date and get multiple recommended time slots on that date.  

Smart Scheduling decides what time of the day you should schedule your post to receive maximum engagement for that post.

Quick takeaway: Keep an eye on when your content gets shared the most. Make data-driven tweaks to your posting schedule and watch your shares soar. 

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Tip #4: Monitor social share sources  

So, you're getting shares — that's great! But do you know where they're coming from? Different platforms attract different audiences, and knowing this can give you an edge. 

  • Identify platforms: Use analytics tools to see which social media sites are getting you the most shares. 

  • Analyze audiences: Different platforms often mean different types of engagement. Understanding this helps you craft more targeted content. 

Tracking social media shares isn't just about counting numbers. It's also about knowing where those numbers are coming from. This insight lets you channel your efforts more precisely. 

Pro Tip: Gain real-time insights into audience engagement with your content and brand. Understand their preferences instantly through social signals, engagement metrics and audience profiles.  

A Sprinklr dashboard highlighting engagement metrics, including volume sorted by content type and channel, presented graphically for easy analysis.

Quick takeaway: Don't spread yourself too thin. Identify your strongest platforms and double down on them. This way, every share you get will likely be more impactful. 

Tip #5: Keep an eye on influencers  

Let's face it: Some shares carry more weight than others. When an influencer shares your content, it's like striking gold in the social media world.

  • Identify influencers: Use analytics tool to find out who’s sharing your content. Are they an influencer in your niche? 

  • Engage mindfully: A simple “thank you” or “reshare” can go a long way. It not only shows gratitude but can also forges valuable connections. 

By tracking social media shares from influencers, you tap into a much more comprehensive network. This isn't just about amplifying reach; it's about strategic networking that could lead to beneficial partnerships. 

Quick takeaway: Don't just look at numbers. Quality matters, too. When you track social media shares, especially from influencers, you open doors to opportunities that can elevate your social media game. 

Sprinklr-s influencer analytics dashboard

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Tip #6: Evaluate share-to-engagement ratio  

Sure, a high number of shares looks impressive. But are people really connecting with your content? Evaluating the share-to-engagement ratio can help you figure this out. 

  • Crunch the numbers: Divide the total engagement (likes, comments, etc.) by the number of shares. A higher ratio suggests that people are not only sharing but engaging with your content. 

  • Quality over quantity: If your content gets tons of shares but little engagement, you may need to reassess your strategy. 

By tracking social media shares and closely examining the share-to-engagement ratio, you get a crystal-clear view of the quality of interaction. It's not just about shares; it's about meaningful connections that can add value to your brand. 
Quick takeaway: Don't be dazzled by big numbers alone. A more nuanced approach, such as tracking shares along with engagement ratios, offers real insights into the effectiveness of your content. 

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Tip #7: Keep a check on competitor share analysis  

So, you're doing well in tracking social media shares for your content. But how do you stack up against the competition? Knowing this can give you a serious edge. 

  • Benchmark and don't guess: Compare your shared metrics with those of industry leaders. This will help you understand where you stand. 

  • Learn and adapt: Notice a competitor outpacing you in shares? Analyze their strategy. What can you adopt or improve upon? 

By tracking social media shares, not just of your content but also of competitors, you get a full landscape view. It's about knowing your position in the market and making calculated moves to up your game. Competitor benchmarking tools can help you make the most of this tip. 

Quick takeaway: Don't just keep tabs on your own shares. Expand your strategy by also tracking social media shares of competitors and performing social media competitor analysis to adjust your game plan accordingly. 

Interested in trying out Sprinklr’s Competitive benchmarking? Sprinklr Social's self-serve plan now comes with in-built listening and insights capabilities that can help you differentiate your CX strategy faster with AI-powered competitive insights. Try it for free! 

Sprinklr-s brand benchmarking dashboard

Benefits of tracking social media shares 

If you're keen on boosting your social media impact, you can't ignore the power of social media shares. You've started tracking social media shares — excellent. Now, let's delve into what you gain from keeping an eye on those metrics.  

Benefits of social shares 

Examples of metrics 

Impact on marketing strategies 

Enhanced engagement 




Fine-tune your posts to resonate with your audience. Increased shares often mean better engagement, which you can leverage for future campaigns.  

Clear ROI calculation 

Cost per share 

Conversion rates 

Understanding shares in the context of cost and conversion lets you know the true ROI of your social media efforts. Make data-driven budget decisions.  

Insightful industry metrics 

Share of voice 

Engagement rate 

Looking beyond just the number of shares to other metrics gives you a broader view of your performance compared to industry standards.  

Real-time feedback 

Time to first share 

Share velocity 

Shares provide instant audience feedback. Immediate high share rates signal the need to amplify that particular content.  

Effective competitor analysis 

Competitor share counts 

Competitor engagement rates 

Comparing your share metrics to competitors provides invaluable insights. Use this data to adjust your strategy and stay ahead in the game. 

By harnessing the data from each share, you're setting the stage for unprecedented marketing success. So, let's not just count shares; let's make them the cornerstone of your next breakthrough campaign. 

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Winding up 
We've covered a lot of ground today, from the importance of using the right tools to the benefits of share-to-engagement ratios. Now, you're armed with expert tips that can significantly enhance your efforts in tracking social media shares. 

Now, let's be practical. It goes without saying that consistency and efficiency are crucial for effective social media management. This is where a tool like Sprinklr’s comprehensive social media management platform can make a big difference. This social media management platform: 

  • Streamlines all your social channels on one dashboard 

  • Offers real-time analytics and reporting 

  • Helps you react quickly to engagement spikes 

  • Automates repetitive tasks for better focus 

By integrating a robust platform into your strategy, it becomes easier to track social media shares, helping you to fine-tune your approach and maximize ROI. So, why not take the first step in revolutionizing your social media strategy today by trying it out?

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