Weekly Podcast Roundup: ABM, Conversational Commerce, and How to Win No-Win Situations

Grad Conn

February 5, 20211 min read

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This week, we finish off our 9-part series on the Digital Customer-First Transformation System.

Then it’s a quick look at the power of social Account-Based Marketing before moving on to a couple of episodes about the mindset required to tackle apparently intractable problems. And, yes, one of those episodes does make a brief visit to the Star Trek universe (fans of the series will already know what I’m talking about).

We wrap up with a must-listen deep dive into conversational commerce — probably the next big thing in online shopping.

Sit back, and set a course for digital transformation.

Episode #67: DCFTS 9, How to Build a Unified System of Engagement

Episode #68: Unleash the Power of Social Account-Based Marketing

Episode #69: To Be, or Knot to Be

Episode #70: The World According to Star Trek

Episode #71:  The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Commerce

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