Global companies elevate the customer experience with Sprinklr Service

Jordana Gustafson Wright

Jaimie Selwa

August 29, 20237 min read

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Sprinklr Service continues to play a pivotal role in the digital transformation journeys of companies around the world, as they work to provide quick and efficient, always-on customer service across traditional and digital channels. Sprinklr’s digital-first, proactive customer service solution is enabling companies like Uber to scale premium customer service worldwide; helping Brazilian telecommunications company, Vivo, increase positive feedback by 137%; and allowing U.K.-based parcel delivery service, Evri, to increase its customer response rate by 3,000 percent without in increasing headcount. 

These success stories, and more below, exemplify the tremendous impact of Sprinklr's unified platform. 

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Uber scales premium customer service around the globe 

Uber’s global head of social media was tasked with delivering efficient customer care to riders and drivers across more than 10,000 cities and 71 countries. The company implemented Sprinklr's unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to enable fast customer service and proactive safety monitoring. 
“Sprinklr’s unified platform enables Uber to engage with and serve our global customers, at scale, so that we have a singular brand voice while providing a first-class customer experience whenever support is needed,” said John Marston, former global head of social media care, external tools and systems administration for Uber. 

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Telefônica Vivo increases positive feedback by 137% 

Vivo was looking for a technology solution that would increase its capacity for handling inbound messages on social channels without increasing the number of agents on its customer service team. It’s new AI-driven social care strategy, powered by Sprinklr Service, decreased agents’ average response time by 65% while increasing spontaneous positive feedback by 137%. 

“Sprinklr Service has transformed the way we provide customer service on social channels,” says the company’s senior manager of customer experience, José Reginaldo. “We’ve found that perfect blend of AI and human interactions, and our customers are happier.”  

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boAt enhances CX at every touchpoint, across every channel 

As part of its digital transformation journey to streamline operations and ground the company even more firmly in a customer-centric business model, boAt implemented Sprinklr to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint. With some 10,000 inbound customer queries every day, the Sprinklr Service dashboard provides workflow transparency, enabling management to identify new ways to boost productivity. They can see agents’ average turnaround time for handling customer concerns or learn how quickly agents are able to move from one call to another — and make adjustments as needed. 

“I was able to pick up one particular ticket where I could see the entire line of communication with that customer. It included every conversation the team had with the customer, and I could even listen to call recordings,” says Pankaj Raut, vice president of supply chains at boAt. “That was truly a ‘wow’ moment for me because I did not have that kind of visibility [into agent-customer interactions] prior to Sprinklr.”  

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Cdiscount increases customer satisfaction scores by 15% 

“We want our customers to feel heard and supported,” says Louis Brun-Ney, director of customer service at Cdiscount. The company embarked on a journey to enhance its customer experience by first understanding how customers actually experience the brand in their customer support interactions. 

Brun-Ney says Sprinklr provides the company with a unique platform that allows them to improve each customer’s experience while also giving agents the opportunity to become top performers.  
“Our vision is to integrate 100% of our contact channels into the Sprinklr platform by integrating contact forms, social networks, messaging and chat, and industrialize the integration of Sprinklr into our quality and training processes.” 

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Norse Atlantic Airways launches customer service solution in minutes 

Ahead of the airline’s May 2022 launch, Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Hodges was looking for a cost-efficient, scalable customer support solution. He wanted a solution that would provide fast time-to-value by being quick to set up and intuitive to use. He wanted it to enable true omnichannel customer support, allowing customers to engage with support services before, during, and after their flights on channels like social, email and voice. 

“What attracted us to the [Sprinklr Service] solution is that we would have one single tool that would allow us to receive messages from, and engage with, customers,” says Hodges. “That on whichever contact channel is right for our customers, we would be able to take those messages and respond to them quickly and, really importantly, efficiently.” 

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Evri boosts customer response rate by 3,000% without increasing headcount 

Evri wanted to be more accessible and responsive to customers across social media channels and to be able to quickly route them to support when needed. It implemented Sprinklr Service to enable its PR and Brand Reputation team to monitor and respond to social media messages at scale — and to enable the social media team to easily generate reports on social comment volume, response speed, customer sentiment, and trending topics.  
“Sprinklr brings everything into one place, and automations allow us to monitor and respond to a high volume of comments and messages all from one central place,” says Evri PR & Brand Reputation Manager Sam Walker. 

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Flowe reaches a new generation of banking customers 

As a young company appealing to a new customer segment, the Italian digital bank that launched in June 2020 wanted a seamless, consistent and positive customer experience for users from the very start. It needed a customer service solution that matched its vision and enabled representatives to easily manage customer interactions on the channels its users prefer. In its first six months of operation, Sprinklr Service supported Flowe as it welcomed more than 650,000 new customer. 

“Sprinklr has given us the ability to dedicate more attention to each customer and resolve cases faster and more efficiently,” says Cristina Toniazzo, happiness and service perspective leader at Flowe. 

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Mobily improves first-response time by 99.6% with chatbot 

One of the largest wireless networks in Saudi Arabia, Mobily uses Sprinklr Service to provide fast, customer-centric, omnichannel service across 25 social and messaging platforms. The Mobily team also uses Sprinklr’s social listening capabilities, part of Sprinklr Insights, to analyze customer conversations and provide proactive care. 

“We use the Sprinklr platform to pull together all of the conversations happening across our different social channels, so we can provide the chatbot service across Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Instagram, and more,” explains Mubarak Alharbi, digital experience general manager at Mobily. “This is the beauty behind Sprinklr — we can reach our customers wherever they want.” 

Since enabling its chatbot, the customer service team’s average first-response time has dropped from 20 minutes to six seconds. 

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Estafeta improves customer support SLA by 60%, placing it among the top three in the industry for SLA performance 

With a lean team of three community managers, the Mexican logistics company has been able to handle incoming requests from all channels and locations while simultaneously improving its customer support SLA. This has landed the company among the top three in the industry for SLAs.

“Thanks to Sprinklr, I’ve been able to create an internal digital agency within Estafeta,” says Estafeta Mexicana Digital Marketing Coordinator Paul Fasterling. “That has been our biggest achievement and an initiative that my superiors are really proud of. The platform has provided us with enough data to reach customers that may be experiencing some trouble without directly mentioning it. That’s a huge advantage.” 

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