Weekly Podcast Roundup: Inspiration, Star Wars, and CX Hilarity

Grad Conn

May 8, 20212 min read

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Weekly inspiration, a galactic celebration, and a familiar story about absurd CX processes.

Episode #124: Monday Morning Inspiration, with Neha Saxena Neha is back, and we have two flavors of inspiration for you today. First, an inspiring story to start the week. Then an inspirational breathing exercise to spur your creativity and get your brain functioning at its full potential.

Episode #125: May the 4th Be With You On this most galactic of holidays, we celebrate a company who has fully incorporated the May 4th ethos: LEGO. Look at their site today and you’ll see prominent May 4th branding and special Star Wars deals. The force is strong with them, but it wasn’t always this way. In the early 2000s, LEGO fought back from the verge of bankruptcy. And they did it by embracing their influencer community and tapping into the emotional benefits of their product. Star Wars and LEGO. It’s a geek fest on the CXM Experience.

Episode #126: A Tale of Two CXM ExperiencesGreat CXM relies on technology (thank you, Sprinklr), people, and processes. And too often, stellar technology and people get tripped up by inane, pointless, outdated processes that frustrate your customers and your employees. Today we take a trip down the rabbit hole, where nothing is what it is, because everything is what it isn’t. It’s a story about absurd rules, misguided regional managers, CX barriers… and the store employee who defied the odds.

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