Women leading The Sprinklr Way

Manisha Marberry

March 8, 202223 min read

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As we continue on our “We Belong” journey, one of our goals is to improve the representation of women in leadership and highlight women across the organization. It has been my privilege as the co-global lead of our We Care: Women Affinity Team to connect with so many of these women, hear their stories, and help celebrate their achievements. In the past few months, we have focused on listening to member feedback, planning programming around career development, training, and education, and creating a deeper sense of belonging. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month throughout March, we’ve asked Sprinklr leaders across the globe to nominate outstanding women they’ve worked or engaged with at Sprinklr, or someone on their team who is making a true impact at Sprinklr and embodies The Sprinklr Way. It is a great honor to highlight these phenomenal women. 

Aayantika Choudhury

Aayantika Choudhury

Senior Director, Managed Services

“Aayantika is a great example of someone who leads with compassion and gratitude. She is always willing to jump in and help if needed and if she doesn't have the answers, she will go above and beyond to help you find them. She has provided the We Care: Women team with some helpful insights as we make plans to expand to Sprinklr in India. She recognizes that each person is doing their best and is a positive motivator and inspiration. We're so lucky to have someone like Aayantika at Sprinklr.”
— Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Alex Ramdin


Account Executive, Global Strategic Accounts

"Alex has been leading in driving cultural change at Sprinklr by helping to start the Sprinklr Women in Sales group. Women in Sales Charter provides support, empowerment, and development opportunities for women within our sales organization. This is something Alex is very passionate about. Alex is a top-performing Account Executive and it's commendable to see that she is also channeling her passion in DE&I to drive impact on incredibly important initiatives across Sprinklr."
—  David Burnham-Jones, Director, Sales, Elli Orth, Division Vice President, Sales, and Fozia Raja, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Alexandra David


Senior Solutions Consultant

“Alexandra has made such a massive impact in the EMEA region. During my five years at Sprinklr, Alex has contributed to all my strategic projects. I owe a lot of my success in the region to her. She has a great team spirit, great mindset, and she is a very hard worker.”
—  Xavier Lalanne, Director, Sales

Ami Upton


Area Director, Customer Success, Global Strategic Accounts

“Ami is a committed leader, change agent, and ambassador of The Sprinklr Way. Ami is valuable to the organization well beyond her role. She goes above and beyond her roles and responsibilities to help her customers and teammates.”
—  Gabe Hill, Director, Sales and Josh Harnell, Account Executive

Andreea Vasile


Workplace Manager, Paris and SEUR

“Andreea is future-thinking and present-acting. She handles her job with grace and professionalism.”
— Tony Vargas, Director, Global Workplace Services

Anjali Joshi


Senior Success Manager, Global Strategic Accounts

“Anjali has been phenomenal going above and beyond her job to make sure customers are super happy and is always proactive.”
— Tejasv Gupta, Vice President, Product Engineering

Amy Christmas


Workplace Manager, London and NEUR

"Amy has handled stepping into her role with an optimistic attitude and incredible grit. She is a great example of The Sprinklr Way and manifests it in ways beyond her role."
— Tony Vargas, Director, Global Workplace Services

Angela Ames


Account Executive

“Angela epitomizes The Sprinklr Way. Never, ever gives up, grace under pressure, true team player for both clients, partners, and Sprinklr teammates on the sales team. She is determined and successful without losing the ability to be inclusive. Angela leads by example and through partnering versus by authority.”
— Rob Middleton, Senior Director, Business Development

Anise Abdul Rahman

Anise AbdulRahman

Senior Workplace Manager, APAC

"Anise is the embodiment of living The Sprinklr Way and working toward the success of all Sprinklrites. She makes no excuses, and doesn't jump hoops."
— Tony Vargas, Director, Global Workplace Services

Anja Christoph


Senior Relationship Manager EMEA

“Anja makes such a big difference to our business. She is constantly overachieving her targets in her role. As we have built up a new team for Germany South, Anja was the only veteran Sprinklrite. She’s helped a lot to onboard everybody and establish a positive culture.”
— Tom Grasser, Director, Sales

Anna Lovegrove


Lead Customer Success Manager, EMEA

“Anna is leading the EMEA apprentice program and always shows such care and compassion toward everything she does, all while leading three of our biggest customers in Europe! She always approaches everything in a positive way!”
— Hannah Marshall, Regional Director, Success, EMEA

April Robb


Vice President, Content, Web and Creative Services

“April has built out an amazing content and creative services team. She is a fantastic leader and collaborator, who cares deeply about the business and her team, and tackles challenges with an energy and focus that is really admirable.”
— Olivia Shone, Vice President, Product and Partner Marketing

Chloé Isurugi


Regional Director, Customer Success, EMEA

“Chloé joined Sprinklr as Regional Director six months ago, faced some departures in her team due to sick leave, and had to take over some accounts herself while managing the remaining part of her team. While doing this, school was closed and she had to make multiple calls with her son Kai on her lap and dinosaurs in her ears. She was really strong during this period, over-delivered, showed a lot of strength, and always had a smile! She has built an amazing culture of performance, innovation, and never-quit attitude. I could not be prouder to have Chloé as part of the team.”
— Sylvain Guerry, Vice President, Success, EMEA, and Charlie Rothwell, Group Director, Customer Success

Christie Fitzgerald


Director, Solutions Consultancy

“Christie is a fantastic leader, takes charge, knows what needs to get done and brings the ecosystem together to execute.”
— Diwakar Prabhakar, Vice President, Solutions Consultancy

Dane Moorefield


Director, Partner Product Marketing

“Dane entirely embodies The Sprinklr Way. Dane is not only an advocate for those on her team but also all Sprinklrites that reach out to her for help. Dane goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job. She has made my time at Sprinklr the best experience I have had at any company I have worked for. As a manager, Dane supports and understands her direct reports in ways that allow everyone to thrive. I have learned so much from Dane due to her vast experience in the Partner Marketing field and truly feel lucky to work with her. Dane is responsible for starting a new department for Sprinklr- Partner Marketing, managing the Partner Marketing team, and also manages the relationships for over 40 partners herself. She is truly a force and Sprinklr is lucky to have her. Dane is a true advocate for women in the workplace, an amazing manager, and an even better friend. If anyone deserves this recognition, it is Dane.”
— Hailey Urbach, Senior Partner Marketing Manager

Deborah Snow


Vice President, Culture & Talent

“Deborah is a wonderful example of someone who truly captures what it means to live The Sprinklr Way each and every day. In addition to the incredible impact she's had on the Culture & Talent team, she's also stepped up to serve as one of our Executive Sponsors for We Care: Women, by sharing her knowledge, best practices, and guidance with us as we grow. As someone who has been with the company for more than seven years, I can confidently say we've never had a better culture than we do now — and so much of that is due to the people, including Deborah. She is a wonderful colleague, mentor, and leader, and I am so proud of all she has done for Sprinklr.”
— Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Diana Brillhart


Manager, Implementation Services

“Diana truly embodies The Sprinklr Way with her passion for up-skilling our consultants, mentoring her people, and supporting me as a manager over the past six months in services. I am proud to call Diana my peer, friend, and co-worker. We have been in the trenches together, and she has supported me through thick and thin. No matter what the circumstances are, she always has a positive attitude.”
— Nicole Star, Manager, Implementation 

Dre Kernodle


Account Executive

“Dre is always one of the first to celebrate her peers and colleagues. She consistently brings a positive attitude to every interaction and her enthusiasm is contagious. Dre is willing to help anyone and everyone around her and lifts up those around her. Her friendship has been one of my greatest joys in joining Sprinklr and I'm so grateful to have her on my team.”
— Bea DiCarlo, Account Executive

Elli Orth


Division Vice President, Sales, Northeast

“Elli lives The Sprinklr Way every day. She shows her best self and leads the Northeast region with passion and care for her team. She mentors other women across Sprinklr to be the best they can be. Elli invests in her team in a thoughtful way to ensure the inclusion of all members during team meetings, QBRs, and day-to-day calls. She puts others first and is mentoring a number of people to help them further their careers. Elli is extremely active in furthering the Women In Sales group, part of the We Care: Women Collective, as well as being a member of the Black Collective and LGBTQ+ Collective groups.”
— Joe Eskenazi, SVP, Global Sales and Success, Americas, and Ben Mooney, Director, Business Development

Fozia Raja


Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

“As our VP of Diversity & Inclusion, when we first launched We Care: Women, Fozia gave us guidance but really left it to us to shape the group in a way that would bring the most value. Throughout the process, Fozia has served as a guide, mentor, and inspirational leader as we continue to learn and grow together. She lives The Sprinklr Way in all she does and is a great representation of someone who truly adheres to all of Sprinklr's Core Values.”
— Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Genevieve Seah


Senior Recruiter

“Genevieve has been a very strong performer. She is attracting top talent for the R&D business including female candidates from elite engineering programs. Genevieve has been exemplary in representing Sprinklr.”
— Michael Braderman, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition 

Ishida Gopal


Associate Director, Project Management

“Ishida has been a close friend and peer in Sprinklr beside me for 10 years. We worked on the same team and then as cross-functional partners between services and sales. She has always gone above and beyond in her line of duty — supportive at all times, treats everyone with kindness and respect, and never turns down an ask for help. She has always showcased the Sprinklr values — ‘Passionately, Genuinely Care’ being her strongest asset. She is an inspiration to us all — one we all can strive to be like.”
— Prithviraj Surendranath, Senior Manager, Solutions Consultancy

Ishita S


Senior Software Development Engineer

“Ishita has been very passionate and has done a great job in ensuring product usability and quality for our self-serve KB and community module. She is always looking to add value however she can. She holds the ‘never give up’ and ‘be fearless’ attitude.”
— Tejasv Gupta, Vice President, Product Engineering

Joanna Farncombe


Regional Director, Customer Success

“Joanna joined us only six months ago and has contributed significantly to our work in the North EMEA region. She is a fearless leader with very strong people skills. She is the future of Sprinklr leadership.”
— Sylvain Guerry, Vice President, Customer Success, EMEA

Katie Colangelo


Director, Sales , Northeast

“Katie is a strong leader who always puts her team first. She manages with a ton of empathy having recently come from the field, which makes a huge difference.”
— Jonathan Kaufman, Account Executive

Katie Fazio


Solutions Consultant

"Katie has made a HUGE impact on my life since I stepped foot into the Sprinklr family. She truly embodies The Sprinklr Way in everything she does. Katie has a passion for people and learning how she can help them reach their goals. As a Solutions Consultant in the Southeast region, she works with many Account Executives on strategy and planning. More importantly, she always takes the time out of the day to ensure her ecosystem is doing well. As a new mother, I have been so impressed by her ability to juggle being both a rockstar mother and rockstar teammate. I am excited for many more years working by her side as we both work toward our goals!"
— Connor Gonet, Account Executive, Southeast

Kelly Lang


Vice President, Corporate Communications

“Kelly consistently exemplifies The Sprinklr Way, most notably through her leadership in orchestrating the employee event for our Initial Public Offering. From assembling the cross-functional team to creating the overall plan for the events leading up to our IPO to overcoming COVID, budget, and timing opportunities, never once did Kelly waiver, give up, or shout. In fact, it was her leadership, grace, and authenticity that led our entire Sprinklr family to share in a wonderful IPO event.”
— Deborah Snow, Vice President, Culture & Talent

Kim Mika

Kim Mika

Senior Account Executive

“Kim is one of our outstanding Account Executives at Sprinklr, who has been a top performer on the Southeast team for a few years now. She is also a shining example of servant leadership for our team and has helped/coached so many new representatives across multiple districts. Kim is always willing to set some time with other Account Executives on her team to go above and beyond, and always does what's best for her customers. She is successful because she makes sure they are happy first and ‘solution sells’ rather than pushing product.”
— Erick Vienrich, Director, Sales, Southeast

Laura Garvey


Area Vice President, Solutions

“Leadership, Attitude, Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence. Laura has done an amazing job leading her teams. Laura leads the NEUR Solution Consultant team but her impact is felt well across the entire EMEA Theater with her coaching, guidance, and overall career development of many Solution Consultants on the team. She is giving with her time and looked up to as an aspirational leader.”
— Stuart Bunworth, Vice President, International Operations, and Justin Fulkerson, SVP, Global Solutions Consultant

Laurel Goveia

Laurel Goveia

Director, Customer Success — Global Strategic Accounts

“Laura has absolute dedication to customer success, unmatched work ethic, and takes on a tremendous scope of responsibility well beyond her own role. MVP status. Laurel has such an incredible and open mindset driven for inclusion. She offers her support and leadership to so many people across our account team. Regardless of the time of day or current workload, Laurel graciously and effectively offers support and help. She makes our account team run smoothly, efficiently and with complete alignment to The Sprinklr Way — Sprinkle, don't shout; never ever give up; and passionately and genuinely care.”
— Gabe Hill, Director, Sales, and Steve Lee, Client Director

Luana Baio


Senior Engagement Manager

“Luana is an amazing collaborator, impeccable when it comes to engaging, and treating everyone with respect.”
— Pedro Carrion, Director, Sales, Southeast

Maggie Kalahar


Vice President, Solutions Consulting

“Maggie has been an inspiration to others during her career path. She is always open to meeting with other women to discuss growth, women in tech, and networking as a means to being supportive.”
— Daniel Stern, Regional Vice President, Customer Success, West



Director, Partner and Projects, Culture & Talent

“Mahima models the Sprinklr Way and sets high standards for herself and others in a respectful way. She shows exemplary commitment and personal accountability in her role; she’s a great role model.”
— Shreya, Senior Director, Talent Development

Mais Imran


Manager, Sales Development

“Mais is a positive example of living The Sprinklr Way and is making a true impact at Sprinklr. She is a promoter of Women in Tech and welcomed me (I joined in November 2021) by offering support at any time.”
— Rania Zalami, Director, Sales

Manisha Marberry


Director, Customer Success

“Manisha is the embodiment of our value, ‘Passionately, genuinely care.’ She has taken the We Care: Women's team lead position with such enthusiasm and drive. She's clear on the difference the team can make and is demonstrating great leadership and problem-solving skills. Her ability to work across regions and collaborate with the right attitude is a pleasure to see. We're lucky to have Manisha leading the way with creating a culture of belonging.” — Fozia Raja, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Maria Ranucci


Culture & Talent Advisor, EMEA

“Maria turns up with the right attitude every time. She's responsive, thoughtful, and dedicated to providing a great service. Maria can be relied on for delivering on time and communicating if that's not possible. Sprinklr's core belief, ‘People never forget how you make them feel’ is at the core of who Maria is. Working with Maria is such a pleasure!”
— Fozia Raja, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Marija Miljkovic


Global Brand Art Director

“Marija touches every department with her humanity, grace under fire, and exquisite expertise in helping everyone get what they need.”
— Jan Zlotnick, Brand Strategist, Creative Director

Meg Coffin


Senior Solutions Consultant

“Meg is not only a fantastic Solution’s Consultant, but also a wonderful person and member of the Central Sprinklr team. She is always willing to step in to help on the most technical of projects, she is a true partner to Account Executives and builds champions within her customer base. She possesses the ability to be technical but also explain complex processes in a simple manner. She's making a true impact, making the complex simple and by living the Sprinklr culture in Central!”
— Miles Kirkpatrick, Division Vice President, Midwest

Michelle Crose


Senior Manager, Solutions Consultant

“Michelle is an advocate for and leadership example for several people across the Sprinklr organization. She is focused on active career advice, driving cross-functional teams, and always leads from the front with empathy and excellence.”
— Logan Margulis, Solutions Consultant, Global Strategic Accounts

Millie Gulley


Account Executive

“As a member of We Care: Women and one of the founding members of We Care: Women in Sales, Millie is constantly trying to create spaces for women to have a voice and advocating for Sprinklr to evolve to fit the new needs of employees.”
— Elli Orth, Division Vice President, Sales, Northeast

Mollie Gardner


Enablement Manager, Customer Success

“Mollie hasn't been at Sprinklr very long, but feels like she's been here five years with the ideas she brings and how passionate she is. She has amazing business acumen. Mollie has organized from my team's 'ideation' to global rollout 'realization'. She makes time for everyone and is so wonderful; thank you, Mollie!”
— Daniel Stern, Regional Vice President, Customer Success, West

Nathalie Gallaire

Nathalie Gallaire

Lead Solutions Consultant

“Nathalie is living all of the Sprinklr values, always delivering in a very reliable way, and puts others first before thinking of herself.”
— Bernd Hacker, Division Vice President

Nicole Star

Nicole Star

Manager, Implementation Services

"Nicole was promoted to Implementation Manager in 2021 and quickly jumped headfirst into the world of managing an exceptional team. Nicole cares deeply about our projects and clients, but most importantly, her team. Nicole leads The Sprinklr Way each and every day and is a tremendous joy to work alongside. For a few months, there were only two implementation managers taking on the role of a previous group of five. She didn’t skip a beat while running the team, always with a smile on her face. Nicole never, ever gives up when it comes to a consultant question, a staffing switch, or while trying to plan her upcoming wedding! The implementation team is so lucky to have Nicole!"
— Diana Brillhart, Implementation Manager

Oksana Danylyshyn

Oksana Danylyshyn

Product Engineer

“Oksana, is always going above and beyond the call of duty. When it comes to our Benchmarking product, she's constantly answering people's questions and never loses her cool.”
— Brandon Kearby, Principal Product Engineer

Palak Sahni


Account Executive

“Palak never, ever gives up; she’s a team player, top performer, and relentless worker. Palak brings grit, dogged determination to succeed, and above all empathy in interacting with her clients and colleagues. A true team player who works with the end in mind — of seeing her customers happy!”
— Florian Zenner, SVP, Sales and Bikram Mazumdar, Division Vice President

Pomi Lee

Pomi Lee

Manager, Product Marketing

“Pomi has served on the We Care: Women team for several months and has made a tremendous impact thus far. Everything from sharing ideas during group brainstorming, to taking on tasks to help move the needle — no task is too big or too small for Pomi. She is someone many of us rely on as a trusted partner. She's been a fantastic addition to Sprinklr and our team — I look forward to seeing Pomi continue to grow and make an impact at Sprinklr.”
— Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Rachel Tilghman


Senior Solutions Consultant

“Rachel is a top performer in the field as a Solutions Consultant and also co-leads the global Solutions Consulting X-Team, which facilitates and fuels the global Solutions Consulting culture through team events, awards, and newsletters. She brings a creative and inclusive mindset to everything she touches and has a global, greater-good impact on the team that is immeasurable.”
— Justin Fulkerson, SVP, Global Solutions Consultant

Riya Relan

Riya Relan

Associate, Product Operations

“During the second wave of Covid in India, Riya tirelessly helped our colleagues who were looking for help related to Covid resources like oxygen, medicines, and ICU beds. She manually called countless leads to verify herself. She took the Sprinklr value of ‘passionately, genuinely care’ to the next level.”
— Tejasv Gupta, Vice President, Product Engineering

Rukshana Karunaratne


Vice President, Customer Success, Global Strategic Accounts

“Rukshana is a terrific leader and lives The Sprinklr Way in all she does.”
— Kyle Giunta, Vice President, Strategy & Operations

Sara Klein

Sarah Klein

Manager, Managed Services

“I have been working with Sara Klein for more than five years. Together, we work on the Americas Managed Services Management team, and I have seen her fearless efforts to provide the best service possible to our customers, while she motivates and inspires her team. It is an absolute pleasure working with Sara! She is definitely a role model to me and our entire Managed Services organization.”
— Mirele Migliavacca, Manager, Managed Services

Sarah Stidwill

Sarah Stidwell

Global Head, CRO Office

“Sarah is always living and leading The Sprinklr Way and she brilliantly put together ASKO for the entire company.”
— Luca Lazzaron, Chief Revenue Officer 

Saria Issi

Saria Issi

Account Executive

“Saria is a single mom that is also a strong performer and a great champion for The Sprinklr Way within the team.”
— Haitham Elkhatib, Division Vice President

Shivi Jain

Shivi Jain

Manager, Product Success

“Shivi is just amazing in everything she does, from being a rockstar contributor to a leader in the team. It’s impossible to imagine how she manages everything so brilliantly. She’s such a warm and welcoming leader who ensures everyone feels connected and at home. She is currently leading a team of six, five of whom are amazing women that she coaches and encourages and ensures visibility.”
— Samarth Arora, Manager, Product Consulting & Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Shweta Singh


Senior Software Development Engineer

“Shweta is truly an amazing Sprinklrite, as she keeps motivating the team and always in a lively mood. She compassionately engages with everyone and enjoys being at Sprinklr. She truly follows The Sprinklr Way and doesn't let anyone feel out of place.”
— Akash Gupta, Senior SDET

Smita Tikku

Smita Tikku

Associate Director, Customer Success

“Smita has been a role model for her team, always standing by them and supporting them through thick and thin. She never fails to recognize, celebrate, and back them. She personifies ‘Fix It, Don't Complain’. She has been a great leader and Sprinklr is a better place to work because of leaders like her around.”
— Mahima, Director C&T Partners and Projects

Stephanie Shah


Area Vice President, Solutions Consulting

“Stephanie was named a senior leader on Solutions Consulting team, an FY21 Solutions Consulting Global Manager of the year, and also contributes to helping Sprinklr moms by assisting many Solutions Consultants with navigating parental leave, as well as how to successfully re-enter the company following parental leave. Her leadership in the Midwest Solutions Consulting organization quickly upscaled our go-to-market capabilities in the region. She has created a culture of learning and accountability that continues today. I don't believe the Midwest region would be as successful without her leadership.”
— Justin Fulkerson, SVP, Global Solutions Consultant, and Todd Lemmon, Director, Sales

Stephanie Sikorski

Stephanie Sikorski

Senior Business Analyst, Deal Operations

“Stephanie lives out the values of The Sprinklr Way every day. She sets the bar for high standards, acts fearlessly, and never, ever gives up. Ever! She balances demanding work schedules and competing priorities and goes the extra mile to help everyone around her succeed. She passionately, and genuinely cares about her work and fixes issues the moment they arise. More importantly, Stephanie's positive attitude and equal treatment of others is apparent in every meeting. She makes others feel welcomed, respected, and heard. Stephanie is an amazing foil for all things going on in Sales Operations. A great person to work with in many different projects to enhance the internal customer experience in Sprinklr.”
— Pete Nicholson, Vice President, Pricing & Operations, and Stuart Bunworth, Vice President, International Operations

Susie Greenbaum


Vice President, Managed Services, Americas

"I was fortunate enough to meet Susie prior to her joining Sprinklr and I can say with confidence that the supportive, kind, and compassionate human we all see in the workplace is who she is all of the time! She is a wonderful example of an empathetic leader. Her colleagues and direct reports highly respect and admire what she’s been able to accomplish professionally and personally. She is an incredible addition to the Sprinklr family and we're beyond lucky to have her as a leader."
— Manisha Marberry, Director, Customer Success

Taylor Duhe


Vice President, Sales Operations

“Taylor is someone who demonstrates exceptional performance in all she does. She has been recognized across teams and leaders as someone who plays a critical role in our business success.”
— Luca Lazzaron, Chief Revenue Officer

Victoria Kouyoumjian

Vic Kouyoumjian

Senior Director, Platform Marketing

“Vic has such a positive, can-do attitude. She brings a ton of product marketing experience to Sprinklr, and is always willing to share her knowledge with the broader product and partner marketing team. In addition, she is a great cross-functional collaborator, partnering with product, sales, enablement, and the list goes on.”
— Olivia Shone, Vice President, Product and Partner Marketing

Learn more about Sprinklr's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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