What it’s really like to work at Sprinklr from 12 Sprinklrites

Dasle Kim

September 27, 20215 min read

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Throughout the last several months, I had the time to reflect on some of the people with whom I spend many of my waking hours — my colleagues at Sprinklr.

The people at Sprinklr inspire each other to be at our best, support each other through difficult times, and make the impossible… possible. But don’t take it from me. In honor of Sprinklr’s 12th anniversary, here are 12 perspectives from my colleagues on why we appreciate Sprinklr and each other.

1. “One of our core beliefs at Sprinklr is that every human has the potential to be amazing. I see that every day in the way our leadership enables us to lead, follow our passions, and question how we do things. Sprinklr has given me the space and resources to be amazing.” – Luis Veloz, Solutions Consultant, Austin, TX

2. “I love being a part of Sprinklr because of the Sprinklr family culture where everyone treats each other like family and is present to support through thick and thin.” – Aayantika Choudhury, Director, Product Success, Bangalore

3. “What stands out most to me about Sprinklr is our ability to do the right thing, no matter how hard it is. We work THROUGH the difficult together… we lead with humility. I work with colleagues that deeply care about each other and will do whatever it takes to make each other happier.” – Kristina Henry, Talent Development, New York, NY

4. “Having been part of the pioneering team of Sprinklr in Asia, the two things that really make it special are the people and their passion — everyone has the never, ever, ever give up attitude and genuine care for anyone that needs help.” – Danny “Dannyl” Danabalan, Director of Sales, Singapore

5. “As I begin my Sprinklr journey, I’m encouraged to explore new areas to up-level my skillset that aligns with my short-term and long-term career goals. This allows me to bring my best, most authentic self to my fellow Sprinklrites each day as we strive to make our clients happier in an ever-changing digital-first world.” – Brad Page, Implementation Consultant, Northern California

6. “I have always been a BIG employee advocate for Sprinklr because the culture is in alignment with our core values. Recently, when I had a family emergency with COVID, my leaders were in constant touch with me to see if I needed any support. They truly do ‘passionately and genuinely care.’ Sprinklr allows me to shine with growth opportunities, which is one of many reasons for being here almost seven years now.” – Neela Kumari, Marketing Manager, Bangalore

7. “Sprinklr is pioneering a new and exciting software category. Much like Salesforce did with CRM, Workday with HCM, and ServiceNow with SCM — Sprinklr is quickly becoming the de-facto platform for Unified-CXM. Those types of companies don’t come around often, which makes Sprinklr and its unparalleled technology so unique. And best of all, the culture we’ve been able to build is truly something for other software companies to envy — it’s what makes working here so special.” – Jose Torrealba, FP&A Manager, New York, NY

8. “When Ragy Thomas, Founder & CEO, says: ‘Our success is written in the stars,’ it’s not a statement but the driving power behind numerous success stories of Sprinklrites. Our culture drives us to excellence and innovation with the utmost energy and momentum.” – Amogh Gupta, Associate Product Manager, Gurgaon

9. “ALL of my colleagues are talented and ambitious. I’ve never worked with so many people who are so great at what they do. We hire exceptional people and it’s what I appreciate most about Sprinklr.” – Charlotte Koelkjaer, Success Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

10. “The thing I appreciate the most about Sprinklr is the culture. Finding a culture where everyone is aligning and helping each other drive towards one vision is hard to find yet is what makes Sprinklr so unique.” – Matt Dunkin, Director of Sales, Columbus, OH

11. “I love Sprinklr because of the people. Everyone I’ve met, from my first screening call to the person I just Slacked with has been phenomenal. Sprinklrites are smart, hard working, kind, and passionate about what they do. It’s the best environment to work, learn, and grow in.” – Nora Burns, Senior Product Marketing Manager, New York, NY

12. “I was one of the many new hires who was onboarded virtually. I was blown away by the compassion, energy, and rigor of our culture and talent team to make sure that I was pacing well with my Sprinklr journey, internalizing the culture and values, and getting access to the right resources to make me successful. The best is yet to come!” – Jacque Azariah, Customer Success Manager, Singapore

Olympic medallist Kristin Armstrong once said, “The best thing to do when you find yourself in a hurting or vulnerable place is to surround yourself with the strongest, finest, most positive people you know.” I’m grateful for everyone at Sprinklr who lives our core values and supports one another through everything.

Who are the people you spend the most time with? Who do you appreciate and why?

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