3 Reasons Why I Joined Sprinklr

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January 2, 20205 min read

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In November 2019, I started my new position as an Implementation Consultant at Sprinklr. Since 2017, I’ve had the opportunity to use Sprinklr as a client, working for great brands as a social media manager and strategist. I fell in love with the technology behind the product and jumped on the chance to join the Sprinklr team.

For others who are thinking of switching jobs or interested in learning more about Sprinklr, I’d love to share the three reasons why I joined the leader in social media and customer experience management software. Check out my reasons for joining Sprinklr below and submit your application – we’re hiring!

Table of Contents

The Product

After working in social media management at Morgan Stanley, Audible and Panasonic, I learned first hand why Sprinklr is the best of the best. And of course, analysts agree – which is why Sprinklr is the leader of the 2019 Q4 Social Suites report by Forrester. To me, it was obvious that Sprinklr was the only company that understood how brands needed to interact with customers across “modern channels” (social media and messaging channels). Sprinklr saw the need for a unified platform that would help brands manage the influx of messages from customers long before competitors.

By focusing on CXM (customer experience management), Sprinklr was able to emerge as the best platform for brands that want the breadth and depth of a solution that tackles social media marketing, advertising, research, care and engagement.

The Job

Growing up, I was always interested in how things worked. My father is a mechanical engineer, so I was always asking questions and building things with my LEGO table. Over time, I became a bit of a “MacGyver,” rewiring lamps to charge batteries and taking things apart just to put them back together.

In 2006, I signed up for Facebook after the platform opened it up to high school students, which was my first time using social media. In 2011, I told my parents I wanted to do social media as a full-time job and they chuckled, thinking it was just a phase. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and for great brands as a social media manager and strategist.

Today, I get a lot of questions about what people in my role really do day to day. As an Implementation Consultant, I’m responsible for building the Sprinklr environment a client and their teams use to manage their social media accounts and interact with customers. For some industries, this includes working with Legal and Risk teams to enable highly-regulated teams to operate within strict boundaries. For others, this could mean coming up with a simple approval process for escalating customer questions in real-time.

I work closely with clients to find out where their pain points are, what challenges they encounter, and build the solutions they need to work efficiently, safely, and successfully. My position allows me to build something impactful while also being creative with how I do it.

The People, Culture and Values

Negative Nancy need not apply! Sprinklrites live the Sprinklr Way, which is jam-packed with happiness and good vibes. From my first experience with Sprinklr from the client-side, I could immediately tell Sprinklrites were ready to roll up their sleeves, equipped with a smile and the desire to find a solution to any problem.

Every Sprinklr employee I’ve met is passionate about the mission: to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier.

During my time at Morgan Stanley, I was able to work with Hippolyte Petit, a fantastic Success Manager at Sprinklr. His can-do attitude and drive to ensure the social media team was equipped with the best tools was obvious through every call we had together. After meeting in person, seeing his love for the product and celebrating the success of my team was so infectious! I knew Sprinklr was a special place.

nina giordano Hippolyte Petit sprinklr life

Living the #SprinklrLife with Hippolyte Petit

Since my first day at Sprinklr, I was assigned a mentor who took me under his wing and started walking me through day to day responsibilities. Corey Nolan has been a Sprinklrite for 5 years and has been a great support, advocate, and leader to work with. In the coming months, we’ll be starting to tackle projects together, which I’m really looking forward to!

During the onboarding process, Sprinklrites are sent to “Splash,” which is a week-long training program. The program is intense and packed with product information, exams, and networking opportunities. Through Splash, I’ve been able to meet colleagues from all over the world in various departments. I’ve never had such an amazing onboarding experience before. After completing Splash, I felt extremely prepared to take on whatever challenges come my way, and made a few friends!

At Sprinklr, there is no limit to the amount of paid vacation you can take. Yes, you read that correctly! Additionally, Sprinklrites are also able to work remotely. The level of flexibility allows employees to live their lives while also working hard. As a solo traveler, the ability to explore the world and work at the same time is a great way to feed my travel bug while also making a difference for clients, no matter where I go!

Sprinklr Splash CEO Ragy Thomas

My Splash onboarding class, with Sprinklr CEO/Founder Ragy Thomas who joins every single onboarding training


For me, joining the Sprinklr team was a no-brainer. I’m looking forward to challenging myself, growing my career, and building a network of passionate, excited and global colleagues. But this is only the beginning of my Sprinklr story, and the best is yet to come! Want to learn more about joining the Sprinklr team? Join us!

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