How to build AI-generated social media posts at scale

Despina Singh

February 12, 20247 min read

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Ah, the glorious days of facing off against the controversial villain called content creation on the social media battlefront, armed with nothing but a keyboard and a cup of tea that had lost its zest.  

"Oh joy! Another algorithm update," I’d cry out, as my hot beverage went down the drain like my manual efforts so far. 
The ultimate truth is:  

algorithms have consequences playing in loop

And since my efforts were no longer up to date, I’d face a dreaded friend named "Content Creation Overload," who constantly demanded an endless supply of posts that were as consistent as my, then, thinning patience. 
Which made me think, “How are some brands effortlessly flooding their feeds with relevant, attention-grabbing posts? What is the secret to their overwhelming social media success?” 

And the truth dawned upon me with a flourish of trumpets and two capitalized letters descending from the heavens — they read “AI.” And I’ll be sharing this greater realization with you in this article.  

We’ll be looking at how AI can be the key to turning your social media posts into a powerhouse of engagement.  

How, you ask? Well, by creating AI-generated social media posts that not only resonate with your audience but engage it consistently and on an unimaginable scale.  
Let’s, first, start with how you can make the most of AI for all your social media content-creation demands.

Table of Contents

Ways to use AI to generate effective social media posts

The absence of AI in social media marketing means oblivion to what's working — you’d pretty much be missing the sweet spot with your ads and moving at a snail's pace with content. But toss in some AI tools, and you'll be cracking the social media code with bullseye targeting, snazzy content and real-time fine-tuning.  
Here are some ways AI helps you create social media posts at scale while being on-target, on-schedule and on-brand:   

1. Beat writer's block 

According to screenwriter John Rogers: 

"You can't think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block." 

Get fresh ideas for social media posts using AI models like those of OpenAI's. They can create human-like text — whether it’s captions, headlines or even entire posts — all while analyzing your brand voice, audience and social media history. Using Sprinklr AI+, you can even generate channel-specific content across formats instantly. 

2. Design eye-catching visuals

AI aids in creating visually striking content that stands out in busy feeds. Certain AI-powered design tools can generate images, videos and graphics that align with your brand and audience preferences while also enhancing existing visuals and optimizing them for different platforms.  
So, you can implement automated visual editing not just for efficiency but also to maintain consistency in visual aesthetics. This way, you’ll ensure a seamless brand experience across all your content. 

3. Optimize post timings 

Let AI analyze your content’s past performance and find the best times to post on social media for maximum engagement. You can then reach more social media users when they're active and receptive to your content.  
Consider Sprinklr’s AI-driven Smart Scheduling feature, for instance. It suggests optimal times to get your posts out for each social account based on your audience's unique set of behaviors. 

The Smart Scheduling feature displaying various time slots to publish posts.

4. Personalize for different audiences 

AI-powered predictive analysis tools and recommendation engines tailor your social content to specific audience segments based on demographics, interests and online behavior. So, you can boost relevance and effectiveness, armed with audience insights, to achieve higher engagement and conversions.

5. Analyze audience sentiment   

You can implement sentiment analysis tools to gauge how users are responding to your content. This can help you adjust your strategy and content based on the real-time sentiment of your audience. You can also extend the use of social media sentiment analysis beyond content evaluation to assess brand perception, allowing you to address potential issues swiftly. 

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6. Spot trends and insights 

AI-powered social listening tools can monitor trends, conversations and hashtags. Use this data to not only create content that aligns with current interests but also to actively engage in ongoing conversations. Joining relevant discussions in real time can boost your brand's visibility and credibility. As Ann Handley rightly put it:  

“We need to infuse social media with more of the social. 

7. Automate tasks 

Let AI handle time-consuming social media chores, like scheduling posts, responding to comments, managing ad campaigns, etc. Free up more of your time for strategic activities.  

On that note, Sprinklr AI+ helps create conversational bots that can answer FAQs, provide personalized product recommendations and troubleshoot issues without building complex decision trees. This allows you to speed up responses and personalize interactions, fostering a sense of connection with your brand.

 The 'Add FAQ Skill' page for conversational AI apps on Sprinklr.

8. Translate your content 

If your audience is global, use AI-powered language translation tools to ensure your message is clear and culturally relevant across different languages. Beyond translation, consider adapting your content to local cultural nuances to ensure that it not only translates linguistically but resonates emotionally with diverse audiences. 

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Yes, AI is undoubtedly useful, but don't forget about the human touch. This brings us to our next segment.

Reasons why human intervention is a must for AI content creation 

As smart as AI is, it still can’t entirely beat the real deal — the human touch. Even the most advanced AIs crave a “byte” of the human vibes. Here’s why:  

  • Ethical considerations and bias mitigation: AI algorithms can perpetuate biases present in the data they are trained on. Human oversight is crucial to identify and mitigate potential biases, ensuring that the content is fair, inclusive and socially responsible.  

  • Strategic planning and audience insights: AI tools can provide insights into audience preferences and engagement patterns, but they may not be able to develop and implement a comprehensive social media content creation strategy. Human expertise is essential for crafting a strategic plan that aligns with business goals and targets the right audience segments. 

  • Creative innovation and emotional connection: Humans possess certain skills that are inherently difficult for machines to replicate, such as intuition, humor and a deep understanding of human experiences. AI tools can generate content that is technically sound and data-driven, but they may lack the creative spark and emotional resonance that humans bring. Human creativity and storytelling abilities are essential for producing content that connects with audiences on a deeper level. 

With that covered, let’s walk you through a step-by-step process to creating and distributing AI-generated posts.

Steps to create and distribute AI-generated social media content 

Making and sharing AI-generated social media content involves a combination of understanding AI tools, crafting engaging content and adhering to ethical guidelines. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the process: 

Step 1: Define your objectives 

Setting clear objectives is the cornerstone of any successful social media strategy. Define your goals, whether it's boosting engagement, expanding your audience or promoting a product/service. 
Action plan: 

  • Establish Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) goals. Here’s what it may look like: Generate AI-driven social media posts to increase engagement on X by 20% in the next quarter by tracking and optimizing likes, reposts and comments. 

  • Align AI-generated content with your broader values and social media strategy to ensure cohesion. This means the posts you produce are not only consistent with your brand’s messaging but also with your content production goals. This is more like developing AI-generated video content that tells the story of your brand's commitment to, let’s say, sustainability. 

  • Utilize Google Analytics and social media insights for data-driven decision-making. 

  • Employ social media management tools for streamlined analytics and scheduling. 

Step 2: Choose the right AI tool 

The multitude of AI tools available can be overwhelming. To make an informed buying decision, consider factors such as your content requirements, budget constraints and user-friendliness. 

Action plan: 

  • Research and compare various AI content creation tools. 

  • Read user reviews and testimonials to gauge user satisfaction with said tools. 

  • Choose a tool that aligns with your proficiency level and desired output. 

  • For visual content, platforms like Canva and Adobe Spark are user-friendly yet powerful. 

  • For text generation, explore tools powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and OpenAI’s GPT models for unparalleled capabilities. For instance, Sprinklr effortlessly integrates with new generative AI apps and empowers your marketing as well as service teams.  

Step 3: Personalize your AI-generated content 

For the reasons we discussed earlier on, AI-generated content should not sacrifice personalization. So, tailor your content to resonate with your audience and build an authentic connection. 

Action plan: 

  • Infuse brand elements such as logos, color schemes and brand voice consistently. 

  • Leverage data analytics to personalize content based on user preferences. 

  • Implement A/B testing to refine and optimize personalized content strategies. 

  • Go for tools that offer the right CRM integrations under one roof. The right tool should deliver a complete view of the customer by capturing all customer details in a single agent console to offer invaluable insights into customer preferences. 

Step 4: Schedule and automate content distribution  

Efficient distribution is as crucial as content creation. Strategic scheduling and automation ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time consistently. 

Action plan: 

  • Utilize social media scheduling tools for precise timing and frequency.  

  • Identify peak engagement times on different platforms through analytics. As mentioned earlier, you can let Sprinklr’s AI-driven Smart Scheduling feature worry about getting your posts out at times with the highest traffic for each social account.   

  • Automate cross-platform sharing to maintain a cohesive brand presence.  

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By adopting AI in your social media strategy, you're not just keeping pace; you're surging ahead. On that note, let’s explore how Sprinklr AI+ can help you with all things social media and then some.

Optimize your social media posts with Sprinklr AI+  

Sprinklr AI+ is the upgraded, superhero version of Sprinklr AI. And no, it wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. With the power of generative AI, it teams up with Sprinklr's advanced suite of products for exceptional customer experiences.  
Friendly and adaptable, it effortlessly integrates with new generative AI apps, and it’s future-proof enough to partner with emerging ones.  
Currently fueled by Sprinklr AI, Open AI's GPT models and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, it's the dream team of AI tech — all in one package.  
Here’s what you can achieve with Sprinklr AI+:  

  • Generate content instantly via Quick Publisher by brainstorming content ideas and getting creative, channel-specific copy for posts 

  • Ensure faster response management via Sprinklr AI+ Quick Replies by simplifying responses, modifying their length and tone and maintaining their quality with grammar checks 

  • Translate content at the click of a button and engage in your audience’s language of choice 

  • Simplify the content review process by instantly reviewing content for grammatical accuracy and tone/voice before you publish it or schedule to publish it

But wait — there’s more! You can safeguard your data with enterprise-grade security and data handling as well.

Here’s what that means:

  • Sprinklr AI+ only shares data that is actively entered, such as specified wording for rewording, with third-party generative AI vendors. And this information is not used to train their models. 

  • Sprinklr AI+ obscures dates, times, email IDs, URLs, IP addresses, driving licenses and common medical license numbers, and it allows customization for customer-specific data masking/anonymizing through its regex capabilities. 

  • Sprinklr reduces the risk of "AI hallucinations" and similar issues through the implementation of various guardrails, including prompt engineering. 

Signing off 

All in all, AI in social media is a lot like having a superpower as it helps you build engaging, personalized social media posts at scale and in no time. But just remember that even superheroes need a human touch.  

As such, Sprinklr can be the ideal post-generation asset for you as it offers a centralized platform to create, manage, analyze and publish your social media content with the perfect blend of AI empowerment and human intervention.  

If you want to experience the magic that Sprinklr AI+ brings first-hand, simply request a demo. For all you know, its AI wizardry may very well be the yellow brick road to all your social media adventures. 

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