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Announcing Sprinklr’s Fall 2019 Release

Pavitar Singh

November 20, 2019  •  6 min read

Announcing Sprinklr’s Fall 2019 Release: Over 400 Features – Including Trustpilot Integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector, Dark Mode and Live Chat

We’re happy to announce the Sprinklr Fall 2019 Release, with over 400 new features across the five products that make up Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office: Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement.

These improvements enhance the breadth and depth of Sprinklr’s complete customer experience management platform with new features to help you increase revenue, reduce cost, and mitigate risks.

SPRINKLR CORE PLATFORM (70+ new features)

Sprinklr’s Core Platform provides strong governance and privacy, helpful collaboration, sophisticated automation, advanced AI capabilities, and integrations with other systems of record to help you manage risk and be more efficient. Several new features are:

Dark Mode

We’ve introduced a dark mode in several areas of the platform to reduce eye strain and improve ergonomics in low-light conditions. You can find this option under the status setting in your Sprinklr profile. This accessibility enhancement reduces eye strain in low-light conditions, improves visibility for users with low vision and bright light sensitivity, and can reduce symptoms of dyslexia.

Our 2019 Fall Release is live – and we're going dark ⚫️ Choose this accessibility enhancement according to your personal preference for easier reading 👀

— Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) November 17, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector:

Provide superior customer experience across all Modern Channels, in addition to traditional channels with MS Dynamics 365 and Sprinklr. With the Connector, agents can easily engage with customers on social and messaging channels within the familiar Dynamics 365 platform. Or, social care teams can work within the Sprinklr platform and take advantage of seamless, bi-directional data synchronization with Dynamics 365.

Presentations and Display Native Content Styling:

Easily add a native social network look-and-feel to your Displays and Presentations with native content styling. With a simple click of a button, transform your content’s appearance with natively inspired styles, making it easier for your audience to recognize where the social conversations are happening.

MODERN ENGAGEMENT (130+ new features)

Sprinklr Modern Engagement ensures you can listen, publish, and measure across all social channels. Two great features to highlight are:

Trustpilot Integration:

Engage and respond to ratings and reviews on Trustpilot all through Sprinklr. Incorporate workflows, social automation, SLA reporting dashboards, and more for an enhanced channel-centric workflow and customer engagement.

Next-Gen Asset Management Capabilities:

Find assets faster with the new enhanced search options available within Sprinklr’s Social Asset Manager. Introducing a new card layout for SAM assets and a new filter design to improve asset browsing experience.

MODERN MARKETING (60+ new features)

Sprinklr Modern Marketing increases the ROI of content with AI-powered insights and reuse, saves time with automated workflows, and manages brand risk with enterprise governance. Two key new features are:

Smart Compliance:

Protect your brand’s reputation and effectively manage your content strategy. The AI-powered content review automatically analyzes text and visuals against predefined campaign guidelines to ensure proper brand voice, imagery and consistency. Main Differentiator: Only Sprinklr provides AI-powered content review automation in real-time to ensure compliance with content strategy.

Global Planning Timeline in the Editorial Calendar:

Effectively manage your campaign strategy across all channels, markets, and business units and now paid initiatives with Sprinklr’s global editorial calendar planning timeline. The interactive timeline provides a single view of all planned content and campaigns with zoom-in, zoom-out, and smooth scrolling features. Main Differentiator: Only Sprinklr allows omni-channel planning across a timeline including paid initiatives along with other non-social campaigns.

Video Markup Capabilities:

Content approvers, legal reviewers and brand compliance managers can now save time in review cycles in order to publish content faster with new video markup capabilities. Add comments to a video on a specific frame and @mention a user or a team to notify them of your feedback. All the annotations can be viewed, resolved and deleted from the Annotations tab of the asset. A user can mark the annotation as resolved and upload a new version. The list of all versions can be seen in one place in the Versions tab of the asset. Main Differentiator: Sprinklr is unique in its workflow automation at each media asset level which is now coupled with markup and version control.

MODERN ADVERTISING (110+ new features)

Sprinklr Modern Advertising enables personalized advertising so that you can increase ROAS and efficiency across teams with AI, automation, and integrations within our Unified Front Office. New features include:

Smart Bidding:

Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Bidding helps advertisers automatically ascertain the ideal bid strategy to deploy across channels to gain maximum efficiency for advertising campaigns. Smart Bidding identifies the lowest bid amount required to meet pacing goals.

MODERN RESEARCH (80+ new features)

Sprinklr Modern Research enables you to turn data into real-time insights, decisions, and actions that make your customers happier. Two important new features are:

Smart Quick Insights:

Powered by Sprinklr’s AI, you can accelerate your speed to insights by performing a quick, natural language search within Sprinklr Explorer. Just ask questions in the search bar of Sprinklr Explorer, and Sprinklr will have the answers in rich visualizations.

Smart Alerts in Benchmarking:

Powered by Sprinklr’s AI, Smart Alerts offer real-time notifications for brand & competitor activity, with alerts on accelerated outbound publishing, surges in engagement or a rise in follower count.

MODERN CARE (60+ new features)

Sprinklr Modern Care reduces the cost of customer support handling and resolution by applying smart, automated, and AI-driven technologies. Two new features include:

Sprinklr Live Chat:

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce agent costs, and turn customer care into marketing with Sprinklr Live Chat. Easily add customizable live chat to your website or mobile app to improve your brand’s online customer experience. Manage chat conversations alongside other modern channels with a consistent, familiar console. Power your chat with conversational AI chatbots to quickly answer simple questions.

Learn more about Sprinklr’s Live Chat Software

Smart Alerts Applied to Case Data:

Improve your customer satisfaction and reduce agent costs with Smart Alerts at the case level. Spikes and changes to a care issue will trigger a Smart Alert to ensure an agent is available. This helps your Care team to better manage their operational and staffing needs with the power of Sprinklr AI.

Don’t Forget! The new Space mobile app, with iPad/Tablet support is available here: iOS, Android. And, Sprinklr’s new Modern Menu is available for everyone as part of the Fall release.


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