Jayadeep Subhashis

Senior Content Specialist, Sprinklr

With more than a decade of content marketing experience, Jayadeep is a senior B2B content creator and editor skilled in concise and elaborate storytelling. When he is not engaged in weaving compelling stories for Sprinklr, you will find him conversing with his dad about world history, music, movies, and books (mostly fiction). An avid traveler, Jayadeep meticulously plans the extended weekends ahead of time, ensuring his camera gear is ready to capture the safari adventures. He spends hours observing wildlife behavior, cut off from the internet, which, according to him, is a liberating experience.

Top 11 Customer Engagement Metrics You Must Track
Customer Service

Top 11 Customer Engagement Metrics You Must Track

Learn the key customer engagement metrics in 2024, their business significance and how to calculate them with examples. Read more.

Surbhi Nahata, Jayadeep Subhashis
February 2, 2024