7 Uses of ChatGPT for Customer Service [+Prompts]

Aksheeta Tyagi

February 21, 20247 min read

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If you’re a Spotify fan like me, I bet you had a blast revisiting your 2023 Wrapped. It’s amazing how a playlist can capture a whole year, isn't it?

But there’s something else that hit the high notes this year: ChatGPT. It’s been everywhere — from helping us understand quantum mechanics like we’re ten to helping us make our customers feel like a ten.

A never-seen-before blend of clarity and empathy is precisely what makes ChatGPT ideal for customer service. Keep reading to learn how you can use it to ensure your customers leave every service interaction feeling like a king.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a cutting-edge chatbot developed by OpenAI that can respond to questions and prompts in a human-like way. It’s trained on Generative Pre-trained Transformer models, particularly GPT-3 and the more advanced GPT-4 — which are part of a broader family known as Large Language Models (LLMs) that are trained on extensive structured and unstructured text data. This training enables ChatGPT to understand and produce human-like text, making it adept at engaging in natural language conversations.

The idea behind this was to go beyond the typical, robotic AI responses and create something that can actually hold a conversation, understand context and adapt its replies just like a person would.

Why does this matter, especially in customer service? Well, ChatGPT can make service interactions feel less like talking to a machine and more like chatting with someone who really gets you. ChatGPT can figure out what customers are asking, even if it's not spelled out perfectly.

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4 benefits of ChatGPT in customer service for businesses

ChatGPT can upgrade your conversational AI to propel the tech leap your service team needs today. Here are the benefits ChatGPT yields to your customer service when added to your existing AI infrastructure.

1. Enhanced understanding 

ChatGPT goes beyond simply answering questions. With its advanced language models, it can cut through complex queries and provide more accurate, context-aware responses. This leads to better problem-solving and happier customers.

2. Dynamic conversations

Unlike basic chatbots, ChatGPT can handle multi-layered conversations with multiple content formats like images, videos and audio clips. It remembers previous interactions, allowing it to maintain continuity and provide responses that feel more personalized and human-like. This builds rapport and trust with customers.

3. Learning and adapting

One of the coolest things about ChatGPT is its ability to learn and improve over time. Based on interactions and feedback, it refines its responses, making it increasingly effective in handling diverse customer service scenarios.

4. Efficient information retrieval

Need to dig up information fast? ChatGPT can quickly search through large volumes of data (like your knowledge base) to find precise answers, speeding up customer response times and boosting the efficiency of your customer service team.

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How to use ChatGPT for customer service?

Your ability to make the most out of ChatGPT in customer service depends on how well you can instruct it. To put it into perspective, prompt engineering to generative AI is what Michelangelo is to a block of marble — you get the drift. But fret not, let me show you how you can engineer your prompts to ensure ChatGPT understands your service use case.

1. Responding to customer issues

You can use ChatGPT to formulate well-written responses for your customers.

Prompt: Our new customer is upset about receiving a defective product, so please help me assure him and offer him a no-question-asked replacement. Keep it clear and succinct.

Answer queries ChatGPT prompt for customer service

2. Keeping tone of voice in check

ChatGPT can also help you ensure the tonality of your messages matches the energy your customers bring to a conversation — with just the right expressive language.

Prompt: A user just responded to our Instagram ad and is asking for a birthday-month discount. Write me a peppy DM response giving them a 15% off on purchases $200 and above.

Tone check chatGPT prompt for customer service

3. Study customer sentiments

Analyzing the voice of customer is important to know the floating brand perceptions in the market. ChatGPT can help you do it effortlessly.

Prompt: Help me analyze this review of Sprinklr Service for sentiment and user perception - Sprinklr is very easy to use. Responding to customer's digital queries and complaints has become much easier with Sprinklr. I can work with more efficiency and fewer complications because of its user-friendly user interface. Social listening, Agent productivity count, Case audits and Generating reports are much easier with Sprinklr compared to the other social media management tools available in the market. With Sprinklr, I have had the best experience so far.

Detect sentiment chatGPT prompt for customer service

P.S. - We like to sprinkle, not shout, but this is a genuine review on G2. 🙈

4. Summarizing customer queries

ChatGPT can cut down the time it takes to appropriately assess and act on customer cases. Taking quick stock of a situation is often necessary in high-priority cases, when left unaddressed, could make you famous — and not in the cute corn-kid kind of way. 

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Prompt: Summarize this customer complaint in 40 words - So today I went to buy a gadget with the vouchers I saved up for this, but I had a bad experience. The first register on the first floor was having a meltdown. It clearly didn't work, but the blame was pinned on my credit card. Not giving up, I headed upstairs to try there, but the registers up there weren't working either. I wasted 30 minutes just standing there, waiting for someone to give me an answer. Exhausted, I trekked back to the first floor and endured a never-ending line of other customers losing their patience, too. They finally accepted the issue as an internal lag but when the registers came back online, the store couldn't even find my details in their system, like I was invisible or something. And the store manager was very inexperienced and wasn't of any help.

Collect feedback chatGPT prompt for customer service

5. Collecting feedback and reviews

Use ChatGPT to wiggle your way into your customers’ hearts. Prompt it right to write a genuine, no-rush request to review you online.

Prompt: Write a short and sincere message requesting customers who gave a good CSAT score to share their feedback on review platforms like Capterra and G2

Collect feedback chatGPT prompt for customer service

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6. Building keywords to detect poor CSAT and NPS

Unhappy customers want you to hear them and to make sure you do; they will be expressive. ChatGPT can improve your customer service by helping you narrow down the language that indicates potential churn.

Prompt: Develop a targeted list of keywords that indicate a negative customer experience or churn. These should be colloquial terms customers use to express dissatisfaction with a business.

Sentiment keywords chatGPT prompt for customer service

7. Extract meaning out of the knowledge base

Your knowledge base probably has everything your contact center agent needs during an interaction — do they know how to winnow out what matters? ChatGPT can, in record time. Check out how it did it for a Sprinklr help article.

Prompt: Please extract all the key information from this knowledge base article and organize it in simple bullet points - [Info pasted from this Sprinklr help page]

Knowledge base insight chatGPT prompt for customer service

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I got a pocketful, a pocketful of Gen AI 🎶

And I want to share it with you!

ChatGPT has made information access and curation intuitive in a way traditional AI and search engines couldn’t — and did it en masse, too.

As Wharton professor Ethan Mollick puts it well, “It’s available to billions of people. It literally can write code for you. It can literally do reports for you. It can pass the bar exam. It can pass the neurosurgery residency exam. We don’t need future advancement for that to happen.

Because the revolution of generative AI, of ChatGPT is here.

Sprinklr AI+ is an OpenAI-powered upgrade to Sprinklr’s proprietary single-code AI infrastructure. When blended in with conversational AI, it can... 

  • Detect contact drivers, create multiple cluster intents and enable super-quick bot deployment 

  • Allow agents complete oversight on tone, relevance and accuracy of responses 

  • Extract knowledge insights in real-time and build sharp, on-point case summaries for reference 

  • Detect service gaps and recommend solid restorative actions for agents

Sprinklr AI+ capabilities

And for you, my dear reader, it’s here to explore for a 30-day free trial.

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