Announcing the Sprinklr Customer Unifier Awards

Mara Schoeppner

March 9, 20227 min read

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Every day, tens of thousands of customer experience professionals around the globe log in to Sprinklr in order to better serve and engage their customers. Many of the world’s biggest and most-renowned brands are innovating on the Sprinklr platform — pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) space and redefining what it means to make customers happier.

Today, we announce the first-ever Sprinklr Unifier Customer Awards to recognize and celebrate individuals and brands that are leveraging Sprinklr in new and innovative ways — creating insight-driven strategies and improving customer experiences to drive business outcomes. Sprinklr Unifiers break down silos within their companies and connect teams and functions on the Sprinklr platform in order to unify customer experiences across channels. Our goal is to shine a light on the work of the Unifiers and showcase their success.

We asked Sprinklr sales and customer success teams around the world to nominate their most innovative customers across seven award categories. A team of judges, comprised of Sprinklr leadership team members, reviewed each and every nomination and cast their votes. Below are the winners for each category. Congratulations to the Unifiers!

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Rising Star: Kristina Kosutova, Nespresso

This award recognizes an individual who joined the Sprinklr family in the past year and has made an impact in a short period of time.

Kristina Kosutova joined Nespresso HQ in 2020 as the company’s social media specialist within the Consumer & Market Insights team and immediately took ownership of the global listening framework, social insights reporting, and Sprinklr platform configuration. She revamped the social listening architecture and dashboards structure in order to provide Nespresso business units with key strategic insights — creating social listening awareness, educating markets on the listening capabilities, recruiting agencies to support the activities, helping increase social learnings as an additional source of insights within Nespresso, and building bridges between different business units.

Multiplier: Honda Motor Co.

The multiplier award recognizes a company that drives business impact using the power of multiple Sprinklr solutions.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed employees can change a company — because this is, indeed, what’s happened at Honda. What began as a small Sprinklr use case in 2016 has expanded to include all four product suites, thanks to a small team of core users on Honda’s data science team who have become experts on the Sprinklr platform and evangelized the unified platform vision across the company. Most recently, in 2021, their vision helped to propel Honda into a new era of online car sales, with customer service agents leveraging Sprinklr Service to drive sales and handle customer inquiries on their preferred channels, including social, messaging, email, live chat, and voice. “They are true believers in our technology,” says Sprinklr Success Manager Ken Melichar. Read more about Honda’s journey here.

Innovator: Dell Technologies

Recognizes a team or individual who innovates on the Sprinklr platform and who partners with Sprinklr to provide impactful product innovation.

For years, Dell Technologies has driven innovation on the Sprinklr platform by constantly pushing the boundaries of its capabilities. They request strategic and useful enhancements to the product in order to achieve their customer experience goals and agent performance targets. The Dell Technologies team puts customers at the forefront of everything they do, offering consistent, effective, and successful customer experiences across all channels.

Customer First: Chewy

Recognizes a team that is customer-centric. This team goes above and beyond to provide the best possible experience to its customers.

Imagine if every customer service interaction you had with your pet supply provider began with the agent asking, by name, how your pet is doing. Imagine if that same provider sent you a hand-written thank you card just because — or delivered a bouquet of flowers and a hand-painted portrait of your pet to you when your loved one crosses the rainbow bridge. This is exactly what Chewy, the leading destination for pet parents (and partners) everywhere, does as a customer-first company. Chewy experts are available 24/7 to answer questions, provide solutions for all stages of the pet parent journey, and help their customers find the perfect items for their pets from their assortment of over 75,000 products. Whether it's sharing a picture of a dog, inquiring about a pet’s health and wellness, or questions about a missed delivery, messages are seamlessly addressed quickly and appropriately. Tag Chewy in a photo of your pet online, and they just might share it on their social channels for #fanfriday, when they share out user-generated content images of customers’ pets.

Sprinklr For Good: the International Committee of the Red Cross

Recognizes a team that is using Sprinklr to give back. This team leans on Sprinklr insights to drive social impact.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) relies on accurate and timely information to deliver crucial information in sometimes dangerous and volatile situations. This past year, ICRC partnered with Sprinklr to develop customized dashboards powered by AI to collect and analyze real-time information about the crisis in Afghanistan. AI-powered reporting helped them to detect anomalies in unstructured data, so the team could filter out false or misleading claims, including identifying fake ICRC accounts to avoid transmitting misinformation in their own messages. These dashboards were delivered through a unified platform with a seamless, multilingual mobile experience, so ICRC could meet its goals remotely and without reliance on computers. ICRC’s efforts proved critical last August, as the organization worked quickly to organize relief activities in the country as the humanitarian situation deteriorated rapidly. Read more about ICRC’s journey here.

Community Builder: Kristi Daraban, Nationwide

Recognizes an individual community builder who is an active and leading voice in the industry. This person gives back by sharing their knowledge through channels like webinars, social media, and the Sprinklr community.

Kristi Daraban, associate vice president of social media at Nationwide, is knocking down silos within her company’s marketing organization and leading innovation in the fast-changing customer experience (CX) industry. At Nationwide, her efforts have focused on the ultimate goal of making all customers feel uniquely cared for. Externally, her goals are similar: Kristi has dedicated a portion of her time to building up and contributing to a strong community of CX professionals, serving as keynote speaker at numerous industry conferences to share the power of CX she has realized at Nationwide and at previous companies. She also takes time to grow the next generation of CX professionals, speaking about the industry with current interns. Kristi has built Sprinklr communities at three previous companies and has frequently served as a reference and sounding board for new Sprinklr customers. Additionally, she’s participated in Sprinklr customer council meetings and has provided rich feedback to our leadership on how we can improve our product, based on her experience and knowledge of the industry. “I could write a novel about Kristi,” says Sprinklr Global Strategic Account Executive Kelly Pacini. “She does all these things in addition to her day job, and I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.”

Integrator: Albertsons Companies

This award recognizes a team that has integrated multiple channels, including Sprinklr partners, to unlock the greatest value for their company and deliver the most cohesive customer experience.

Albertsons Companies’ Digital Marketing Applications and Optimization team, led by Dawn Mack, has been instrumental in helping previously-siloed teams realize value and understand the power of working from one Unified-CXM platform to drive their teams’ initiatives. Albertsons Cos. now uses customer insight and intent to inform business decisions across its marketing and advertising, product owners, and customer service teams. Teams now leverage Sprinklr to understand what Albertsons Cos. customers want and how they feel about the business. These types of customer insights have helped power Albertsons Cos. customer-first strategy and reinforce the brand as a trusted thought leader in the food conversation at both the regional and hyper-local level. “Dawn’s digital marketing team serves as a cohesive layer between initiatives across nine teams, that all map back to the customer experience,” explains Sprinklr Account Executive Scott Fogle.

Sprinklr is so fortunate to have such incredible customers. See how Sprinklr helps brands across the globe unify their customer experience.

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