Transforming Field Services Management with Sprinklr Service

Raghavendra Rao

Priyanka Malik

December 18, 20238 min read

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In the digital age as well, it's remarkable how many brands still place their trust in field service teams to forge invaluable connections with vendors, customers, and potential clients. 

Why, you ask? 

Because some experiences are better in person, whether it is generating product awareness, delivering comprehensive training, or meeting operational demands.   

Field service management involves dispatching technicians or engineers to onsite locations to perform tasks such as equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs. Overseeing these field resources are the field service managers, coordinating the activities of skilled practitioners who deliver specialized services to clients in the field.  

In this blog, we explore how Sprinklr Service can transform field experience for onsite engineers/technicians and end-users. 

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Why field service management is a must-have for your brand 

Field service management is the game-changer your brand needs for success. Here are five reasons why you must adopt it: 

1. Effortless scheduling

Bid farewell to manual scheduling. Automated scheduling, optimized routes, and streamlined dispatching ensure the right technician reaches the right place at the right time, maximizing productivity and minimizing delays.  

2. Increased uptime

Proactive maintenance schedules, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics help identify potential issues before they become significant problems, minimizing unplanned downtime, and increasing overall uptime.  

3. Empowered technicians

Your frontline heroes get a boost with comprehensive job information, step-by-step instructions, and historical data at their fingertips. They can tackle tasks efficiently, troubleshoot effectively, and confidently deliver exceptional service. 

4. Cost savings

Field service management drives cost savings and operational efficiency by optimizing routes, minimizing travel time, and ensuring technicians have the right tools and parts.  

5. Happy customers

Every interaction is smooth, timely, and personalized with field service management. Happy customers become loyal advocates, increasing retention rates and attracting new business through word-of-mouth. 

6 key elements of field services 

 Here are the six critical elements due to which the field services thrive:  

1. Dispatch management

Field services dispatch management is the captivating process of efficiently assigning and coordinating skilled technicians or engineers to handle tasks at various onsite locations. It involves real-time decision-making to match the right expert to the specific job, considering factors like skillset, proximity, and availability.  

2. Inventory management

With countless parts and supplies in play, tracking them becomes paramount. From vanishing screws to elusive widgets, inventory management keeps tabs on every crucial component, guaranteeing that nothing essential is ever out of reach. By ensuring timely availability, inventory management minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.   

3. Job scheduling

Job scheduling is like conducting a symphony of work order completion timelines, employee schedules, and service appointments. It's the art of orchestrating a seamless flow of tasks, ensuring each task goes to the right technician at the right time. With job scheduling, businesses can conquer deadlines, optimize resources, and deliver exceptional service experiences.  

4. Work order management

Work order management is like being the maestro of field operations. It's all about assigning, tracking, and coordinating service tasks with finesse. Think of it as a command center that carefully manages each work order from job creation to completion and invoicing. It brings order to the chaos, keeping everyone in sync and driving exceptional service delivery.  

5. Customer self-service

Customer self-service empowers customers to access relevant information, submit service requests, and track progress autonomously. It's like a virtual concierge, providing customers convenience and autonomy in their service journey. 

6. Contract management

Contract management oversees complex contracts and ensures that service level agreements (SLAs) are honoured. It's a delicate balance of managing contracts, guaranteeing compliance, and delivering on commitments, fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust. 

What does a field services journey look like

Let's consider a real-life example of a simple technician's or engineer's journey in the Field Services App (FSA) for better understanding. 

This journey primarily considers capabilities such as inventory management, visual OCR, AI routing, guided workflows, integrated maps and customer surveys.  

Here are the crucial steps in this journey: 

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1.  Prioritize essential jobs 

Field Services App leverages automation to prioritize critical jobs — and save employees time — by intelligently assigning the right technicians to the suitable projects based on skills, location, and business rules. It further increases efficiency by giving dispatchers complete visibility into their mobile workforce and every job on a single screen. 

2.  Power of maps for supercharged service visits 

Engineers can optimize their routes with real-time information, effortlessly avoiding traffic delays and accidents. Supervisors and Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) gain live visibility into engineer locations and traffic updates. It's the ultimate navigation tool for seamless service delivery. 

3.  Image recognition and classification 

Engineers can use image recognition to instantly identify assets and parts in images, ensuring specific fixes and replacements: no more confusion or unnecessary trips. The power of image classification automatically guides technicians with the proper setup steps, leading to faster, more innovative service.  

4.  Guided workflows for easy task completion 

Empower your mobile workforce with real-time updates on policies and procedures. Leverage the app to provide step-by-step instructions and safety checklists and to keep your technicians informed and prepared.  

You can also customize the app to boost first-time fix rates and attach relevant specs, knowledge articles, timesheets, and inventory information before your technicians enter the job site.  

It's like having a personalized toolkit tailored for success. 

5. Feedback and reporting to fuel customer satisfaction and technician excellence 

Once the job is done, unlock valuable insights by initiating the customer feedback mechanism. Gain a deeper understanding of customer-technician interaction for continuous improvement.  

Engineers can also leverage the reporting area in the application to track their performance, driving personal growth and excellence. Maximize the power of feedback and reporting to take your field service experience to new heights. 

Streamline your field services journey with Sprinklr Service 

Sprinklr Service can help your team increase productivity, lower costs, and achieve more positive customer experiences by catering to the following use cases of field services management: 

1. Scheduling & Engineer Management  

In the fast-paced world of field service, turn-around time can make all the difference. With Sprinklr’s workforce management, automation takes center stage, prioritizing essential jobs and saving precious time for employees.  

Engineers can quickly review, accept, and navigate customer jobs. Guided workflows ensure task completion in the most efficient way possible. They can also track their own performance, empowering personal growth and continuous improvement. 

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2. OCR scanning  

Sprinklr leverages state-of-the-art AI/ML capabilities to ensure that technicians can analyze specific dimensions within photos to create a complete view of the customer. Our OCR model effortlessly reads invoices during the refund and warranty data verification process to capture crucial details like Seller Name, Invoice Date, Warranty Status, and Invoice Number. 

But that's not all!  

Sprinklr's OCR goes above and beyond, supporting your field service engineers by scanning barcodes of consumed parts. Seamlessly integrate them into service reports and invoices, streamlining your operations like never before.  

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3. Secure and easy payments

With Sprinklr, data protection is at the forefront of your brand's identity. We've got your back with the capability to mask users' personally identifiable information (PII), safeguarding their privacy. For users who have yet to engage with your brand, their PII data remains hidden by default. But once they interact with your brand, the PII data is automatically revealed in a secure environment. 

Only users with admin permission can access restricted PII data to ensure maximum control. It's your fortress of data safety, ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other essential data regulations.  

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4. Inventory management  

Sprinklr enables ASCs and subsidiaries to order stock directly from parts providers, ASCs, and part resellers, all within the Sprinklr platform. 

Sprinklr further goes the extra mile by supporting subsidiaries with timely notifications. When reviewing claims, such as warranty, the system intelligently alerts them when stock levels hit a desired threshold to avoid last-minute surprises or rush. 

Upon receiving an alert, subsidiaries can take control with options to pause, defer, or order more parts. Guided by AI Smart alerts and powered workflows, you can streamline your operations and always be ready.   

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5. Discounts & claims

Sprinklr's AI detects customer dissatisfaction (DSAT) and guides ASC agents in requesting discounts to remedy the situation. Additionally, approving these discounts becomes easy with our task management Kanban view and in-app notifications. 

We provide data verification support for ASCs and Subsidiaries, streamlining warranty claims. Subsidiaries can edit fields, review costs, and generate accurate warranty bills. These bills are then seamlessly sent to Finance teams for processing and redaction, completing the end-to-end workflow. 

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6. Reporting & Analytics 

Sprinklr provides comprehensive support to ASCs, including omnichannel feedback management and AI-driven analysis of survey responses, free text feedback, and speech analytics to help you make an informed decision.  

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Field Service Analytics enables real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs. Sprinklr also empowers your supervisors and care managers to monitor and optimize team performance from a single unified screen.  

From intelligently scheduling field service agents, to assigning work, to gaining complete visibility into service operations and assets, Sprinklr Service solution helps you deliver better service to customers anywhere. 

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