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How to Use Sprinklr Sandbox to Protect Your Customer Experience

Sprinklr Team

August 26, 2020  •  4 min read

For the modern brand, the road to revenue runs straight through your customer experience, and that means Sprinklr is a critical system for daily operations. You know that you need a strong application lifecycle management (ALM) strategy to manage change and evolve with the demands of your audiences.

Sprinklr is your partner for delivering exceptional customer experiences across modern channels. We provide the tools you need for low-risk change management, starting with the foundation for ALM: Sprinklr Sandbox. Sprinklr Sandbox provides a separate standalone environment for you to configure, test, and practice without impacting your live environment.

You have told us the challenges you face when making updates to your essential Sprinklr environment. Read how Sprinklr Sandbox solves three most common business use cases that brands encounter.

1. Configure a new feature without breaking your current setup

Configuring new Sprinklr features for your environment is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Adding capabilities can help unify your remote teams, boost productivity, and amplify engagement. Yet, the reward of configuring a new feature, or even updating an existing feature, in a live environment doesn’t outweigh the risk of creating a system outage.

A Sprinklr Sandbox now enables you to configure a new feature in a separate, protected, standalone environment that reflects your production environment. Changes made completely avoid impacting live data or current operations. Whether you’re creating a new rule, changing an entire workflow, or implementing the latest AI, you can safely build and test the desired configuration in a Sandbox. When you’re confident in the changes you’ve made, deploy these changes to a staging environment (or Premium Sandbox) where your teams can test the functionality in a production-like environment.

After your configuration has been tested and approved, you can push the changes to your live Sprinklr environment with no surprises.

2. Test an integration without delay

One of the benefits of Sprinklr is that it integrates with additional tools to drive your success. We know setting up an integration into your sophisticated workflows is daunting, especially when your testing is limited and business doesn’t stop.

Before configuring a new integration, set it up within a Standard Sandbox environment. This allows you to see precisely how the integration will function in a production-like environment, without impacting your live system.

Push your changes to the Premium Sandbox for user acceptance testing (UAT). Within the Sandbox environment, your teams and stakeholders can test the functionality of the integration and give feedback. This stage allows you to develop training collateral specifically for your team, your workflows, and your environment.

After the integration has been approved, push the changes to your live environment for your entire team to leverage the full power of both technologies.

3. Develop hands-on training without risking system errors

Onboarding new hires or training your teams on new processes is risky if there is no room for error while practicing. Without an environment for employees to safely practice end-to-end processes, training is lackluster. Trainers are limited to explaining technical processes through elaborate stories and “if-then” scenarios, rather than clear demonstrations.

When training in a live environment, a trainee’s best intentions may unintentionally result in a mistake that disrupts internal processes and impacts the customer experience in real time. A small change such as updating a customer field could interrupt an existing workflow and impact the personalization in your marketing messages.

When onboarding new hires or training employees on Sprinklr, allow them to practice, make mistakes, and gain true understanding of internal processes by using a Sandbox environment. They can learn the ins and outs hands-on, before diving into your live environment — and by then, they’ll be pros.

Manage Change, Practice with Precision, and Create with Confidence

The benefits of Sprinklr Sandbox extends well beyond the software environment itself. Expedite innovation by giving your teams the space to create features that boost your current Sprinklr capabilities. Increase customer satisfaction by smoothing out bugs before releasing features to all users. Manage change without risk to your customer experience or bottom line. Several other business use cases are ready to be solved with a Sprinklr Sandbox.

Learn more, or contact your Sprinklr Account team to schedule a demo.

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