11 Advanced Social Media Tips for Marketers

Sprinklr Team

November 8, 20237 min read

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You know the drill — post, like, share, and repeat. Yet, that needle on the engagement meter barely twitches. This isn't just frustrating for businesses; it's a missed revenue opportunity. A "like" isn't a mere vanity metric; it's a potential lead warmed up for the sales funnel.

Here's a wake-up call: According to Statista, users spend up to 2 hours and 31 minutes (on average) on social media daily. As such, imagine the number of potential interactions your brand needs to catch up on. With that much time invested, your audience isn't just scrolling; they're actively seeking something worth their attention.

We get it: Breaking through the digital noise is tough. Your product or service might be groundbreaking, but if your social media channels are a ghost town, what's even the point?

That's where this blog comes in. We’ll be revealing 11 actionable social media tips to revamp your online interactions and convert passive scrollers into active engagers. So, are you ready to make each one of your posts a stepping stone to high-value customer relationships? Well, let's get to it then.

11 practical social media tips to transform your reach

Feeling stuck in the endless loop of posting and hoping for the best? It's time for a change. Ready to turn your social media presence from a whisper to a roar? Well, here are 11 practical social media tips to make that happen.

Tip 1: Understand your audience inside out 

Imagine throwing a party but playing the wrong music — awkward, right? The same goes for social media — you can't engage an audience you don't understand. Before you craft a message, know who's receiving it. Understanding your audience's demographics and preferences isn't just insightful — it's foundational. 

Here are some social media tips to gather data for spot-on content.

  • Surveys and polls: Let your followers tell you what they want. Use the responses to understand preferences, pain points, and unmet needs. 

  • Analytics: Take advantage of AI-powered social listening tools that tap into millions of conversations beyond your core channels. These tools transform unstructured data into actionable insights about your audience's age, location, and preferences. 

Sprinklr's social campaign analysis dashboard
  • Customer interactions: Monitor comments, mentions, and direct messages to capture the voice of your audience.

  • Competitor analysis: Observe the engagement patterns on your competitors’ social media platforms. Look at what content is sparking conversations among their followers.

Tip 2: Optimize posting times for maximum visibility 

Think of social media like prime-time TV — timing is everything. You wouldn't air a trending blockbuster movie at 3 a.m., would you? The same logic applies to your posts.  

Here are some social media tips to ensure you're posting at the right times.

  • Research peak times: Each social media platform has its unique high-traffic periods. Use your platform's analytics to see when your followers are most active.  

  • Experiment and measure: Don’t just rely on generic data. Test different times, track engagement rates and refine your strategy. 

  • Use scheduling tools: Embrace a robust social media automation platform that not only schedules but unifies your social media activities. This ensures consistent content planning, publishing, and engagement, offering a seamless experience to your audience.  

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Tip 3: Leverage storytelling over sales pitches

Remember the last time a story made you feel something? That's the emotional power storytelling holds. And guess what? It works wonders in social media, too. When you share a compelling story, you engage your audience way more than a straightforward sales pitch ever could.  Here are some social media tips to infuse storytelling into your strategy:

  • Humanize your brand: Share behind-the-scenes looks or employee stories. It adds a personal touch and makes your brand relatable.

  • Solve a problem: Instead of listing features, narrate how your product solved a real-life issue. It builds empathy and credibility.

  • Use visual aids: Pictures, infographics, and videos can make your storytelling more engaging and digestible.

  • Involve your audience: Ask for user-generated content (UGC) or testimonials. A story is more compelling when others contribute to its narrative.

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Tip 4: Use A/B testing to fine-tune messages

Ever felt torn between two catchy headlines or image choices for your social media posts? A/B testing can guide you to what truly resonates with your audience. These social media tips aren't just about choice but smart decision-making. 

Here's how you can ace A/B tests:

  • Start simple: Focus on one variable at a time, whether it's a headline, an image, or a call-to-action. This way, you'll know exactly what made the difference.

  • Define clear metrics: Are you looking to increase clicks, shares, or conversions? Pinpoint what you're measuring.

  • Use consistent audiences: Ensure both versions (A and B) are seen by similar audience groups to get accurate results.

  • Analyze and adapt: After testing, study the results. The key is not just to know but to adapt based on insights.

See how "The New Yorker" ran a campaign by keeping the image and CTA constant but tweaking the text. This subtle change made a world of difference. 

A campaign run by The New Yorker on Twitter


Tip 5: Use polls and surveys for instant engagement

Feel like your social media posts are shouting into the void? Time to flip the script. Use polls and surveys for instant engagement and to make your audience part of the dialogue.  Trust us, these social media tips on designing interactive elements can turn passive scrollers into active participants: 

  • Be relevant: Tailor your questions to current events or trending topics that resonate with your audience.

  • Keep it short and sweet: Nobody likes a long survey. Aim for questions that can be answered in a minute or less.

  • Be clear: Use straightforward language for your questions to avoid ambiguity.

  • Offer incentives: Give people a reason to participate, whether it's a discount code or a chance to be featured.

A customer survey dashboard and a customer happiness report on Sprinklr

Tip 6: Master the art of visual content

Ever noticed how a stunning image or an engaging video stops you mid-scroll? That's the power of visual content in action. As social media tips often suggest, visuals are the magic trick in a world filled with texts. They break the monotony, captivate eyes, and beckon clicks.  

To enhance your visual presence:

  • Embrace authenticity: Ditch the stock photos. Use real images that convey genuine emotions or showcase behind-the-scenes moments.

  • Stay updated with trends: Whether it's GIFs, memes, or infographics, stay attuned to what's trending and weave it into your strategy.

  • Focus on quality: A blurry image is a missed opportunity. Invest in good equipment or graphic design tools.

  • Stay on-brand: Consistency in colors, themes, and style ensures your brand is recognizable across all visuals.

  • Extract insights from visual data: Using a tool that captures AI-powered insights from billions of visual data points shared daily helps you understand audience sentiment and uncover hidden opportunities. You can drive growth, protect your brand, and enhance customer experiences by analyzing visual content.

Sprinklr's visual insights dashboard


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Tip 7: Always respond to comments and messages

Your posts might be spot-on, but if you're overlooking two-way conversations, you're leaving engagement on the table. Consider each comment or message as an open door to connect more deeply with your audience.

So, what are the best social media tips for ensuring these interactions are fruitful?

  • Acknowledge quickly: Time is of the essence. A swift reply can set the tone for a positive interaction. Here's an example of how you should acknowledge the error and make customers believe that you're on top of things and resolving the issue.

An example of acknowledging errors and resolving customers issues on social media


  • Be genuine: Forget automated responses — personalize your messages for greater impact.

  • Ask questions: Turn the conversation into a dialogue. Ask for opinions or feedback to keep the interaction going.

  • Escalate wisely: For detailed queries or concerns, move the conversation to a more private channel like email or direct messaging.

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Tip 8: Use hashtags strategically 

Think of hashtags as the SEO of social media — a way to make your posts discoverable. But, like all social media tips, there's an art to executing it right. Do it wrong, and you risk looking spammy. Do it right, and you could become a trending topic.

So, how do you get it right?

  • Research first: Before using a hashtag, check its popularity and relevance. Ensure it aligns with your post and brand.

  • Avoid overloading: While tempting, using too many hashtags can dilute your message. Stick to a few impactful ones.

  • Mix broad and niche: Use a combination of general hashtags (#Marketing) and specific ones tailored to your niche (#B2BSaaSMarketing).

  • Engage in trends: Participate in trending hashtags when relevant, but always stay authentic to your brand.

  • Monitor: Keep an eye on the effectiveness of your hashtags, adjusting your strategy as needed.

Take a leaf out of Coca-Cola's book. They smartly leverage their branded hashtag, #MyCocaCola, to create a unified brand narrative across Instagram posts. This strategy doesn't just engage fans, it invites them to share their own Coca-Cola stories, reinforcing the power of smart social media tips.

An example of how Coca-Cola leveraged its branded hashtag MyCocaCola


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Tip 9: Collaborate with influencers

Ever noticed how a single post from a key influencer can send waves through social media? Tapping into this potential can be a game-changer. Collaborating with influencers offers you the golden opportunity to expand your reach and drive remarkable engagement. Social media tips often stress the power of influencer collaboration to elevate your brand's visibility.

For a seamless influencer partnership, embrace these social media tips: 

  • Identify the right fit: Ensure the influencer aligns with your brand's values and audience.

  • Establish clear goals: Whether it's increasing brand awareness or driving sales, be specific.

  • Offer creative freedom: Influencers know their audience best, so let them infuse their unique touch.

  • Measure the results: Use analytics to assess the campaign's performance and areas for improvement.

Consider Nike's genius collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, the most-followed individual on Instagram, with over 600 million followers. Ronaldo's wide-reaching influence significantly amplifies Nike's global brand presence from social media posts to TV commercials.

A paid partnership post with Nike on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account


It's a textbook example of leveraging influencer power for exponential results. With the right influencer marketing platform, even you can land fruitful collaborations, just like Nike's game-changing partnership with Ronaldo.

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Tip 10: Analyze and adapt 

You wouldn't drive a car without a dashboard, would you? Similarly, steering your social media without metrics is like walking blindfolded. With social media tips like these, you're not just posting; you're analyzing and adapting to hit your engagement targets consistently.

Here are a few quick tips to master metrics:

  • Dive deep into insights: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer insights that can reveal audience behavior and content preferences.

  • Track engagement rate: Measure likes, shares, comments, and overall interaction to understand the effectiveness of your posts.

  • Use analytics tools: Consider using a sophisticated social media analytics tool that integrates data from various social media channels into a single AI-driven dashboard. Such a tool streamlines your tracking process, ensuring you make prompt and informed adjustments for optimal social media engagement.

Sprinklr's reporting dashboard showcasing social trends


  • Adjust accordingly: If a strategy isn't working, don't hesitate to change it. Stay agile and learn from your analytics.

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Tip 11: Focus on maintaining consistency 

Consistency is your brand's best friend on social media. It makes you recognizable and dependable, turning casual viewers into loyal followers. Just like you'd expect your favorite TV show to air on its scheduled day, your followers anticipate regular content that aligns with your brand's tone and style.

Let's see how you can achieve consistency across all your social media platforms: 

  • Establish a posting schedule: Pencil in specific days and times to post. It's easier to maintain a rhythm when you have a plan. Make it a rule to post at consistent intervals. Irregular posting can alienate followers.

  • Unified branding: Ensure your logos, color schemes and fonts match across all platforms. Consistency in visuals strengthens your brand identity.

  • Tone and voice: Stick to a particular tone, be it professional, casual, or friendly. A consistent tone helps you build a distinct brand personality.

Bonus Tip: Use a social media management tool to manage campaigns at scale, including the content creation, scheduling and publishing of social posts.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it — 11 actionable social media tips to power up your social game. From storytelling and visual content to analytics and consistency, each strategy plays a pivotal role in keeping your audience engaged and committed. And don't underestimate the collective impact of implementing these tactics.

If managing multiple channels seems overwhelming, consider a comprehensive social media management tool like Sprinklr Social. This tool streamlines your activity across social, chat, and messaging platforms, ensuring you're always where your customers are. By taking control of your social media landscape in this way, you're not just boosting engagement; you're also bolstering your reputation.

Now, it's your move. Implement these strategies and watch your social engagement soar.

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