My Sprinklr Journey as a Product Support Engineer

Sprinklr Team

January 6, 20203 min read

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In 2017, I couldn’t wait to begin my Sprinklr journey as a product support engineer in Bengaluru, India. This would be my first job out of college, and I was excited to get to work and begin a new phase of life that I dreamed of during my studies.

I joined Sprinklr the same exact day as five other employees in Bengaluru and three years later we’re all still working together and loving the #SprinklrLife.

Before I joined Sprinklr, I thought that money, food, and sleep were all I wanted to be happy. Today, am I happy? Yes! But, what really makes me happy is the results I see from my work. It’s the satisfaction of making a change in how customers are heard on a global level. Additionally, what makes me happy is working through challenges. At Sprinklr, I’ve been lucky to learn and grow through challenging projects.

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Working Through Challenges

About a year into working at Sprinklr, my support team accumulated a backlog of support tickets. But, at Sprinklr one of our core values is “Never, ever, ever give up.” We truly live by these values, and we knew that we could get around this backlog challenge. The key to our success was a consistent plan and some changes in the way we worked to get through the customer support tickets. Working together as a strong team, we solved the issue and stayed calm. Getting through this backlog was a testament to the passion and determination that Sprinklrites (what we call Sprinklr employees) have for our daily work.

sprinklr product support engineer journey

The Sprinklr Engineering Team in Bengaluru. We have grown in size but the happiness and crazy enthusiasm to excel still exists.

Becoming a Top Performer

Thanks to working hard with my team, I was able to succeed at Sprinklr and become a top performer – solving around 1,000 tickets in one quarter! Nothing made me happier than helping 1,000 customers in only three months. This was possible because of a few simple rules I followed:

  1. Read: understand, implement – I read about 10 tickets and their resolution on a daily basis to help me learn about the problems our customers might have and the solutions we’ve discovered.

  2. Test: I’m constantly testing new capabilities in Sprinklr.

  3. Implement: I am a huge believer in using what we learn and as quickly as we can. It always helps us retain things for much longer.

Growing my Career at Sprinklr

The senior management team noticed the changes that I was trying to bring and after discussions and careful analysis of my potential, the outcome was their faith in me that I am ready to work as a leader and motivate other engineers. I felt honored that I was able to grow my career at Sprinklr by making a positive impact on the team.

Today, we serve thousands of the world’s most valuable customers – from Microsoft to McDonald’s to Nike – and we put these customers first by maintaining an open count of less than 100 support tickets on a daily basis. We all are striving towards achieving minimal customer support tickets because it’s not just a number for us – it’s customers who are looking towards Sprinklr to help us make their work a little easier. Making customers happier is our strength.

I’d like to leave you with a quote that has helped me learn, grow and love working at Sprinklr through the years:

“We may not win the world today, but we will win the world one day.

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