Unlocking the power of employee advocacy

Jordana Gustafson Wright

April 18, 20243 min read

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Employee advocacy can play a pivotal role in amplifying brand messaging and driving engagement. Harnessing the collective influence of employees, organizations can extend their reach, establish thought leadership and foster meaningful connections with their target audience. Sprinklr's employee advocacy interface is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly and customizable, providing employees with a seamless experience for sharing curated content across their social networks.

Let's delve into how Sprinklr’s employee advocacy platform is transforming how brands engage with their audiences.

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Amplifying your brand messaging

Employee advocacy serves as a potent tool for amplifying brand content across social channels. Take Cisco Systems, Inc. for example, where more than 3,000 active Advocacy users are creating an estimated market value of nearly $200,000. With 48% of employees sharing an average of 10 posts per month, Cisco has effectively leveraged its workforce to extend the reach of its brand campaigns, initiatives and news. Their success underscores the immense potential of employee advocacy in enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Read full story here.

Positioning employees as thought leaders

Employee advocacy also empowers organizations to position both their brand and employees as thought leaders within their respective industries. Lenovo, a global technology powerhouse, exemplifies this concept at events like CES. At CES 2022, its employees leveraged the company’s advocacy platform to showcase their expertise and industry insights on LinkedIn. That year, they increased their reach by 138% to 1.85 million and upped engagement with their posts by 217%. By consistently sharing valuable content and thought-provoking insights, Lenovo has established itself as a leading voice in the technology landscape. Read full story here.

Empowering sellers on LinkedIn

In addition to amplifying brand messaging, employee advocacy can play an important role in empowering sellers to connect and engage effectively with prospects on platforms like LinkedIn. Consider the case of a cutting-edge SaaS company, whose advocacy solution has proven invaluable for the sales team. By leveraging preloaded content, sellers easily share relevant materials, such as customer case studies and information about upcoming B2B events. This streamlined process not only enhances their online presence but also enables them to foster meaningful connections within their professional networks. With a user-friendly interface for sharing curated content, Sprinklr Advocacy empowers sellers to navigate the digital landscape with ease and authenticity. Read full story here.

Employee advocacy represents a powerful strategy for organizations looking to amplify their brand messaging, establish thought leadership and empower their sales teams. By harnessing the collective influence of employees, companies can extend their reach, engage with their target audiences and ultimately drive business growth. As evidenced by the success stories of companies like Cisco, Lenovo, and others, employee advocacy is not just a trend but a strategic imperative in the modern era of digital marketing.

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