Weekly Podcast Roundup: P&G Selling, Self-Justification, and Jodie Sangster

Grad Conn

March 27, 20211 min read

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We spanned the globe this week, from India to Australia, with a brief stop in Cincinnati along the way.

We started slow (intentionally) on Monday with a guided breathing exercise led by our very own Neha Saxena (aka, the Breath Yogi). Really, the perfect way to start the week.

Then it was off to P&G for a look at their renowned persuasive selling format. It’s a life skill that will help you personally and professionally.

We wrapped up the week with a candid look on how we make decisions and rationalize them later (an important concept to understand for any marketer), a deep dive into conversational commerce, and an interview with Jodie Sangster (CMO for IBM Australia / New Zealand) that overflowed with marketing goodness.


Episode #102: The Experience of Breath, with Neha Saxena

Episode #103: The Complete Guide to P&G’s Persuasive Selling Format

Episode #104: The Theater of Self Justification

Episode #105: The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Commerce (Reprise)

Episode #106: Adding Customer Value, with Jodie Sangster

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