Weekly Podcast Roundup: Super Bowl Ad Spectacular

Grad Conn

February 13, 20211 min read

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We start with a fascinating discussion with Mitchell Osak about the emerging cannabis industry and how they’re building a new brand category right before our very eyes. It’s a rare opportunity to witness the birth of a brand in an embryonic industry.

Then, it’s all Super Bowl all the time, with a four-part series focused on one of the biggest experiences of the year. But we’re not talking about the game — we’re talking about the ads. The good, and the bad (but, mostly the good). It’s Super Bowl Ad Week on the CXM Experience.

Episode #72: Building a New Brand Category From Scratch, with Mitchell Osak

Episode #73: Your Guide to the 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Episode #74: Super Bowl Ads Part 2, and the Power of Sprinklr Analysis

Episode #75: Super Bowl Ads Part 3, the Best and the Brightest

Episode #76: The Thrilling Conclusion to Super Bowl Ad Week

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