The Way to Customer-First


Customer-first is a way of doing business that prioritizes creating great customer experiences over everything else. The Digital Customer-First Transformation System, comprised of 7 Models and a variety of Workshops, helps organizations move faster and align to a common vision across teams, business units, locations, and customer touchpoints – capturing and creating value all along the way.

Digital? Customer-First? Transformation?

Digital: a way of thinking and doing business that is always-on, real-time, one-to-one, responsive, inventive, and innovative

Customer-First: a way of doing business that prioritizes serving customers over everything else

Transformation: a necessary movement of the global organization from Brand-Centric to Customer-First, from Analog to Digital, and from Transactions to Engagement


Here’s what the DCFTS can do for you

Align Stakeholders

  • Functional teams are not aligned to the same strategic plan.
  • Team leads are working together cross-functionally but need to align partners and agencies to the strategic program.
  • Social team does not have a plan to scale engagement across the organization.

Accelerate Activity

  • Senior executives have initiated a digital transformation program, but it is not moving fast enough and is not inclusive of social initiatives.
  • Cross-functional strategies are defined, but executives mandate these initiatives move faster.

Add Business Value

  • Executives are unaware of and/or skeptical that engagement can drive revenue, reduce cost, or reduce risk.
  • Executives want to become Customer-First but do not have a plan to get there.
  • Digital transformation strategies exist, but the organization is struggling to map the competencies and capabilities.

Explore The Seven Digital
Customer-First Transformation Models

Value Model

Visualize the ideal state of customer-first, through the organizational initiatives and executing strategies that lead to value.

Capabilities Model

See what’s needed from your people, processes, and technology to successfully engage in digital transformation.

Maturity Model

Map your journey to customer-first – identify where you are today and what you need to do next.

Operations Model

Make it happen with Sprinklr’s System of Engagement and the 5C’s: Conversation, Content, Campaign, Community, and Collaboration.

Reference Architecture Model

Understand how each of Sprinklr’s features and functions work together, and how they connect to third party applications and your existing technology ecosystem.

ROI Model

Review sample returns that illustrate how your investment in digital engagement is validated in terms of revenue growth, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

Functional Use Case Model

See the connections between the most important outcomes you need to achieve, the Required Capabilities you need to have, and priority Use Cases you need to activate.



Start your customer-first journey today



Our Digital Transformation Workshops


  • Basic introduction to the DCFTS Models — what they are and how to read them
  • 1 session, 1-2 hours, remote or face-to-face
  • Takeaway — How the DCFTS can be leveraged to align teams to a common vision and move faster to capture and create strategic business value


  • Orientation + strategic alignment among key stakeholders such as cross-functional teams, business units, geographies
  • 1 session, 4 hours, Face-to-face
  • Takeaway — Outline next steps in building an aligned, cross-functional customer-first action plan

Strategic Alignment

  • Orientation + strategic alignment among a broader team of key stakeholders, including executives not directly responsible for customer engagement
  • 2-4 sessions over multiple days, 2-4 hours each session, face-to-face
  • Takeaway — A customer-first action plan to bridge internal gaps and tie strategies back to business value drivers

Custom Artifact Creation

  • A longer-term, strategic consulting effort where Sprinklr facilitates the creation of client-specific artifacts and helps to evangelize them across the company
  • 30 – 120 days
  • Takeaway — Customized, client-specific artifacts and frameworks, a strategic roadmap that multiple teams and BUs have contributed to

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