8 Best AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation (+ Examples)

Kunal Arora

Karishma Borkakoty

May 20, 202410 min read

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AI has radically changed how social media content is being created these days. Organizations and individual content creators are increasingly banking on AI to improve productivity and create engaging content.   

In this blog, we'll be exploring the impact AI's had on social media content creation of late. Plus, we've laid out the benefits of using AI tools along with the technology's limitations so that you can make informed decisions when it's time to revamp your social strategy. 

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The pros and cons of using AI to create social media content 

AI certainly speeds up content production but at the same time, it's not fool-proof. Here are a few pros and cons of creating content with AI.  


1. Efficiency and speed: AI-powered tools like Sprinklr enable you to generate high-quality content at an unprecedented speed, surpassing what is humanly possible. This is particularly crucial if you want your brand to stand out on social media, where trends change with each passing day. With automated content creation, you can ensure your brand's social success by increasing your content throughput with minimal human intervention. 

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An AI-powered Content Management Platform (CMP) can significantly uplift the volume and quality of your content creation through a variety of powerful features and capabilities. For example, Sprinklr offers: 

  • Insights on successful content theme, tone and visual attributes  

  • Standardized brief templates  

  • Automated content approval workflows 

  • Centralized management of digital assets 

    Sprinklr-s Content Marketing platform offers centralized content production


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2. Data-driven insights: AI tools can quickly process large chunks of data to offer you valuable insight into customer preferences, engagement patterns and trending topics. This helps a great deal when you're looking to turn things around in terms of the content you're putting out or the strategies you've implemented.  

3. Cost optimization: Incorporating AI and automation into your content creation workflow can optimize costs to a great extent. How? Because they eliminate the need to increase your team's headcount when you decide to ramp up your content velocity. Smaller organizations or individual content creators with limited resources have a lot to gain from it. 

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1. Lack of creativity: AI-generated content is efficient but lacks the creative spark of human-generated content. AI may struggle to provide authentic and innovative ideas, resulting in monotonous and predictable content. In business functions that rely on innovation and uniqueness, such as marketing and branding, the failure to capture human creativity could result in campaigns that fail to resonate with target audiences, hindering brand recognition and loyalty.  

2. Risk of misinterpretation: Misinterpretations by AI algorithms can have severe consequences, particularly in sensitive fields like public relations and social media management. Inappropriate or misaligned AI-generated content can tarnish the organization's reputation, leading to public backlash and potential legal issues. Moreover, there is a risk of creating offensive or out-of-touch content that alienates customers and damages relationships with stakeholders, eroding trust and credibility. Mitigating these risks and ensuring AI-generated content aligns with brand values and objectives is crucial.  

3. Adaptability and flexibility: In dynamic digital environments, the inability of AI systems to swiftly adapt to unforeseen changes can be detrimental. For instance, during a crisis-like situation, AI-generated content may fall short of providing timely and contextually relevant information. This delay can impede effective communication, making it crucial for organizations to have human oversight for quick decision-making, ensuring the brand remains agile and responsive when needed.  
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5 ways to harness AI for social media content creation 

Incorporating AI into your social media content creation plan can be a smart and cost-effective strategy for maintaining your online presence. Here are five practical ways to integrate AI into your social media content generation.  

Automated content generation 

AI-powered tools automate content creation processes, generating ideas, headlines and full-length articles quickly and efficiently. This automation reduces your costs and optimizes resources by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks traditionally performed by humans.   
Example: The Washington Post uses AI to automate the introduction section of certain news articles. Their Heliograf AI system generates news reports on diverse subjects like sports updates and election results, permitting human reporters to focus on more complex and in-depth stories. This system optimizes expenses by automating your standard run-of-the-mill reporting, without compromising on overall news coverage.

Data-driven insights 

AI algorithms analyze large amounts of information to uncover valuable insights about user behavior, preferences and social media trends. By using these insights, you can customize your content strategies to match the interests of your target audience. This data-driven approach ensures efficient allocation of resources, optimizing expenses by focusing on what resonates with customers.

Example: Netflix uses AI and machine learning to analyze user data and behavior. This helps Netflix understand what users like to watch and allows them to recommend personalized content. By using this data-driven approach, Netflix can optimize content recommendations, resulting in higher user satisfaction and retention. This also helps minimize the cost of acquiring new subscribers.

Personalized content tips 

AI-powered recommendation engines analyze your user interactions to deliver personalized content recommendations. This boosts customer engagement and social media conversion rates by tailoring content to each user. This personalized approach optimizes costs by targeting a more receptive audience.   
Example: Spotify uses AI algorithms to create personalized playlists for users based on their listening habits, music preferences and even the time of day they listen to music on the app. This tailored approach enhances the user experience and reduces costs by keeping subscribers engaged with curated content.   

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Social media scheduling and automation 

AI-powered social media management tools enable businesses to schedule posts at optimal times for maximum visibility and engagement. With automation features, content can be effortlessly distributed across multiple platforms, saving time and resources while maintaining a consistent online presence.   
Example: Sprinklr’s social media automation platform uses AI to optimize social media scheduling and automation. With machine learning algorithms, it analyzes data to determine the best times to post content for maximum engagement. 

Sprinklr social media scheduler allows you to post on all platforms at once

Image and video editing automation 

AI-powered image and video editing tools streamline content creation by automating tasks like background removal, image and video enhancements. These tools save time and effort, allowing you to create visually appealing content more efficiently. By using these tools, you can reduce costs for graphic designers and video editors.   

Example: Coca-Cola recently created its first-ever TV commercial using AI. By using advanced algorithms assessed by EmotionTrac, the Facial Action Coding System translates real-time emotional responses. This technology provides valuable insights for brands to improve campaigns, strengthen customer connections and optimize messaging for maximum impact.   
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8 best AI social media content creation tools for businesses

Using AI in content creation can enhance your social media strategy by offering overall efficiency, originality and cost savings. Here are nine effective AI-powered tools that you should consider for your business.  

1. Sprinklr 

Sprinklr helps you save time and effort on social media posts It finds and shares relevant content faster with the use of content curation tools. Prime differentiators include extensive data sources, deep expertise in ML technologies and patented proprietary AI models.

Content Production Dashboard in Sprinklr

Key features: Campaign managers can confidently approve content using Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Approval capability It automates approval paths and streamlines posting of content, ensuring a steady cadence and accuracy. Additionally, it helps maintain brand integrity by identifying and flagging inappropriate or off-brand words or phrases in the post.

Smart approval capability in Sprinklr

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2. Canva 

Canva simplifies layout with AI-driven templates for stunning visuals, making social media content creation easier and visually attractive. Differentiators include a user-friendly interface, an extensive template library and collaboration features.  

Key features: Canva offers a wide range of social media templates to create professional and cohesive posts. With AI-powered layout suggestions, Canva helps users create visually appealing content, even without advanced design skills.  

3. Lumen5  

Lumen5 is a video creation platform that uses AI for video creation, reworking textual content into engaging video content and enhancing social media storytelling and engagement. Its differentiators are video automation, AI-driven storyboarding and social media integration.   

Key features: Lumen5 analyzes the text, indicates relevant visuals and provides background music. This tool is ideal for businesses seeking to optimize expenses associated with video production for social media.  

4. Wordsmith  

Wordsmith automates content creation, producing personalized and attractive social media posts with natural language processing and AI-driven insights. The differentiators are Natural Language Generation (NLG), customization and personalization and integration capabilities.   

Key features: With Wordsmith, businesses can generate data-driven, personalized social media posts effortlessly.  

5. Refind 

Refind employs AI algorithms to curate and recommend relevant content material, streamlining social media curation and ensuring your posts are updated and engaging. Content discovery and curation, bookmarking and organization and community engagement are some of its differentiators.   

Key features: Refind curates personalized content tips to save time on content discovery. 

6. Ripl  

Ripl is a social media advertising tool that exploits AI to animate static content, creating beautiful visuals that stand out and improve audience engagement. The differentiators are animated content creation, template variability and mobile-friendly design. 

Key features: Ripl offers customizable templates and suggests content primarily based on user preferences. Ripl is especially useful for businesses aiming to boost their visibility on social media.  

7. Chatfuel  

Chatfuel is an AI-driven NLP for automated social media interactions, improving consumer engagement and giving customized responses, enhancing overall user experience. Chatbot development, visual flow builder and integration with messaging platforms are its differentiators.   

Key features: Chatfuel is a Facebook Messenger chatbot creation platform that includes lead generation tools for automated data collection. 

8. VSCO  

VSCO is a powerful app for enhancing photos and videos. With its AI-powered filters and editing tools, it helps you create stunning visuals for your social media. Ensure your visuals are consistently great and visually appealing with VSCO. The differentiators are photo editing excellence, community and inspiration and in-app camera and capture tools.   

Key features: VSCO has advanced tools for creative customization. It's a handy tool for businesses aiming for a cohesive visual aesthetic on social media.

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Case studies of how world's leading brands leverage AI-created social media content  

Grammarly's AI-enhanced social media engagement

Grammarly, the popular writing assistant tool, successfully implemented AI to optimize their social media content. By analyzing user data, Grammarly's AI-driven system generated personalized content suggestions, including grammar guidelines, writing insights and engaging prompts. The linked case study demonstrates the effectiveness of AI-based social media content optimization in improving social media engagement.   


  • Increased user engagement: Grammarly's social media platforms experienced significant growth in user engagement  

  • Higher click-through rates: The AI-generated content led to higher click-through rates as users observed the personalized suggestions as more relevant and valuable  

  • Improved brand perception: The personalized and useful nature of the content generated positive sentiments among users, contributing to a positive brand perception 

Adobe Sensei's AI-powered content creation

Adobe, a leader in creative software, uses AI to optimize social media content creation. Its platform, Adobe Sensei, uses machine learning to research facts, recognize user behavior and provide intelligent content suggestions. The case study showcases how AI empowers content creators by streamlining their creative process.   


  • Time efficiency: Adobe Sensei drastically decreases the time required for content creation, allowing creators to focus on ideation and strategy  

  • Increased creativity: The AI-driven tool within Adobe Sensei offers creative suggestions, unlocking new opportunities and pushing the limits of content creation  

  • Consistent branding: The platform ensures consistency in branding throughout various social media channels, reinforcing Adobe's visual identity

Netflix's recommendation algorithm on social media

Netflix's AI-driven recommendation algorithm exemplifies the influence of AI on social media content. Through the analysis of user viewing habits, its AI delivers personalized content recommendations. This seeps into the streaming platform’s social media strategy, where AI customizes content suggestions, trailers and promotions to align with individual user preferences.   


  • Enhanced user retention: Personalized content recommendations on social media contribute to higher user satisfaction and consequently increased retention rates  

  • Improved click-through rates: Netflix boosts engagement on social media by delivering personalized content, resulting in higher click-through rates  

  • Data-driven decision-making: The AI-driven approach allows Netflix to make informed decisions about content promotion, ensuring more efficient use of resources  

Wrapping up  

AI-powered social media content creation is a strategic game-changer for businesses. It enhances consumer engagement with personalized, relevant content.  Embracing AI in social media  is no longer just a trend, but a necessary step for organizations. Industry leaders such as Grammarly, Adobe and Netflix have already demonstrated the transformative power of AI in revolutionizing social media marketing, while boosting campaign effectiveness and optimizing costs.   

To unlock new growth and engagement opportunities, you must prioritize the incorporation of AI solutions into your content creation processes. The comprehensive package of AI-powered capabilities that Sprinklr offers is an excellent way to unlock the full potential of AI to prop up your social media content strategy.   
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