Announcing Sprinklr’s Fall Product Release: 400+ new Features to Boost Productivity

Pavitar Singh

November 11, 20205 min read

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Today, I’m proud to announce the Sprinklr Fall ‘20 Product Release, available globally with 400+ new innovations to help your business connect with customers across digital channels. Building on the innovations we announced this summer and winter, we’re continuing to double down on new capabilities that help you boost productivity, increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and most importantly – deliver real value to your customers.

See what’s new in a nutshell in this quick 2 min highlight reel.

With our consistent new features, we’re committed to helping you put customer experience management (CXM) at the heart of your digital transformation strategy. Many of you have asked for ease of use and productivity benefits. With this in mind, here are the Fall ‘20 top requested features across Sprinklr’s products:

Table of Contents

Sprinklr Service Updates

IVR Deflection to Sprinklr Live Chat

Agents can now seamlessly move support conversations to Live Chat with a simple text message. By moving customers to channels where they get real-time support you can increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. and

Learn more about IVR software and live chat software

Live Chat Deflection to SMS and WhatsApp

Does your consumer need to step away from the computer when you are providing support? Give them the option to transition from Live Chat to SMS or WhatsApp to continue the conversation. Customer service agents will have full visibility into the cross-channel conversation history to maintain a consistent customer experience and ensure a quick resolution.

Sprinklr Marketing Updates

Omnichannel Journey Facilitator

Build customer journeys that enable your brand to deliver personalized content at scale. Nurture leads by engaging on their preferred channel across Email, Text(SMS), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, X, formerly Twitter DM, Apple Business Chat and Viber. You can expect us to provide you with more info on this game-changing capability soon.

Next-Gen Collaboration

Enhance your team’s productivity with our next-gen collaboration features that include emojis, advanced search, threaded replies and direct message notifications. Even tasks and updates are shared in a summary email.

Sprinklr Marketing Updates

Ads Manager Pivot

Now you can uncover deep ad performance insights by creating Pivot Tables in Sprinklr’s Ads Manager. Group entities by dimensions and drill into the data for a clearer picture that identifies winning ads. Create new variations based on top-performing variables to improve ROAS.

Strategy Group Reporting Dashboards

Strategy Group optimizations have been improving your campaign performance for weeks. Now, with easy-to-digest visuals, you can see exactly what changes were made to your campaigns and how they impacted your ad performance. Export and share these results with stakeholders across your organization to show the impact of AI and automation on your bottom line.

Sprinklr Insights Updates

New Topic Creation Experience

We have revamped the entire topic building process with a new, AI-guided experience. Packaged in a completely new, three step process you can view upfront topic previews, get AI-powered keyword & operator suggestions, see AI-powered smart theme clusters, and much more.

Quora & Twitch Integrations

Twitch accounts can be added to Sprinklr Benchmarking Insights

We have expanded our channel coverage within Sprinklr Insights to now include both Quora and Twitch. Quora can now be added as a data source in all listening topics and Twitch accounts can be added to all brands in Benchmarking Insights.

Sprinklr Social Updates

New and Improved Reporting

Sprinklr has enhanced our reporting dashboard functionality to improve the usability and capabilities to now include section level filters, SLA presets, daily post performance metrics, and more. Each addition reduces the time spent creating reports and refocuses that energy into interpreting the data and driving actionable insights.

Engagement with Advocacy Forum Thread Notifications

Advocates can now receive website, app, email notifications for the Advocacy forum threads they follow, which increases the opportunities to engage with advocates, drive interactions, increase app utilization, and amplify posts all within the employee advocacy platform.

Overall Sprinklr CXM Platform Updates

Ratings and Reviews Available in Gallery

Rating and Review post elements, including star rating, product name, and others are now available in Gallery. Pull forward reviews within Galleries to boost engagement and drive interest across channels.

Advanced Layouts for Display and Presentations

You now have additional editing and layout options within tables to accommodate both their basic and advanced data reporting needs. Boost the visualizations you can use so reports and metrics really highlight the topic at hand.

Oracle B2C Service Integration

Our partnership with Oracle helps customer care agents respond faster and engage with audiences on more channels than ever before. The latest integration with Oracle B2C Service data connects your customer’s modern channel activity with an AI powered, bi-directional connection that is built to enriches each customer interaction.

Sprinklr Smart Alerts on Slack

Does your organization use Slack to stay connected, send gifs, and create more group channels daily? Sprinklr now integrates with slack to ensure you stay connected as updates are made. Receive a slack notification from Sprinklr with links that will drive you directly to the Sprinklr location where your attention is needed.

Thank you to all of our clients for providing feedback on new capabilities you need to make your customers happier. If you’d like to see these new features in action, request a demo here.

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