Announcing Sprinklr’s Winter 2020 Release: Delivering Over 400 New Capabilities Focused on Improving Productivity and User Experience

Pavitar Singh

February 22, 20208 min read

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Sprinklr’s Winter ‘20 Release is now available to customers globally! The release includes over 400 new capabilities and enhancements across the five products on Sprinklr’s customer experience management (CXM) platform: Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, and Sprinklr Social. These improvements will help you listen to your customers, learn from them, and show them love with personalized experiences.

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Highlights in Sprinklr’s Winter (15.2) product release:

SPRINKLR MARKETING (50+ enhancements)
Sprinklr Marketing helps you reduce content marketing production costs and improve efficiency with the following features:

Next-Gen Workflow Timeline View: Campaign managers can now switch to a new “Timeline View” to see the active workflows and track progress against a scheduled date. This new capability makes it possible for you to easily visualize your content management plan, improve efficiency and never miss a deadline.

Email Approvals for Tasks: Create efficiency in your workflow with one-click email approval for tasks. Compliance and legal teams can approve or reject workflow tasks via email, maintaining governance across your organization.

SPRINKLR MARKETING (100+ enhancements)
Sprinklr Marketing helps you increase return on ad spend and reduce advertising production costs with the following features:

Audience and Creative Naming Conventions: For organizations that have multiple stakeholders in the ads creation process – different agencies, teams, regions, etc – having a consistent and automated naming convention helps you save time while creating consistency across ads. While Sprinklr Naming Conventions have helped automate the process of naming Paid Initiatives, Ad Sets, and Ad Variants for years, you can now create naming conventions for the components that make up your Ad Sets and Ad Variants: Audiences and Creatives. Naming conventions can be created for managing your Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Snapchat, Pinterest and LINE ads. The naming conventions will provide a structure to your campaigns so that you can easily identify, differentiate and manage your ads.

Smart Rules for Listening: Every day, millions of conversations happen across the internet on a wide variety of topics. Sprinklr Smart Rules for Listening helps you capitalize on these conversations to deliver relevant, personalized ads to social media users in real time. Smart Rules uses AI to leverage topic queries to trigger ads when shifts in conversation volume or sentiment happen. For example, let’s say you want to publish more ads when conversations mentioning your brand across social media are positive. You can use Sprinklr Smart Rules to activate ad campaigns promoting your brand any time there is a shift in conversations across social media, messaging channels, review sites, blogs and forums from neutral to positive sentiment.

Smart Rules for Social Listening

SPRINKLR INSIGHTS (60+ enhancements)
Sprinklr Insights helps you turn data into real-time insights with the following new capabilities:

Share/Edit Mode/New Global & Local Views for Reporting Dashboards: Set up a global dashboard view and corresponding local views for your teams using Sprinklr’s new reporting structure without the need to clone dashboards. Users can now work on the local view without affecting others’ view, helping to avoid redundancies and administer compliance using locked filters. You can also make the dashboard visible in particular workspaces, and also give View and Edit permissions to other users.

Enhanced Visual Insights: Powered by Sprinklr AI, enhanced visual insights can identify unauthorized resellers, fake brand handles, counterfeit products, and unwanted brand associations across social media, review sites, blogs and forums. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can perform a text-based search on images on X, formerly Twitter. This helps brands improve the way they identify unauthorized sellers, customer issues or specific memes. Sprinklr’s text-based search for images on X, formerly Twitter is currently available in 10 languages: English, French, Romansh, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Occitan and Turkish.

Brands can also create automated rules in Sprinklr Visual Insights to help quickly identify inappropriate images and mitigate brand risk. For example, brands can create rules identifying specific objects, scenes, activities, brands or sentiments that are inappropriate. If those are published on social media mentioning the brand, an automatic alert is sent to brand stakeholders enabling them to take quick action. Additionally, Sprinklr’s new color identification capability in Visual Insights helps brands quickly gain a clear understanding of what product images are being shared across social and how people feel about certain colors.

Sprinklr Visual Insights

SPRINKLR SERVICE (45+ enhancements)
Sprinklr Service reduces the cost of customer support handling and resolution by applying smart, automated, and AI-driven technologies. The top new value-driving capabilities include:

Facebook Messenger Support to Reply to Customer Inquiries After 24 Hours: Beginning March 4th 2020, ​brands will have up to 24 hours to respond to a customer in Facebook Messenger. But, Sprinklr customers will still be able to support Facebook Messenger engagement after 24 hours, up to 7 days from the last engagement in a conversation. No action is needed from a user-perspective to support this functionality. Sprinklr users will receive a warning that 24 hours have passed since the customer reached out to the brand via Facebook Messenger. Please note, Facebook highly encourages businesses to respond to people’s messages as soon as possible. You can read more about Facebook’s new policies ​here.

Trigger-Based Proactive Chat Prompts: Proactively reach out to customers with relevant messages based on activity they have taken on your website to help increase customer satisfaction and support care as a new marketing channel via Sprinklr’s live chat software.

Skill-based preference routing in Assignment Engine: Skills-based routing is a customer service assignment strategy to assign messages/cases to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next available agent. This reduces agent costs and improves customer service quality by automatically routing messages to the agent who has the appropriate skills to do the work. A successful skills-based routing strategy can increase agents’ productivity by allowing them to draw on their experience to answer the queries faster, which also reduces the case handling time and increases customer satisfaction.

Now, you can add skills and preferences to agent profiles in the Sprinklr Assignment Engine. When a new message comes into the customer support queue, the Sprinklr Assignment Engine will consider skills, as well as capacity, status, and priority of each agent in order to route the message to the correct person.

Sprinklr Social (80+ enhancements)
Sprinklr Social helps you listen, publish, and measure across all social channels with new capabilities, including:

Smart Approval: Ensure your social posts comply with brand guidelines with AI-powered Smart Approval. Sprinklr AI provides contextual guidelines to Campaign Managers while drafting a post that notes whether a piece of content meets brand guidelines for tone, sentiment, and context. Flagging inappropriate content, image quality, brand logo, and tone while drafting a message can increase the productivity of your workflow and reduce revisions to posts.

Enhanced Publishing: Get more out of our quick publisher with new capabilities built to improve your experience. Sprinklr’s expanded quick publisher allows you to preview posts as you draft them. By default, the mobile preview is enabled and you can always change it to desktop preview at your convenience. You can also scroll between previews to maintain accuracy across social channels. Account and account group pinning removes the hassle of individually adding accounts every time you post, and AI-powered hashtag recommendations enhance your reach on Instagram. Errors to posts such as image size are now surfaced and hyper-linked for easy identification of error directly within your draft message.

Sprinklr Publisher, Preview Mode

SPRINKLR PLATFORM (70 + enhancements)
Sprinklr continues to enhance our platform for scale and usability, adding integrations and new features for Display:

ServiceNow Integration: Reduce agent costs by leveraging your existing ServiceNow infrastructure in Sprinklr. With an AI-powered, bi-directional integration to ServiceNow, your social team and care agents can provide omnichannel engagement & support to customers and prospects, with a complete picture of the customer’s experience.

Google Data Studio and Tableau Integrations: Sprinklr’s new integrations with Google Data Studio and Tableau help brands connect their data to gain valuable insights and amplify their findings with compelling visualizations. Sprinklr’s built-in data connector will allow you to access out-of-the-box dashboards to gain insights from across your brand’s social accounts to understand the full impact of your global campaigns, including reach, top content, and sentiment. These reports can be securely shared with others in your organization or publicly.

Custom Screen Size: Create engaging Displays on any screen at any location, event, command center, and more. Leverage custom configurations that allow you to configure screens by height, width, and pixel, that can be saved and reused.


Thank you to all of our customers who shared ideas for our product enhancements. We’re always looking for feedback – please post your thoughts in our Sprinklr Customer Community. Not a customer but interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you! Request a Sprinklr demo here:

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