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Protect your brand’s reputation with governance and compliance

Sonam Sagar

March 23, 20224 min read

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What is brand governance?

The world is often filled with worries that we are forced to face and prepare for. We save money for unexpected expenses, carry emergency kits in our cars, keep batteries and flashlights in case of losing our electricity, and update our digital passwords to avoid hackers. Most days, we don’t need these items, but we protect our physical and digital environments to ward off potential disruptions and damage. Our organizations’ brands are no different. Brand governance is the practice of ensuring consistent and compliant branding and best practices to engender trust with our customers and improve their overall experiences. The ability to respond quickly to comments about your brand brings a protective element to your brand safety. In this era of mass digital transformation, brand governance can be your safety net, as well as an opportunity to meaningfully engage with your customers

In a recent report by Datareportal, it is estimated that more than half of the world’s population (53%) are active social media users, an increase of 13% in 2021. Nearly 60% of the world uses the internet, and 67% use a mobile phone and social media users spend an average of 2.25 hours per day on those channels. These numbers will only increase as internet connectivity expands throughout the world. With this evolution and the increase in time spent on digital channels, it’s more important than ever for marketers to keep a handle on what’s being said about their brands and responding in a timely and effective manner. 

Just one bad review

Technology has changed the speed at which news of a social media crisis travels, which is one reason why companies need to focus on brand authenticity and brand governance. Today’s consumers don’t hesitate to leave their impressions of a product or service in the comments below your social ads. A negative comment or review on an ad can go viral. A tone-deaf or ill-timed ad can swiftly cause rampant negative consequences to your brand’s reputation. If these aren’t handled quickly and properly, they could have a devastating effect. 

While marketers spend considerable time managing ads, viewing analytics, and producing content, many brands fail to consider moderating conversations on their social ads. Without ad moderation, brands risk losing control of their messages and allowing negative commentary to go viral. A survey from Brightlocal shows that 77% of consumers are reading online reviews and using those reviews as a determination of whether to do business with a company. And, 89% of them are more likely to use a business that responds to their online reviews. With the sheer potential volume of responses, the challenge is to sift through the comments across different ads and platforms to identify positive reviews and effectively engage with your customers while responding to any negative comments. By taking a human approach, your response can turn a bad review into a positive experience.

Learn more about brand monitoring for brand safety and crisis detection.

Improve brand governance

The importance of managing your customer feedback across digital channels will increase exponentially as paid ads and customer care continue to intersect. And it’s vital that your social media teams work hand-in-hand with the teams who engage your customer communities. One way to protect your brand from negative feedback is to initiate a risk mitigation strategy and employ tools that allow your teams to respond quickly. By actively resolving damaging comments, and positively responding to relevant comments, your brand can drive the kind of engagement that helps your brand’s reputation, increase positive sentiment and customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to sales and return on ad spend (ROAS.)

Brand governance is the key component for protecting your brand’s reputation and keeping your brand safe from negative customer feedback. In today’s landscape, where privacy policies are rapidly changing and consumers are spending more time on social media channels, marketing teams need to set their governance strategies and take quick action when necessary. 

How Sprinklr can help

Sprinklr has a variety of features to help brands manage and protect their reputation across both organic and paid advertising. Sprinklr Marketing & Advertising helps your marketing team define governance rules and control publishing permissions on all of your ad campaigns from one central workspace to protect your brand and its reputation. 

  • Robust compliance can help mitigate risk and govern ad management with smart permissions and approvals

  • Holistic reporting allows you to view data from multiple channels and understand customer sentiment insights

  • Comment insights reveal exactly what consumers are commenting on and then link to the ad to drive engagement

  • Comment sentiment and demographics analysis gives you insight into the most mentioned phrases and keywords discussed by your commenters

When your marketing teams work together on one unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, you will remove the silos that impede your ability to respond, stay ahead of any potential risks, remain agile, and do so at scale. 

Learn more about Brand Safety and Sprinklr Modern Marketing and Advertising.

Get the strategic handbook on brand authenticity

To learn more about harnessing consumer insight and expressing your brand authenticity, download our strategic brand management handbook today.

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