Brand monitoring for brand safety and crisis detection

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September 16, 20214 min read

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How does social monitoring and social listening help protect your brand?

Social monitoring and social listening are important processes to protect your brand’s health and reputation. You want to know what’s said about your brand, products, and competitors online, to gather insights and help mitigate any potential risks to your brand’s reputation. It’s important to understand the differences between the two and how to use both to build your brand monitoring strategy.

What is brand monitoring? Brand monitoring marries social monitoring with social listening to gather deeper insights on your brand mentions. It’s seeing all aspects of your brand across a multitude of social channels including handles, nicknames, hashtags, and logos as well as online news, blogs, forums, and even traditional sources.

Think of social monitoring as listening to respond and social listening as listening to understand. Both are important tools that can help you keep abreast of your brand’s health, give insights, and create a plan to ensure your brand is represented in a positive way. This helps ensure that you’ll stay ahead of any potential crisis that could harm your business.

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Why is brand monitoring important?

There is no shortage of notable brand crises and we’ve seen many high-profile companies recently forced to confront potential damage to their brands. Whether it’s an ill-timed tweet, a seemingly tone-deaf advertisement, an unfortunate autocorrect, or the unveiling of a scandal within your organization, the real-time broadcasting of information today has the potential to be a public relations’ nightmare.

Although PR departments aren’t able to mitigate every potential crisis, the ability to detect and intervene quickly can make the difference between a blip and a disaster. By including brand and media monitoring tools into your company’s crisis management workflow you will be in a better position to respond and mitigate potential brand risks. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Brand protection. The overall need to understand what people are saying about your brand on digital channels that you don’t directly own or influence.

  • Crisis monitoring and management. Mitigating the impact of a potential or actual crisis that may disturb, damage, or destroy your brand’s reputation.

  • Unified customer experience. The ability to have two-way communication with your customers to understand their wants, needs, problems, and preferences.

  • Brand ambassadors and influencers. Connecting with those customers who like and promote your products, services, and brand on social media.

  • Competitors and industry trends. Understand the brand health of your competitors and trends that could positively or negatively affect your brand.

Getting started with brand monitoring

The benefits of brand monitoring can only be realized once you choose a reliable social listening tool that meets your needs and aligns with your organization’s brand safety goals. Once you get started, you will immediately have the tools necessary to mitigate potential risks by:

  • Listening to social channels. Social listening is key to brand monitoring and more companies are turning to social listening as part of their business strategies. The information gathered goes beyond customer preferences, sentiments, and loyalty to include anticipating, preparing, and managing a crisis effectively.

  • Ongoing monitoring. Continuously monitor what is being said about your brand in the before, during, and after stages of a brand crisis.

  • Responding to incidents. Social listening allows you to respond directly and appropriately to customers and their concerns, that you would have otherwise missed, and help your company’s transparency and communication strategies.

  • Communicating value to the business. Dashboards give you a unified view of social media channels and allows you to provide detailed reports to stakeholders across the business.

Brand monitoring brings value to your business

Social listening for brand monitoring can identify brand risks instantly and reduce your response time by up to 70%. This is especially important when heading off a potential crisis, as mitigation is your best strategy to prevent brand damage. Social listening driven by AI-powered insights alerts your team when there are mentions of your brand, engagement, and if your product or company receives negative sentiments. This crisis detection picks up on sudden changes or anomalies in all online activity at the very earliest stages and alerts your team so that you can respond. When you have the opportunity to intervene quickly, you can instantly stop publishing across channels if necessary and keep teams across the business up-to-date on potential brand headlines and important customer feedback.

Sprinklr Insights

Sprinklr Insights is a free to try, lightweight, and self-service version of our Sprinklr Insights enterprise solution. It allows you exclusive access to Sprinklr’s AI-enriched reporting and insights specifically calibrated to your brand and objectives in just minutes. During your first 90 days, you can try out the rich features without commitment or any investment on your part.

Sprinklr Insights offers you:

  • Zero configuration, self-service onboarding with customized reports specific to your role

  • Omni-channel customer, brand, and competitive intelligence across social, news, forums, TV, and more

  • AI-enriched smart-trend data that goes beyond mention and engagement metrics to give you quality insights for brand monitoring

  • Real-time, reliable reporting with standardized and curated use-case reports specific for brand safety and crisis detection

  • Listening topics that allow you to customize your data and insights based on your own keyword knowledge

  • Automatically turn dashboards into presentations to better inform leaders and internal stakeholders

Sprinklr Insights is part of Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises. Sprinklr is committed to helping you protect your brand’s reputation with proven results and reliable support. When you try Sprinklr Insights, you’ll gain exclusive access to Sprinklr’s AI-enriched reporting and insights. The trial allows you to experience the solution quickly, easily, and efficiently with your brand and objectives in mind. And because there is no commitment, you can explore how social listening can help PR teams mitigate brand risk, encourage brand health, and aid with crisis detection and prevention. Get started today with no obligation.

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