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Must-have features for free live chat software

Daniel Rajan

February 18, 20223 min read

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As technology and online customer experiences continue to advance, people’s expectations for their online interactions with businesses keep rising as well. Smartphones, and the more recent explosion of social media apps with their own messaging services, have made text-based messaging the preferred method of communication for many people.

Messaging is less disruptive than a phone call. It consumes less time and attention, making it easier to get through a greater amount of tedious but important tasks, and to keep in touch with more family and friends throughout the day — especially those who may live in other time zones or have different lifestyles and schedules. And while there is certainly a strong case to be made for re-popularizing the intimacy of personal phone calls, when it comes to seeking help from a business, the uncomfortable truth increasingly is: your customers don’t want to call you

More than ever, people want customer service that focuses on immediate communication and resolution. 42% of customers say they now prefer live chat, compared to other customer service channels. To better meet your customers’ expectations, free live chat support software is a great place to start.

Here’s what to look for when choosing the best free live chat software for your business.

Free live chat software should provide personalized experiences

Your customers expect the ability to communicate with your business across all of their preferred channels — including your own website. And, because purchase intent is highest when someone is browsing your website, having the ability to communicate with them in real time increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

Live chat customer service software makes it easy for customers to quickly connect with you whenever they visit your site with questions or concerns. The best solutions also give you the ability to switch customers over from interactions on other channels to live chat conversations, and offer video chat and co-browsing capabilities to facilitate rich, personalized experiences — so you can provide optimal 1:1 support and resolve queries quickly and efficiently. 

The right free live chat support software will make it easy for your team to give proactive, personalized, and contextual care throughout the entire customer journey. Look for platforms that use AI augmentation tools to deliver correct and quick resolutions in the first interaction. This will help improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), and reduce your support costs, too.

It should empower your agents

Good free chat software should also include chatbots powered by conversational AI. AI chatbots can handle the simpler and more repetitive customer queries — freeing up your agents’ time and attention, and empowering them to focus on delivering thoughtful responses to more complex issues that require a human touch. 

The best free live chat software solutions will automatically assign incoming chats to available agents, using skills-based routing and AI-powered prioritization. It should also equip agents with tools like navigation history, online/offline indicators, email transcripts, and add-to-cart, setting them up to have contextual and productive conversations with customers.

Find free live chat software that lets you focus on customer satisfaction 

The free live chat support software you choose should allow you to use click tracking, view funnel analytics, and access website traffic demographics, so you can understand the traction from live chat. It should also send surveys automatically based on custom triggers inside the live chat, mask personally identifiable information (PII) using PCI-compliant secure forms, and provide consolidated reporting so you can view comprehensive data on your commerce and customer service metrics.

With Sprinklr Modern Care’s live chat support software businesses can turn customer care into marketing, reduce agent costs, and increase customer satisfaction by providing customers immediate answers.

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