LinkedIn for Business: How to Create a Lead Magnet

Aishwarya Suresh

June 10, 20248 min read

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LinkedIn for Business has given 82% of B2B marketers their greatest success. That’s unsurprising, right? After all, LinkedIn's where decision-makers hang out, where content is king and, most importantly, where businesses connect meaningfully with their audience.

With this knowledge, you try to craft the perfect lead magnet, hit “share” eyeing those leads like a hawk and then…...crickets. It’s the sound of silence in your notifications and let’s be honest, it stings a bit.

If you're nodding along, here's a splash of cold water: LinkedIn lead generation is easy to crack if you follow a few tactical steps and strategies.

So, if your current LinkedIn lead gen strategy feels like aimless shouting, it might be time to upgrade into a symphony of engaging conversations.

Let's turn that digital tumbleweed into a lead-generating machine, shall we?

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How LinkedIn marketing works for a business?

LinkedIn for Business is like having a VIP pass to the world's biggest professional party.

Here’s why it’s the go-to spot for businesses looking to up their marketing game:

  • Networking nirvana: With over 900 million professionals on LinkedIn, it’s easy to find and engage with the ideal audience without guesswork.

  • Lead generation leader: It’s more effective for lead generation compared to X and Facebook, making it a goldmine for B2B marketers.

  • Content king: A staggering 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing, leveraging it as a prime channel to share expertise and thought leadership.

  • Engagement engine: Regular posting on LinkedIn, say weekly, can lead to a follower growth rate that’s 7x faster than those who post monthly — keeping your brand top-of-mind for potential clients.

  • Event epicenter: As the hub for professional gatherings, LinkedIn has seen a staggering 150% jump in virtual events yearly, with attendance soaring by 231%. This makes it the premier platform for boosting event sign-ups and engaging audiences.

  • Conversion champion: LinkedIn Ads boast conversion rates that are higher than other major ad platforms, ensuring the marketing efforts translate into tangible results.

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5 LinkedIn tactics for business to create a lead magnet

Looking to turn LinkedIn into a magnet for quality leads? It's all about crafting the right bait — a lead magnet that's irresistible to your ideal prospects.

In simple terms, a lead magnet on LinkedIn is a free, valuable resource you offer, like an eBook or a webinar, designed to attract potential clients and gather their contact info. It's a way to introduce your business and build your network.

Here are five effective tactics to help you use LinkedIn for Business and turn it into a lead-generating powerhouse:

1. Shape your lead magnet

For an effective LinkedIn lead magnet, deeply consider:

  • Purpose: Define the aim of your lead magnet clearly. It should directly address a need or problem your audience has, demonstrating your expertise and value.
    For instance, if your business offers productivity tools, a lead magnet like "10 Ways to Boost Your Team's Productivity" directly addresses a common pain point, showcasing your solution's relevance.

  • Format: Select an appropriate format based on your audience's preferences and your content's nature.
    An eBook could work well for comprehensive guides, while a webinar might be better for interactive learning. The format should make the content easily digestible and engaging.

  • Design: Your lead magnet's design should reflect your brand and be visually appealing to encourage engagement. Use your brand's color scheme, logos and a clean layout to make the content accessible and professional-looking.
    Take the example of this report on the State of Social Media Marketing for 2024 . It incorporates a clean layout which includes clear headings, bullet points and visuals like charts or infographics.

    Sprinklr-s State of Social Media Marketing uses infographics

  • Delivery: Strategically promote your lead magnet on LinkedIn through posts, articles or ads to ensure it reaches your target audience. Consider a dedicated landing page with a clear, compelling CTA for lead capture, streamlined for LinkedIn user interaction.

2. Choose the right topic

Choosing the right topic for your lead magnet on LinkedIn for Business is crucial for attracting and converting leads effectively.

Here’s how you can pick a killer topic for your LinkedIn lead magnet:

  • Understand your target audience:
    Knowing who you’re trying to reach on LinkedIn is the first step. Consider their industry, job role and the challenges they face daily.
    🔖 If your audience consists of HR professionals, topics like “Innovative Hiring Strategies for 2024” could be very appealing.

  • Analyze engagement on LinkedIn:
    Look at what content your target audience is engaging with on LinkedIn. This includes posts, articles and discussions in groups. Sprinklr makes this easy with the LinkedIn Audience Study. Go check it out >> or watch a demo in 2 mins below👇  

    🔖 If posts about remote work culture are getting a lot of attention, a lead magnet titled “The Remote Work Playbook” might be a hit.

  • Check out trending topics:
    Use LinkedIn’s search and content suggestions to find trending topics. This can give you insights into what your audience is currently interested in.
    🔖 If “Sustainability in Business” is trending, a lead magnet like “Green Business: A Guide to Sustainable Profits” could be timely.

  • Solve a specific problem:
    Your lead magnet should address a specific problem or need that your target audience has.
    🔖 For businesses struggling with lead generation, a lead magnet titled “10 Proven LinkedIn Strategies for Lead Generation” would be valuable.

  • Offer immediate value:
    The best lead magnets provide a solution that your audience can implement quickly.
    🔖 A checklist called “5 Daily Actions to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility” offers immediate steps to take. Likewise, “100 Business ideas for a Start-up in 2024” will attract clicks since it offers a huge dump of ideas in one place.

  • Keep it exclusive:
    Offer information that isn’t easily found elsewhere or that you’re uniquely qualified to provide. While crafting your lead magnet, ensure that the titles and content are clear and truthful — avoid clickbaity topics that may seem tempting but can erode trust and backfire big time.
    🔖 An insider’s guide like “Secrets of LinkedIn Algorithm: Increase Your Reach” can entice users looking for advanced tips.

    By focusing on these steps, you can hone in on a topic that will not only attract attention but also drive meaningful engagement and lead conversion on LinkedIn.

    Remember, the goal is to provide significant value that positions you as an authority in your field and encourages potential leads to connect with you.

3. Promote your lead magnets the right way

Effectively promoting your lead magnet is crucial to attracting and converting your target audience. Here are some strategies to enhance visibility and drive engagement on LinkedIn.

  • Personalized direct messaging: Reach out to potential leads with personalized messages that highlight the value of your lead magnet and how it can solve their problems. You can personalize your connection requests (InMail messages) with a note about why you’re reaching out. Once connected, engage with their content to build a relationship before pitching your services.

    Example of InMail Messaging


4. Measure your lead magnet’s performance

  • Track key metrics: To evaluate your lead magnet’s success, monitor key metrics like:

    • Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of people clicking on your lead magnet link.

    • Conversion rate: The ratio of visitors who download your lead magnet compared to total clicks.

    • Leads generated: The total number of new leads collected from the lead magnet.

    • Cost per lead (CPL): The average cost incurred for each lead acquired.

    • Engagement rate: Interaction level with your posts or ads related to the lead magnet.

    • Bounce rate: The rate at which visitors leave the landing page without action.

LinkedIn provides analytics for posts and ads, which can help you understand engagement.

For instance, if your lead magnet is an eBook, you might track how many LinkedIn users clicked on the post link versus how many actually downloaded the eBook. This gives you the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

For more in-depth analysis of your lead magnet performance (plus actionable improvement suggestions), invest in a comprehensive social media analytics tool. Here’s our round-up of:

✅ The top 7 tools of 2024

✅ Customer reviews

✅ Free trial links

✅ And more

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  • A/B testing: Experiment with different versions of your lead magnets, such as varying the content, design or call-to-action. This can help you determine what resonates best with your audience.
    Try two different cover designs for your eBook and see which one gets more downloads. This helps you understand your audience’s preferences better.

  • Feedback loop: Collect feedback from those who have interacted with your lead magnet. Use surveys or direct messages to ask what they found valuable and what could be improved.
    After downloading the eBook, you could send a follow-up message asking for feedback. For example, “Did you find the insights on page 10 about increasing LinkedIn engagement helpful?”

  • Refine targeting: Use the data from social media analytics to refine your target audience. Adjust your promotional strategies to focus on the segments that are most engaged.

    LinkedIn Analytics


    If analytics show that professionals in the marketing industry engage more with your lead magnet, you might decide to tailor future content specifically for this group.

  • Content updates: Keep your lead magnet content up-to-date and relevant. Regular updates can maintain interest and encourage repeat engagement. Every update should be followed by a fresh set of promotions to keep up the lead flow.

    If your eBook discusses LinkedIn strategies and LinkedIn rolls out a new feature, update your eBook to include this information to keep it relevant and useful.

By measuring and optimizing your LinkedIn lead magnets, you can enhance their effectiveness and generate more high-quality leads over time.

5. Using native LinkedIn tools for lead generation

You can use native tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads. It allows you to target your ideal audience, save leads and receive lead recommendations. You can also use it to track your leads and engage with them more effectively.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform


Beware: While LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is tailored for pinpointing and connecting with potential leads, it may not fully cover end-to-end lead management. Its focus is more on the initial stages of lead generation, which might leave those looking for an end-to-end solution seeking additional tools to:

  • Lead capture and tracking

  • Lead qualification

  • Lead filtering

  • Assignment of lead to sales reps for follow up and nurture

With these tactics for creating compelling lead magnets on LinkedIn, you're well on your way to attracting quality leads.

Ready to cast your net wider?

Let's anchor down and build a stellar LinkedIn business profile to catch those leads.

Steps to create business profile on LinkedIn

Setting up a business profile on LinkedIn is like laying the foundation for your digital storefront where connections become customers.

You might be wondering, "Is this an exclusive club or can anyone join?" Fear not! All you need is a personal LinkedIn profile to start.

And the cherry on top? It's absolutely free! 😉  

So, let's get your business profile up and running!

Here’s how you can roll out the welcome mat:

Step 1: Sign up with your business email

Start by visiting LinkedIn and signing up with your business email. This is your first step into the LinkedIn world, so make sure your email is one you check regularly.

Step 2: Create your LinkedIn company page

  • Once logged in, head to the For Business section at the top right corner and select Create a Company Page from the dropdown menu.

    LinkedIn Home Page for easy Business account signup

  • You’ll be presented with a few options. Pick one that aligns with your business needs. If you're looking to highlight different facets of your company, a Showcase page might be the way to go.

    LinkedIn for Business sign up page allows to choose the desired page type

  • Now, get down to the nitty-gritty: add your business name, website, industry and don't forget your logo and tagline. These are your business's digital handshake, so make them count!

💡Pro Tip: For a tagline that sticks, keep it short and sweet. The best taglines are concise yet powerful. Aim for no more than seven words that capture the essence of your brand and what makes you unique.

LinkedIn for Business sign up page to fill in company details

  • Once you’re satisfied with the preview on the right, click Create page.

Step 3: Optimize your page

  • A LinkedIn Company Page is more than just a profile; it’s your brand’s narrative. Start by crafting descriptive headlines and selecting relevant topics and hashtags.

  • LinkedIn will guide you through optimizing your page further by filling out all the fields in the additional information area. This not only tells your story but also boosts your LinkedIn SEO, making your page more visible.

  • Want to go global? Add translations to your page to cater to a worldwide audience without needing separate pages for different regions.

  • Sprinkle relevant keywords in your company description to enhance discoverability. Remember, Google indexes these pages too!

  • Add up to three hashtags to follow from your page. This lets you easily interact with posts under these hashtags directly from your page.

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  • Don’t miss out on adding a branded cover image. This space is prime real estate for showcasing your latest big news or product launch.

    Amazon-s LinkedIn cover image


  • Customize your CTA button next to the follow button. You can change it based on current campaigns or objectives to direct potential leads effectively.

    LinkedIn for Business provides a set of Message Buttons

Step 3: Build your network

Now that your page looks great, it’s time to get the word out. For a new business, this step is crucial for attracting the right leads. For businesses with established networks, we have a few pro tips and hacks. Read on.

  • Start by linking your LinkedIn page from your website, alongside your other social media icons.

  • Encourage your employees to link their job titles back to your new company page. This simple step boosts your credibility by showcasing your team and helps their contacts discover your page.

  • Use LinkedIn's feature to invite your connections to follow your new page. Although not everyone checks their LinkedIn notifications, it’s a quick step that can help boost your initial following.

With these steps, your LinkedIn company page is not just set up but optimized for success, ready to attract and engage your target audience.

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Sprinklr is among the first to team up with LinkedIn, letting users message companies directly on their LinkedIn pages. This paves the way for one-on-one interactions in areas like recruitment, customer service and sales.

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How brands are leveraging LinkedIn effectively

Brands everywhere are rocking LinkedIn, turning heads with cool ideas and smart chats.

Here are few stars making the LinkedIn stage their own with some slick moves!

1. Adobe

🚨 Adobe, known for its digital tools, wanted to become a market leader and spread the word about its digital marketing solutions. Finding the right platform to effectively reach its target audience was tricky.

🧩 Adobe found its answer in content marketing, specifically through LinkedIn. The platform was an ideal fit for reaching an engaged, professional crowd. Using LinkedIn's Sponsored Content, Adobe started sharing smart tips and ideas about digital marketing.

📈 This move really put Adobe in the spotlight as a go-to source for digital marketing wisdom, strengthening their rep as industry leaders.

Adobe uses LinkedIn-s Sponsored Content to reach its audience


Key takeaway:

  • Use targeted content marketing to highlight your brand's expertise.

  • LinkedIn's Sponsored Content allows you to reach beyond your immediate network, engaging with a broader, professional audience.

2. Samsung

🚨 Samsung kept it straightforward with its Galaxy Note10 campaign, focusing on the phone's standout features without the fluff.

🧩 Utilizing LinkedIn's conversation ads, Samsung presented users with choices, guiding them to tailored landing pages. This not only enhanced user engagement but also streamlined lead qualification.

📈 The campaign achieved a notable 23% increase in click-through rate (CTR) for Samsung Electronics Italia, demonstrating the effectiveness of its approach.

Samsung uses LinkedIn-s conversation ads to reach its target audience


Key takeaway:

  • The use of conversation ads on LinkedIn showcases the potential of interactive ad formats to engage audiences in a more personalized manner.

  • Thoughtful CTAs can significantly enhance user experience, catering to both potential and existing customers by directing them to the most relevant pages.

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3. Netflix

🚨 Netflix stayed true to its entertainment roots by infusing its LinkedIn video ad with a touch of pop culture, making it highly relatable to its audience.

🧩 The ad featured a scene from a well-loved series, appealing to fans and piquing the interest of potential subscribers. By connecting the content to the idea of virtual travel through its shows, Netflix cleverly used the ad to promote its latest basic plan, emphasizing affordability with a clear mention of the price point, “just $6.99”.

Netflix uses LinkedIn video ad with a relevant CTA and its offering to reach its target audience


📈 This not only grabbed attention but also effectively communicated Netflix's value proposition, encouraging viewers to explore the world with Netflix from the comfort of their homes.

Key takeaway:

  • Embracing pop culture can forge an instant connection with your audience, making your message more impactful.

  • However, it's crucial to ensure that such references resonate with your brand identity to maintain authenticity and coherence in your messaging.

How Sprinklr and LinkedIn enable a highly-scalable and seamless campaign management experience

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it clear now that those silent notifications are so last season? With those million pros on board, LinkedIn's the perfect spot for your lead gen dreams.

So, go ahead, hit that “Share” button with confidence. Because on LinkedIn, those crickets in your notifications are about to be replaced with the sweet sound of “ka-ching”. And as the old saying goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

Keep engaging, keep sharing and watch as those leads turn into deals.

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