Expert Tips to Drive Organic Growth on Social Media

Paras Kela

Aishwarya Suresh

May 7, 20249 min read

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We can all agree that social media has become the go-to tool for businesses, of all sizes and shapes, to connect with their audiences like never before.

However, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for brands to attract and engage the right prospects on social channels.

While paid marketing offers a quick fix, it comes at a premium and provides only short-term results. That's where the concept of organic growth proves valuable due to its sustainable approach to building social media engagement

Organic growth is the key to not only saving your budget but also achieving long-lasting and meaningful business growth. It relies on building genuine connections with your target audience and fostering a loyal community.

However, achieving organic growth on social media is easier said than done.

But worry not! In this blog post, we've handpicked eight proven techniques to skyrocket your social media presence organically and help you achieve your business goals. 

Before we dive into these expert tips, let's get to a few definitions. 

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What is organic growth on social media?

Organic growth on social media is the expansion of your brand's reach, engagement and following on social channels without relying on paid advertising. It involves building authentic relationships with your audience to expand your brand's reach.

In contrast, inorganic growth depends on paid advertising campaigns to gain immediate visibility and reach. While paid growth can yield quick results, organic growth offers distinct advantages that contribute to your brand’s long-term social media success.

Now, let's compare the two approaches:

Social media growth: Organic v. Paid

Organic growth 

Inorganic growth (paid) 

Builds genuine, long-term relationships with the audience 

Provides immediate visibility 

Relies on creating compelling content 

Uses paid ad campaigns   

Requires time and effort for sustainable results 

Yields quick results but may or may not be sustainable in the long run 

Builds brand credibility and trust 

Offers minimal opportunity for audience connection 

Fosters a loyal community of followers on social media  

May attract a temporary or unengaged but larger audience 

Sustainable and cost-effective 

Can be expensive 

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4 Benefits of organic social media growth  

Before you look at strategies to boost social media growth organically, let's see the magic it can work for your brand. 

1. Builds trust and credibility

Organic growth allows you to build a rapport with your audience so their trust and your credibility naturally increase. While organic growth on social media is slow, it makes sure that your audience engages actively with your posts. It also helps expand your reach steadily over time. 

Need Inspiration? 

Take the example of Pillar Marketing Corporation. It juggled multiple high-profile clients with clunky tools that messed up everything from post approvals to comment management. Sprinklr Social’s Self-Serve came to the rescue — streamlined Pillar's entire process, from automating approvals to optimizing content distribution with its robust digital asset management. Cheech & Chong’s Global Holdings notched over $1 million in incremental revenue and spiked engagement by 80% in 2023 thanks to Sprinklr. Want such results?  

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2. Ensures long-term sustainability

Unlike paid growth, organic growth is sustainable in the long term. By consistently providing value to your audience, you can cultivate a loyal community that stays engaged with your brand. 

Deep Dive: Why you Should Obsess Over Building a Community of People who Love you 

3. Boosts conversion rates

When users engage with a brand through organic content, they are more likely to convert into customers. Studies show that organic search traffic has a 28.5% conversion rate, while paid search traffic only has a 3.17% conversion rate.  

4. Attracts a targeted audience

Organic growth enables you to attract a more targeted audience who identify with your brand message. By creating content tailored to their interests and pain points, you can establish a strong connection and increase engagement. 

Businesses can build a loyal following and achieve sustainable success on social media by harnessing the power of organic growth.  

8 powerful tips to drive organic growth on social media

Here's how you can drive organic growth on social media for long-term success.

1. Establish a strong foundation for success 

To kickstart your organic growth journey, it's crucial to establish a strong foundation.

  • Start with optimizing your social media profiles with accurate and relevant information about your business.

  • Next, use a consistent brand voice and visual identity across platforms to create a cohesive presence. Also, craft a compelling bio that clearly communicates your value proposition. 

  • Actively engage with your audience, responding to comments and messages promptly. Remember, a solid base sets the stage for sustainable growth.

  • Take Spotify for example. Spotify has several social media handles, including both regional and global handles as well as X handles like @spotifycares that the brand uses to post quick responses to user queries. An example:

Establish a strong foundation for success

💡 Pro Tip: Use real-life examples and success stories to highlight the value and benefits your brand delivers to customers. Incorporate social proof through testimonials or case studies that demonstrate how your products or services have made a positive impact. 

2. Create compelling content

Creating high-quality and captivating content is key to capturing your audience's attention and encouraging them to engage with your brand.
To achieve this, you need to understand your target audience's interests, pain points and preferences and tailor your content specifically for them. Experiment with different types of social media content like images, videos and infographics to keep your content diverse and engaging.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Airbnb shares visually stunning user-generated photos and stories of unique travel experiences on its social media accounts. By showcasing authentic and compelling content, the brand inspires and captivates its audience, driving organic growth and customer loyalty.  

Create compelling content

3. Leverage the algorithm

As we know, each social media platform has its own algorithm (check major social media algorithm changes) that determines how content is distributed to users' feeds. It is essential that you stay updated with algorithm changes and tweak your social media content strategy accordingly.

For instance, on Instagram, using relevant hashtags can boost visibility significantly.

Additionally, engaging with trending content and collaborating with influencers can also help amplify your reach.

Good to know: Influencer Marketing Strategies to Improve Engagement

Keep in mind that algorithms prioritize content that sparks meaningful interactions, so focus on creating engaging and sharable content. 

💡 Pro Tip: Timing is crucial when it comes to organic growth. Experiment with posting at different times of the day to identify when your audience is most active and receptive to your content.  

Investing in tools that provide audience insights like Sprinklr’s Audience Insights can help you analyze your audience's online behavior and optimize your social media posting schedule

4. Build authentic relationships

Building authentic relationships with your audience is vital for organic growth.

Respond to comments, messages and mentions to show that you value interaction with your audience. Go beyond generic responses and personalize your customer engagement.

Additionally, ask questions, seek feedback and actively listen to your audience. Drive conversions using user-generated content (UGC) by running contests or featuring customer testimonials. By connecting on a deeper level, you can foster a sense of community and loyalty.

For instance, Starbucks prioritizes authentic relationships with its audience. The brand engages with customers on social media by responding to comments and messages and featuring UGC.

4 Steps to Build and Maintain a Winning UGC Strategy

5. Master the art of hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in expanding your reach and visibility on social media. Research and use relevant hashtags that align with your brand and target audience. Monitor trending hashtags and join conversations to tap into new audiences. 
However, ensure that the hashtags you use are genuinely relevant to your content. For this, you can take the help of a hashtag manager tool to generate your hashtags more effectively.  

For example, Coca-Cola's "#ShareACoke" campaign encouraged people to share photos of personalized Coke bottles with that hashtag. This helped the brand leverage UGC, increase brand visibility and drive organic growth and engagement.  

Coca-Cola-s ShareACoke campaign


6. Engage and thrive with your audience

Actively encourage user interaction on your social media platforms. You can pose questions, conduct polls and host interactive sessions such as AMA sessions or live videos.

Moreover, respond promptly to comments and messages to make your audience feel valued and heard. 

7. Collaborate for growth and expansion

Collaborating with the right people and brands can amplify your organic growth. Partner with influencers, industry experts or complementary brands to co-create content, host events or run joint campaigns. This not only expands your reach but also adds credibility to your brand.

Denny's, the popular restaurant chain, took influencer marketing strategy to a whole new level with its Social Stars Influenced Menu in 2022. The brand collaborated with 24 popular TikTok creators to introduce a series of limited time-only meals. Six creators actively participated in the recipe development process and even gave their names to the dishes.

The company, which has been in business for over six decades, used this campaign to reach its younger audience and introduce them to their all-day “Diner Deals” menu.

❓Inspired to leverage influencer marketing?   

An Influencer Marketing platform is your holy grail.  

It lets you to:  

🤝 Connect with influencers who resonate with your audience  

🔊 Manage campaigns 

❤️ Track progress  

📈Measure impact  

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8. Utilize insights for actionable results

Utilize social media analytics tools to gain insights into your audience's behavior and preferences. 
To begin with, you can monitor key social media metrics such as engagement rate, reach and conversion rates. Analyzing the performance of your content can help you identify what your audience loves so that you can optimize your social media strategy accordingly. 
Use data-driven insights to refine your content, posting times and overall social media approach for continuous improvement. 

Wondering if diving into data and insights feels like too much? It can be a real challenge to wrestle insights from a sea of unstructured data, especially with millions of data points to sort through. Luckily, there's a smarter way to handle it! An AI-powered Social Analytics platform can sift through billions of data points across 30+ digital channels. It turns that jumble into neat, easy-to-understand reports, helping your team make clever business decisions without the headache. 

By embracing these proven tips, you'll not only drive organic growth on social media but also create a thriving community around your brand. 
Nevertheless, you must remember that organic growth is a journey. Stay consistent, adapt to changes and keep engaging with your audience to drive continuous growth on social media. 

Success stories: Real-life examples of organic social media growth

Here are some inspiring case studies that showcase the tangible results achieved through organic growth strategies on social media. 

Case study 1: Glossier — cultivating a beauty community 

🚩 Glossier, a popular beauty brand founded by Emily Weiss, set out to disrupt the beauty industry by championing authenticity and inclusivity. With a limited marketing budget, it needed to find innovative ways to drive organic growth on social media. 

♟️ Glossier implemented the following two strategies. 

  • User-generated content: It encouraged its customers to share their makeup looks using the hashtag #glossier. The company regularly featured UGC on its social media platforms, showcasing the real-life experiences and creativity of its customers. 

  • Authentic storytelling: It leveraged social media to tell authentic stories about its brand, products and the people behind them. It shared behind-the-scenes content, beauty tips and tutorials, creating a relatable and transparent brand image.

Glossier cultivating a beauty community

 📈 Glossier's organic growth strategy paid off immensely: 

  • Its Instagram following grew to millions of engaged followers 

  • Customers became brand advocates, sharing Glossier products and their experiences with friends and followers 

  • Glossier's community-driven approach resulted in increased brand loyalty, customer trust and ultimately higher sales 

Case study 2: Wendy's — mastering the art of social media banter 

🚩 Popular fast-food chain Wendy's faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated market dominated by competitors with larger marketing budgets. It needed a creative approach to connect with its target audience and drive organic growth on social media.  

♟️ Wendy’s implemented the following strategies. 

  • Timely responses: It became known for its quick and witty responses to customer inquiries and comments on social media. It capitalized on trending topics, turning everyday conversations into engaging and humorous exchanges.  

  • Provocative content: It didn't shy away from taking jabs at its competitors or sparking friendly debates. Its bold and sometimes controversial content garnered attention and encouraged viral sharing.   

Wendy's mastering the art of social media banter

📈 Wendy's organic growth strategy earned widespread attention and created a buzz. 

  • Its X account gained millions of followers, with posts receiving high engagement and shares  

  • Its brand personality and online presence became synonymous with humor and clever comebacks  

  • The organic growth on social media translated into increased foot traffic and sales for the brand  

The bottom line 

The reach of social media is undeniable. That's why it's an indispensable tool for any business helping them connect with audiences far and wide. While paid marketing could be a temporary solution, it's organic growth that truly drives long-term success. 
When it comes to scaling your marketing efforts, segmenting customers, monitoring social media KPIs and outlining effective strategies, you need a unified social media management solution. Tools like Sprinklr track the latest trends and help you create a social media plan that's both relevant and effective for organic growth on social media. 
Excited to learn how these tools can help you drive organic social media growth?  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, organic growth on social media can benefit businesses of all types and sizes. It allows for genuine audience connections and long-term sustainability. 

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