Little Known Sprinklr Social Media Marketing Features That Will Make You Better at Your Job

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March 14, 20177 min read

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Marketing isn’t what it used to be.

Connected and empowered like never before, today’s customers have sky-high expectations that are forcing marketing departments to take on unprecedented responsibility. Indeed, marketers are now tasked with ensuring the quality of customer experience for the entire organization.

As a marketing practitioner, this new world can be daunting. Fortunately, Sprinklr offers many solutions that can help companies in the age of digital transformation.

Here are eight Sprinklr capabilities that you may not have known about, but should definitely be using to create top-notch customer experiences.

Sprinklr named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

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1. See Your Entire Month/Quarter/Year of Marketing Activity Across Teams

As an enterprise brand, you have a lot going on. You’re sponsoring events, running campaigns, and maintaining the daily flow of brand content that’s going out into the digital world.

The Sprinklr planner, when used properly, can be leveraged to manage your many initiatives and create internal alignment.

The Sprinklr planner can be used by the entire department to house information about campaigns, events, and daily social media publishing. If you track everything in your marketing calendar, you will have a clear view of how campaigns match up with what the rest of the brand is doing.

This will break down the silos that can form within a marketing department. It also allows the community manager and the marketing team to see the entire strategic vision of enterprise content.

Creating full alignment and having a singular focus across a company is key to creating maximum value. Your customers will feel this as well, as every interaction you have with them will feel consistent in tone and message.

2. Create RSS Feed Publishing For Company Thought Leaders

Spreading your authentic message is more important than ever, and most companies have a strategy for sharing their world view and highlighting the brands and individuals that align with it.

Through the Sprinklr platform, you can set up an RSS feed that automatically publishes blog content to your social platforms. This can be automated to amplify brand thought leadership at a selected time or frequency, and you can include external thought leaders or influencers who you trust to highlight as well.

This feature allows you to nimbly curate content on your social platforms, manage the flow of that content, and create a digital thought leadership presence with ease.

3. Eliminate Messaging Mistakes

As a rule, Starbucks and Disney refer to their patrons as “guests” rather than “customers.” Within Sprinklr, you can ensure this type of policy with a “rule” – a command to create messaging that will never change and should be flagged if used incorrectly.

With Sprinklr’s Content Marketing platform, companies can set messaging rules specific to campaigns in the briefing phase, with start and end dates so that rules don’t need to be manually turned off. These automated safety mechanisms ensure that certain words are never published in conjunction with specified campaigns, and that a moment of misunderstanding won’t lead to published social content with improper messaging.

As you’re drafting content and entering messaging into Sprinklr’s Content Marketing solution, words that shouldn’t be used will be highlighted as they’re entered, spurring employees to double check what they can and cannot say. This can be extremely useful if campaign hashtags are different than a company’s day-to-day hashtags.

4. Never Miss a Content Expiration Date Again

If you’re juggling multiple campaigns that have different assets associated with them, you need an automated mechanism to ensure that campaign-specific content can only be used when it’s supposed to be.

Through Sprinklr, when you add assets to a campaign (like images), not only can you be sure that you’ll never use the wrong image, you’ll also only have access to those assets when the campaign is live – campaign specific assets cannot be used outside of the designated run time of a campaign.

Sprinklr automatically reminds you when an asset is about to expire so you can stay aware of what resources you have, and when you have them. This makes planning content much easier and solves for the confusion that can result from managing multiple projects at once.

5. Automatically Apply Asset Tags to Outbound Messages

Many brands use tagging as a way to tailor reporting to their specific business needs. Each post must be tagged in order for reporting data to be valuable.

In Sprinklr, if you add an Asset to the SAM, you can tag it with your approved campaign tags.

Then, when you’re crafting an outbound post and upload the appropriate asset, the entire post will automatically be tagged in the same way as the asset.

This saves time (and therefore money) and decreases the likelihood of tagging mistakes.

6. Create, Save, and Publish Mixed Media Content to Social

WeChat was the first solution to bring interactive, dynamic content to a mass audience. When content is interactive or includes a call to action, it garners more engagement across audiences.

There are several advanced WeChat publishing options in Sprinklr that offer brands dynamic ways to publish content to their followers. With WeChat, you can publish Mixed Media Rich Posts by creating and publishing using RTFD (Rich Text Format Directory) templates.

This makes it easy to publish content with images, text, and links, thus allowing you to create more dynamic content that draws higher engagement rates.

7. Use Listening Topics to Generate Hyper-Relevant Advertisements

Say you’re a company that sells gear for marathon runners. You’d probably set up listening queries to understand what consumers are saying about marathons and about your products.

If you’re launching a new style of sneaker, you’d research the way people are talking about marathon sneakers. Are people complaining about blisters? Are they talking about their favorite types of shoe for different training regimens?

How would this information change the angle of your advertising strategy?

With Sprinklr Listening and Advertising solutions, there’s a quick and easy way to take customer insights from listening and create relevant ad copy.

First, in your listening dashboard, you can create lists of keyword recommendations based on what your customers are saying. Then when you’re creating the ad, you can insert those keyword recommendations, and target for them.

Alternatively, when you’re creating a paid ad but you haven’t manually created keyword recommendations, you can automatically generate keywords by inputting relevant listening Topics or Topic Groups. Once your list is generated, you can clean it up and run your ad based exactly on what your customers are saying.

8. Know the Best Times to Share your Social Content

While there is plenty of information regarding when and where brands should publish content, there’s really only one way to understand what is right for your unique brand and your unique audience.

Sprinklr’s robust reporting capabilities allow brands to investigate their success in several ways, including based on time frame, platform, or type of content.

They can see the optimal time of day, or day of week for publishing – based on data gathered from our core platform.

Using custom fields and having a detailed tagging strategy allows you to slice and dice the data in any way that you’d like. For example, you should be able to understand the differences in optimal performance time for videos, photos, how to guides, etc – on all of the different social platforms.

How to guides may perform best on Facebook in the morning, but best on Twitter just before bedtime. This is information that would enable you and your team to give your customers content that they want to see, where they want to see it, when they’ll be most engaged.

Solutions for a New World

Modern day marketing challenges require modern day solutions. With these Sprinklr features, marketers can improve organization, make sure no mistakes are made, and break down departmental silos. They can also create more relevant content for their audiences and meet their customers on the social suite platform of their choosing, at times when they want to be engaged.

And thus, they can better meet customer needs in the age of social and the modern, very-demanding, consumer.

Sprinklr named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

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