9 Skills Every Social Media Manager Needs for Success

Shubham Gupta

February 8, 20248 min read

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As a social media manager, you must know your way around social media. That's a given. 

But ever wondered what skills can help you do your job better? (No, multitasking doesn’t count.) 

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this blog. Honing the below-mentioned skills will not just make you more productive but will also help raise your company’s social media profile. 

Before we get to the fun part, let’s get one thing clear: what exactly is expected of you? 

Who is a social media manager? 

A social media manager is responsible for overseeing their employer's social media accounts. They coordinate social media strategies, respond to customer messages and monitor online conversations, ensuring the brand maintains a favorable reputation online.

A social media manager’s job entails the following: 

  • Oversee the activity on their company's social media profiles 

  • Craft and curate content that reflects the brand's voice 

  • Guide their team when dealing with user comments and messages 

  • Keep track of the latest trends and algorithm changes to refine their strategies 

  • Design social media campaigns to generate excitement and interest around the business and its offerings 

9 essential skills for every social media manager

Stepping into the shoes of a social media manager means you're the voice, the ears and often the face of a brand online.  

But what does it take to excel in such a multifaceted role? Below are nine crucial skills that can turn any manager into a social media maestro.  

Skill 1: Strategic copywriting

Copywriting is a crucial skill and it's all about hitting the right notes with words to make people take notice and act. You must weave words that resonate with the audience, persuading them to like, share or buy.  

Let's say a company is launching eco-friendly sneakers. Using their strategic copywriting skills, a social media manager might tweet, "Step into a greener footprint with our EcoStride sneakers!"  
This phrase does three things:  

  • It highlights the product's eco-friendly features 

  • Aligns with the brand's commitment to sustainability 

  • Invites the audience to be a part of the movement 

 It's all about knowing your audience, the brand's unique voice and the action you want to inspire with your message.  

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Skill 2: Public speaking

Public speaking is an important skillset to have under one’s belt. In today’s digital-first world, a social media manager often becomes the voice of a brand, not just on social media but in live interactions too. Whether it's leading a live Q&A session, presenting a new product in a Facebook live event or hosting a webinar, the ability to speak confidently and captivate an audience is priceless. 

For instance, when unveiling those eco-friendly sneakers, a manager could spark excitement and connect with the audience by sharing a personal anecdote about the journey to sustainability during a live broadcast on Instagram. This personal touch can transform a presentation from mundane to memorable. 

To develop this skill, you can join local Toastmasters clubs, take part in public speaking workshops, join an online course or even rehearse in front of friends and family.  

Strong public speaking skills will ensure you can effectively personify your brand and create authentic connections with your community. 

A list of 8 tips to improve public speaking skills


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Skill 3: Design acumen: Graphics and video

Having a good eye for design is a must. Today, visuals speak louder than words, especially on social media where the use of images and videos in your posts can mean the difference between users spending time on your post versus them scrolling right past it.  

A social media manager with a good design sense knows how to incorporate visuals to enhance their posts and stop the audience in their tracks.  

Let’s consider the post about eco-friendly sneakers mentioned earlier. A manager who’s familiar with design could guide their design team to create a sharp, attention-grabbing video that communicates the brand's message clearly, improving engagement and conversion rates. 

There are tons of resources out there to help you sharpen these skills — from Adobe Creative Suite tutorials to Canva’s Design School.  

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Skill 4: Excellence in client servicing 

Excellence in client servicing is a must for nurturing and maintaining strong relationships.  

As a social media manager, you should be able to anticipate customer needs, provide timely and thoughtful responses, and always aim to exceed audience expectations, ensuring clients feel valued and understood. 

Imagine a scenario where a customer voices concern over a purchase they made recently. A skilled manager addresses the issue swiftly, all while maintaining a positive and supportive tone.  

To excel in this area, one could explore customer service courses or engage in role play exercises with peers or mentors to practice handling various client scenarios. It’s this dedication to client servicing that can set you apart, making you an invaluable asset not only to your clients but also to your team. 

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Skill 5: Analytical prowess for campaign insights

Analytical prowess stands out in the array of social media manager skills. It equips you to dissect campaign data and glean valuable insights. A social media manager with good analytical skills dives deep into the performance metrics and understands what the numbers are saying and why they matter. 

To illustrate the importance of analytical skills in social media management, consider this scenario: A video ad campaign gets lots of views but not many conversions. 

A skilled manager tries to find out the answers to these questions using analytics:  

  • Is the call to action clear and compelling? 

  • Was the ad shown to the right audience? 

  • Did the content align with viewer interests and needs? 

 They then use the knowledge gained to refine future campaigns.  

How can advanced analytics and reporting tools transform insights into informed action? With the right data analytics and reporting tools, you can seamlessly incorporate data and insights into your business workflows. This integration provides a detailed understanding of your brand, customer base and competitors, thereby enabling quicker and more efficient decision-making.  

You can enhance this skill through online courses focused on social media analytics and data interpretation. Analytical prowess is non-negotiable when it comes to social media management, as it directly informs decisions that can elevate your brand's presence and profitability on social media platforms. 

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Skill 6: Budgeting expertise for maximizing return on investment (ROI)

Another important skill to have is the ability to allocate budget to ad campaigns to optimize your social media ROI. A social media manager with this skill knows how to allocate resources effectively across campaigns to maximize impact without overspending. 

Consider a scenario where a manager only has access to a limited budget to run a promotional campaign. A manager adept in budgeting would analyze past campaigns, assess their audience and allocate funds wisely to maximize engagement and conversions. 

You can develop this skill by familiarizing yourself with budgeting tools and techniques and perhaps even taking a course in digital marketing finance. Budgeting expertise is indeed indispensable for ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to the brand's growth and visibility. 

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Skill 7: Search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge

SEO knowledge is increasingly becoming a vital part of social media manager skills. It’s about understanding how SEO can enhance a brand's online presence, not just on websites but also across social media platforms.  

A social media manager with SEO expertise knows how to leverage keywords, hashtags and content strategies to boost visibility and engagement. Staying up to date with SEO trends and algorithm changes is key.  

For instance, when creating a post about eco-friendly sneakers, an SEO-savvy manager would research trending keywords related to sustainable fashion and incorporate them into the post. This approach increases the chances of the post appearing in search results and reaching a wider audience. 

You can build this skill by reading SEO blogs, attending webinars or taking courses offered by SEO experts. SEO knowledge is essential for creating content that not only resonates with the audience but also ranks well in searches.

Skill 8: Social listening and engagement

Social listening and engagement are crucial skills that allow you to tune into what customers are saying across various platforms.  

This skill goes beyond monitoring direct mentions and comments; it involves using advanced tools to tap into wider conversations about the brand, industry and competitors. An AI-powered social listening tool empowers you to monitor millions of online conversations across the web, providing valuable insights. It helps you understand customer sentiments, identify emerging trends and detect potential issues early on. 

By leveraging such sophisticated listening tools, you can gather deep insights to craft strategies that resonate with diverse audiences and drive business growth. Mastering social listening and engagement will refine customer experiences and foster brand loyalty. 

Quick Tip: Are you leveraging customer insights to better communicate with your audience? Sprinklr’s AI-powered social listening tool translates real-time, voice of customer (VoC) data into actionable insights you can share across your organization to drive innovation, all on one unified platform. 

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Skill 9: Adaptability to social media trends

You must stay nimble and responsive to the ever-changing social media trends. A social media manager with this ability quickly embraces new trends, platforms and content styles, ensuring the brand remains relevant and engaging.  

Imagine a new social media challenge going viral. A quick-thinking manager would assess the trend's relevance to the brand and, if befitting, swiftly create content to participate in the trend, connecting with the audience in a timely and relatable way. 

To stay updated — this is going to sound obvious — you must stay informed and adaptable. This means regularly monitoring blogs, news sites and engaging directly on different social platforms. Cultivating this skill is essential for keeping up with the rapidly evolving world of social media. 

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Wrapping up 

In the ever-changing world of social media, mastering these social media manager skills is essential. Your ability to adapt, learn and harness the right tools can truly set you apart in this dynamic field. As you embrace these skills, remember that advanced social media management platforms can amplify your efforts, making your contributions to your team more meaningful and impactful.

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