12 Best Conversational AI Platforms for 2024 [+User Reviews]

Issac Thomas

February 6, 202423 min read

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Are your support teams drowning in a sea of support tickets and endless call queues? Relax because we're about to introduce you to the superheroes of customer engagement – Conversational AI platforms. 

But how do you choose the best Conversational AI platform for your business needs and audience? The Internet is one huge haystack, we thought to find out all the needles you would need to weave a great customer experience. Our curated list will unveil cutting-edge AI platforms ready to rescue your business from the call center chaos. 

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What is a conversational AI platform? 

A conversational AI platform is specialized software that simplifies the creation, training and deployment of conversational self-service tools like chatbots, voice bots or virtual agents. It empowers organizations to build intelligent, interactive AI agents capable of natural language conversations at scale. With a range of tools, these platforms help: 

  • Build omnichannel, multilingual bots for a global reach 

  • Perform in-platform testing of intents to fix bugs 

  • Analyze and optimize bot performance through self-training algorithms 

  • Drive conversational commerce to grow revenue  

The primary goal is to streamline and scale the development of conversational AI solutions and offer businesses a bankable solution for 24/7 customer engagement.  

Why use conversational AI software 

In the era of heightened customer expectations, Conversational AI transcends being a strategic choice; it's a business necessity. To stay competitive, foster loyalty and drive growth, businesses are turning to AI-driven solutions that serve, engage and convert customers tirelessly. The significance lies in delivering personalized, prompt responses, creating a seamless experience for the click-happy consumer and establishing a competitive edge. 

Advanced conversational AI platforms now come integrated with Generative AI or GenAI elevating customer experience and conversation quality by improving the relevance and accuracy of responses significantly.  

This technological synergy propels businesses into the future, where the intelligent and personalized engagement offered by Conversational AI becomes a cornerstone for success at a time when customer expectations are at an all-time high. 

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How does a conversational AI tool work?

Powered by machine learning and deep neural networks, the conversational AI process unfolds as follows. 

Input interface: Users input text or leverage Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)  or speech analytics to convert speech into text. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP extracts user intent from text or audio, translating it into structured data. 

Natural Language Understanding (NLU): NLU processes data based on grammar, meaning and context to comprehend intent and entity. It acts as a dialog management unit for crafting appropriate responses. 

AI Model and Natural Language Generation (NLG): An AI model predicts the best response based on user intent and training data, while NLG forms appropriate responses for human interaction. In many cases, the user interface, NLP and AI model come from the same provider, but using different providers for each component is also possible. 

To successfully implement a chatbot, follow these seven steps :- 

  1. Start by understanding use cases and organizational requirements 

  2. Define specific needs, desired chatbot conversations and data collection criteria 

  3. Choose a top conversational AI platform 

  4. Develop a prototype to test and refine the chatbot before deploying it to users.  

  5. Launch and test with a small user group 

  6. Gather feedback and make necessary adjustments 

  7. Continuously optimize and improve the chatbot by tweaking algorithms, adding features and incorporating user feedback 

But to implement these seven steps, you need a top notch conversational AI platform that can serve as an incredible ecosystem to build an efficient and fabulous chatbot. We share with you 12 top conversational AI platforms you could leverage to take your customer service to the next level.   

12 Top conversational AI platforms 

We have listed 12 prominent conversational AI platforms with their best features, pricing information, trial availability and customer reviews, for easy comparison. Find the right fit for your organization and start delivering personalized customer experiences right away.

⚠️ Important Note for Readers: 

The below tools are in no particular order of ranking or popularity. Still, they are independent picks by Sprinklr’s editorial team based on our research and publicly available information in the review sites. It is crucial to note that software or platforms may evolve over time, and the company may address some of these concerns in newer updates or versions. 


Conversational AI chatbot in Sprinklr Service conversational AI platform

Sprinklr's conversational AI platform revolutionizes customer service by enabling seamless self-service through advanced chat and voice bots designed for intricate customer service scenarios, significantly reducing reliance on human agents.  

With standout features like conversational analytics, it not only empowers customers to resolve issues swiftly but also humanizes the bot experience with quick, personalized responses. It reduces wait times and enhances overall satisfaction, embracing an omnichannel and multilingual approach to ensure a consistent brand experience across diverse channels.  

Intelligent handling of out-of-context queries, in-platform testing and contextual conversations further enhance customer journeys, setting Sprinklr apart as a frontrunner in the conversational AI landscape.  

🚀 Top features

  • Contextual conversations 
    Sprinklr's AI-powered bots excel in handling out-of-context queries, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience. With intelligent handling of out-of-context queries, these bots can seamlessly resume interrupted conversations, decode profound sentiments, navigate contextual fallbacks and effortlessly switch between intents and languages. This makes every interaction a smooth and personalized journey for your users. 

  • In-platform testing 
    Sprinklr refines your bot's performance, one successful test at a time. This unique approach ensures a seamless user experience by detecting and addressing potential issues in real time. By testing all possible scenarios, the platform guarantees that your bot is not only efficient but also resilient, capable of navigating any challenge with finesse.

    In-platform testing in Sprinklr conversational AI platform

    Don't let disruptions compromise user satisfaction; instead, let Sprinklr's testing prowess fortify your bot against glitches, ensuring it operates flawlessly and elevates the user experience to new heights.

  • Conversational commerce 
    Picture virtual assistants suggesting products and AI-powered sales specialists offering expert advice seamlessly in digital conversations. This isn't just customer engagement; it's a revolution. With Sprinklr, global brands harness every interaction, ensuring that each consumer conversation becomes an opportunity for unparalleled connection and conversion. 

    Conversational AI commerce with Sprinklr-s AI platform

    In a digital landscape where over a quarter of internet users seek products on social media, brands face the challenge of scaling personalized interactions across diverse channels. The solution lies in a Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform, and Sprinklr takes the lead. Uniting a spectrum of 30+ messaging and social channels, Sprinklr's platform blends omnichannel reach with cutting-edge AI. 

  • Conversational analytics 
    Sprinklr doesn't just analyze; it empowers. From deciphering sentiment to decoding needs, it transforms conversations into actionable improvements. CSAT Score, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Average Handling Time (AHT) become your compass, guiding data-driven decisions.  

    Spot recurring themes, filter by sentiment, and optimize customer service operations. Sprinklr ensures you not only listen to your customers but understand them profoundly, fostering business growth one insightful conversation at a time.  

Overall verdict 

Sprinklr's Conversational AI platform, boasting an impressive G2 rating of 4.6 stars, offers a wealth of positive features, from efficient issue resolution to intelligent handling of queries. 

Sprinklr's Conversational AI platform, part of the Unified-CXM system under Sprinklr Service, offers a range of useful features. It's strong in managing conversations with a user-friendly interface and ready-made components. Sprinklr Service is excellent for automating outbound communications with smart behavior handling. Live Chat and Agent Assist make it easy for agents to analyze and improve conversations. 

Sprinklr shows a practical vision for innovation, keeping up with tech trends and collaborating for diverse uses. Their strong research and development organization ensures ongoing growth. Yet, the product could be more noticeable in the conversational AI field, as Sprinklr is mostly known for CX and content marketing, not as much for customer service in the conversational AI space.  

Customer testimonial  

💪 Strengths 

I'm really amazed by how user-friendly and intuitive this software is as I come to the end of my evaluation period. Setting it up was a breeze, and the reporting capabilities offer impressive depth. The AI writing was accurate and on target right from the initial attempt! 

💡 Areas for improvement There are times where applying an action won't automatically refresh a case, making it seem as though the action didn't go through, but in reality, it did. Sometimes it lags and had to refresh couple of times.  

Source: G2  

Pricing: Starting at $199/user/month. Check pricing here

Trial: 30-day free trial. Take your trial today.


Dialpad's conversational AI platform for customer support

Dialpad's conversational AI software goes beyond traditional chatbot interactions, propelling customer engagement into a realm of unparalleled sophistication. Unlike its counterparts, Dialpad AI delves into unstructured data, searching PDFs and past interactions for nuanced responses. The platform empowers customer support by surfacing relevant transcripts, ensuring agents tackle novel queries effectively.  

Dialpad's no-code setup simplifies AI integration, enabling the effortless creation of virtual agents through intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Real-time transcription, AI-generated meeting recaps and live sentiment analysis showcase the platform's dynamic capabilities, redefining the landscape of customer engagement.

🚀 Top features 

  1. Advanced information retrieval 

  2. Intricate dialogue creation 

  3. No-code deployment 

  4. Dynamic real-time capabilities 

  5. Omnichannel excellence 

Overall verdict 

Dialpad stands out as a versatile conversational AI platform with several commendable features and an intuitive user interface accessible across various platforms.  

Dialpad's conversational platform stands as a transformative force in customer engagement, exceeding traditional chatbot capabilities. By delving into databases and unstructured sources, it offers tailored responses beyond preset options. Its prowess in creating intricate dialogues, integrating rich media, and facilitating no-code setup empowers businesses without coding complexities.  

However, the platform is not without its drawbacks. Users have reported concerns about unexpected fees (which deviate from industry norms) and language barriers, causing some dissatisfaction.   

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
We have been using this a little over a year now. Every day we find something new and helpful. Great experience with customer support when we reach out with different issues. Overall, a great experience. Fantastic that employees that are new to the software adapt quickly and are able to navigate with ease.  

💡 What could be better 
Nothing really to dislike. Creating positive customer outcomes and logging feedback features could be useful to understand better and optimize the software. It’s a bit hard to comprehend at first, but once you get used to it - you are set! Making it more user-friendly would be better.

Source: G2 

Pricing: Starts at $15 per seat 

Free trial: 14-day free trial  

IBM Watsonx Assistant

IBM Watsonx Assistant for customer support

IBM Watsonx Assistant stands out as a comprehensive conversational AI platform, reshaping customer interactions at their source through automated chatbots and virtual assistants. With a focus on problem-solving, this platform empowers organizations to construct, deploy and maintain bots that elevate brand loyalty and revolutionize customer experiences.

🚀 Top features 

  1. Seamless human-bot handover 

  2. Voice capability 

  3. Distinct dataset 

  4. Intent recognition 

  5. Contextual understanding 

Overall verdict 

Users appreciate Watson's diverse applications, such as its role in enterprise chatbots and NLP platforms, showcased through implementations like SCBN and IBM's internal portal for employee support.

Despite its strengths, users express reservations about Watson's utility for specific use cases, particularly for IT professionals engaging in literal string matching. The platform seems more suitable for building a foundation than directly creating solutions, presenting challenges for users with a narrow focus. This limitation impacts the platform's usability when applied solely to certain use cases, creating a hurdle for users seeking a more direct and solution-oriented application.  

Check this out: Unlike IBM Watson, Sprinklr’s conversational AI platform is trained in multiple datasets and can be deployed for multiple use cases. Sprinklr AI+ enriches Conversational AI with 150+ verticalized intents across mainstream industries, helping bots speak in industry terms and cater to multiple use cases. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
As a user of IBM Watsonx we found, its ability to create and deploy chatbot and virtual assistants very easily and fastly. It allows businesses to provide automated customer support and engagement which can improve customer user experience and increase the business value. 

💡 What could be better 
The initial learning curve associated with configuring fine tune AI Models will be little bit challenging here and we can improve the documentation and more tutorial videos so that users can implement the things very faster. But overall, we don't dislike anything about this tool. 

Source: G2  

Pricing: $140 per 1000 users 

Free trial: A free lite version is available


Boost.ai chatbot for customer support

Boost.ai offers a Slack-like conversational AI platform, priding itself on the ability to build a custom AI platform in just a few days. It emerges as a versatile cloud-based and on-premise conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, revolutionizing customer service and internal support across credit unions, banking, telecom, insurance, retail and the public sector.  

Its self-learning AI, recognized as a Gartner leader, emphasizes natural language understanding (NLU). However, it solely focuses on conversational AI, requiring separate integration into contact center teams. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Rapid customization 

  2. Self-learning AI 

  3. NLU 

  4. Intent Suggestions 

  5. Dialogue Flow Design 

Overall verdict 

Users praise Boost.ai for its well-designed, user-friendly interface and rapid deployment, minimizing the downtime for customer support. However, there are concerns regarding content filtering and the need for improved separation of action IDs, indicating areas for enhancement.   

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
We find the boost platform very user-friendly and easy to learn from the perspective of someone who hasn't worked with this kind of service before. Having the ability to make quick changes and go live with it is something that makes our work very flexible and effective. 

💡 What could be better 
We've started working with filters and I find it a bit tricky to keep the filtered content from leaking out to the "default" filter. The main issue with it is when trying to replace an action ID, it replaces the content for all filters. It'd be helpful to be able to separate the action IDs for different filters. 

Source: G2  

Pricing: $140 per 1000 users 

Free trial: A free lite version is available  


Cognigy conversational AI platform

Cognigy, a leading force in Conversational AI, empowers enterprise contact centers to surpass customer expectations, enhance agent satisfaction and adapt swiftly to market dynamics. With its low-code Conversational AI platform enriched by Generative AI, Cognigy delivers next-generation customer service solutions such as Conversational IVR, Smart Self-Service and Agent + Assist. The platform equips enterprises with the tools needed to provide always-on, personalized experiences at scale across voice and chat channels. 

Cognigy.AI earns Gartner's favor as a good conversational AI solution, supporting over 100 languages with real-time translation, it distinguishes itself in the market. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Low-code automation 

  2. Multilingual support 

  3. Real-time translation 

  4. Rich media support 

  5. Intent suggestions 

Overall verdict  

Users appreciate Cognigy's intuitive operation for individuals with varying levels of tech-savvy. Their ability to alleviate the fear associated with artificial intelligence and automate repetitive tasks is highlighted as a significant benefit, showcasing its potential to empower users and streamline processes. 

On the flip side, concerns emerge regarding the platform's learning curve for advanced functionalities. Users point out that achieving a high-level proficiency necessitates additional skills in API, JavaScript and HTTP. This insight underscores the platform's potential complexities, requiring users to invest time and effort to unlock its full capabilities.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Cognigy as a platform is very easy to use - quick to learn, fast to build solutions and has a great library of integrations to work with out of the box. Access to a wide range of well-known endpoints make it versatile, whilst functionality for voice bots and analytics make it a powerful and transformative tool to enhance the customer and agent experience. 

💡 What could be better 
Lack of ready-made templates to accelerate the development of virtual assistants. But with some dedication the developer of the conversations can create their own templates and save them for use in future projects. 

Source: G2  

Pricing: Available on request 

Free trial: Available  


Kore.ai chatbot analytics dashboard

Kore.ai is a robust conversational AI platform, creating virtual assistants for both customer and employee experiences. Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform stands out as an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform, providing a comprehensive solution for automating customer and employee interactions. 

The platform's no-code capabilities enable the development of intuitive conversational experiences without the need for coding. Kore.ai employs a multi-engine NLP approach for accurate user intent identification, ensuring quick issue resolution. Pre-built integrations with popular enterprise systems facilitate faster time-to-market, enhancing overall efficiency.  

🚀 Top features 

  1. Virtual assistants 

  2. Natural language understanding 

  3. Intent recognition 

  4. Contextual understanding 

  5. Multilingual support 

Overall verdict  

Kore.ai shines in virtual assistant creation but falls short in transparent telephony billing information. Users commend Kore.ai for its robust features, particularly its advanced NLP capabilities and multi-channel support, contributing to a more natural and efficient conversational experience. The platform's ability to streamline the development of chatbots is evident in positive testimonials, highlighting its impact on improving customer engagement and automating routine tasks.  

However, a point of concern is the perceived customization complexity, especially for tailoring chatbots to meet specific business requirements. This complexity may be attributed to scripting or configuring conversational flows.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Kore.ai leverages NLP capabilities to understand and interpret user input, enabling more natural and context-aware conversations. The platform supports deployment across multiple channels, such as websites, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and more, providing flexibility in reaching users. 

💡 What could be better 
Depending on the level of customization required, users might encounter challenges in tailoring the chatbot to meet specific business requirements. This could be related to the complexity of scripting or configuring conversational flows. 

Source: G2  

Pricing: 20¢ per conversation for the Standard pack. Enterprise rates were available on request. 

Free trial: Available  


Conversational AI chatbot in yellow.ai

Yellow.ai emerges as the Enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform dedicated to ensuring customer delight and boosting employee happiness. With a focus on resolution-driven automation, Yellow.ai seamlessly blends the prowess of AI with human intelligence. 

Yellow.ai focuses on CX automation across languages and channels, providing insights into customer behavior. Its strength lies in handling conversations across various departments like marketing and sales. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Multilingual support 

  2. Contextual understanding 

  3. Integration capabilities 

  4. Insights and analytics 

Overall verdict 

Yellow.ai offers robust integration capabilities but lacks transparent pricing information. While it receives praise for its NLP, multichannel support and integration capabilities, users acknowledge a learning curve during implementation and certain limitations in customization. Integration complexity and cost considerations are flagged as potential challenges. However, the platform's overall positive impact on customer interactions and satisfaction remains a driving force. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Yellow.ai has one of the best cloud-based chatbot development environments, with unique features like drag-and-drop components and various integrations. I like the code customization module, where you can add your flows and API integrations and customize them according to your needs. 

💡 What could be better 
Yellow.AI comes with pre-built tools, thus providing less customizations, and takes more than usual time to build and integrate the basis of the specific needs the present tech stacks.

Source: G2 

Pricing: Available on request 

Free trial: Free trial available 


Haptik.ai conversational AI platform for query resolution

Haptik.ai is a solution for building AI-assisted Chatbots with industry-specific intelligence. Part of the Jio - Google - Facebook digital ecosystem since 2019, Haptik focuses on delivering precise user intent comprehension and contextual responses. Trusted by hundreds of global brands, Haptik offers pre-built smart skills, seamless integrations and is a market leader in Conversational AI. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Interactive UI 

  2. Easy-to-use platform 

  3. Abundance of deployable features 

  4. Adoption of advanced AI and NLP 

  5. Reliability in terms of uptime 

  6. Swift and supportive team 

Overall verdict  

Haptik.AI emerges as a robust tool, particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses with hefty tech budgets. The product showcases meticulous design and stands out due to its customer-centric personnel who possess deep subject knowledge and offer effective solutions. However, the platform could enhance accessibility for startups by addressing the high-cost structure and facilitating better feature utilization through regular training sessions.  

Users appreciate the ease of integration, interactive UI and abundant features, yet some suggest improvements in agent-level analytics and smoother integrations. Despite occasional bugs, Haptik's versatile platform and proactive team make it a valuable asset, albeit with room for refinement in personalization and timeliness of support.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
The product is great and well thought out. As it has been said many times before, the people make the organization and I really appreciate Haptik's personnel - they're customer centric, understand their subject well, and guide you on the best solution possible. 

💡 What could be better 
Customizations in the reporting dashboard are something that is currently missing. I would love to see a self-serve customizable reporting dashboard in the future. Changes, modifications and additions take lots and lots of time. And when you're a young start-up, you want things done yesterday. In that sense it gets difficult at times working with Haptik.

 Source: G2 

Trial and pricing information is unavailable on the vendor website.  


 An insurance chatbot by Avaamo's conversational AI platform

Avaamo stands out as a robust conversational AI platform, bringing revolutionary change to enterprise interactions. Its adaptability is evident across diverse environments and industries, integrating cutting-edge technologies like neural networks and speech synthesis. Offering a no-code dialog management approach, Avaamo empowers designers and writers to create efficient user experiences seamlessly.  

With features such as pre-built connectors, conversation analytics, and conversational validators, it accelerates development cycles, transforming ideas into powerful applications within weeks. This comprehensive solution significantly reduces the traditional time-to-value timeline, making Avaamo an appealing choice for organizations seeking streamlined and enhanced conversational AI across various contexts and industries. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Tech integration 

  2. No-code dialog management 

  3. Virtual assistants 

  4. Rich media support 

  5. Intent suggestions 

Overall verdict  

While the overall experience with Avaamo is rated above average, various reviews emphasize the need for improvement. The conversational AI vendor is recognized for being knowledgeable and supportive during the implementation process. However, more than one reviewer noted that the level of effort required by the customer for configuration and validation was unexpectedly high, possibly due to insufficient preparation after the sales/RFP experience in the form of training materials and a developer community forum.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Avaamo provides a complete platform for Bot development that is not only easy for a technical person to implement but for anyone to manage. Avaamo's conversation designer is a great UI to see how the conversation flow is implemented easily. Live agent integrations offer a powerful way to keep your bot the first line of defense on your support team and enable the user to have a seamless experience when transferring to a real person. 

💡 What could be better 
User role permission access needs to be more detailed because right now, you cannot give access to a user and specify specific roles, so they can have limited access to edit or even just view. The control version of the bots is not implemented, so you need to be extra careful.

 Source: G2 

Pricing: Available on request 

Free trial: 30-day free trial  

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex chatbot for customer support

Amazon Lex extends Amazon's expertise to businesses, allowing the creation of chatbots with conversational AI. Integration with AWS services is seamless, but it's optimal for businesses deeply invested in the Amazon ecosystem. 

Leveraging advanced deep learning functionalities, it encompasses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for speech-to-text conversion and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to discern text intently. By bringing the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon Alexa to developers, Amazon Lex facilitates the swift creation of sophisticated, natural language-driven chatbots, enabling highly engaging and lifelike conversational interactions. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Intent understanding 

  2. Context maintenance 

  3. Seamless AWS integration 

  4. Dialogue flow design 

  5. User authentication and authorization 

Overall verdict  

Amazon Lex, a vital component of AWS, proves itself to be a robust tool for chatbot development, seamlessly integrating into the Amazon ecosystem. Recognized for its user-friendly, out-of-the-box solution, it caters to both code and no-code configurations, making it ideal for Amazon Connect users.  

Notwithstanding its strengths in implementation ease, design flexibility and effective chatbot training, some users express concerns about its limited capabilities, especially after the introduction of chatbots. Issues related to documentation conflicts and challenges in external website integration highlight areas for improvement. Amazon Lex suits businesses integrated with AWS but may pose challenges for those outside the Amazon ecosystem. 

Do you know: Unlike Amazon Lex, Sprinklr can easily become a part of your tech stack with its platform-wide data and API integrations to connect with CRM/CDP and knowledge base systems.

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Lex is easy to configure. Training and configuring the chatbot is simple and easy. We can configure it using code or without code. If we select lambda, we need to write some code — an optimal solution for those using Amazon Connect. 

💡 What could be better 
Hardware and software need a complex configuration before using it. It's all related to Amazon web services and if the server is down, you can't operate the application.

 Source: G2  

Pricing: Contact sales for pricing information 

Free trial: 10K text requests and 5K speech requests/month for free during the first year  


 A customer support bot by Wotnot's conversational AI platform

Wotnot offers a no-code chatbot platform designed for conversational marketing. While excelling in live chat AI, its limitation in handling chats may be a drawback for those requiring broader AI applications. 

WotNot ensures instant, reliable and language-sensitive responses for industries like Real Estate, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and more. Utilizing the No-code Bot Builder, users easily create bots with an intuitive visual builder, managing multiple bots tailored to specific triggers and conditions. Additionally, WotNot's expert team provides a done-for-you service, crafting optimized conversation flows aligned with business needs. Enhance customer engagement effortlessly across various sectors with WotNot's innovative chatbot solutions. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. User-friendly deployment 

  2. Customizable chatbot interface 

  3. No-code features 

  4. User authentication and authorization 

  5. Analytics and reporting 

Overall verdict  

WotNot garners positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and easy website deployment, earning praise for a clean design and customizable chatbot interface, suitable for users with or without coding expertise. The drag-and-drop functionality and clear messaging dashboard enhance overall ease of use, though some users note potential bot performance issues under heavy loads.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
One can start with their Bot Builder by modifying a template and learning their platform in real-time with their test button. Unlike other platforms, you can work through a variety of user journeys and focus on the conversational design without being distracted by an overly complex platform. There are many features with calendars, team selections, and human handoffs. WotNot also integrates directly into Google, WhatsApp and Slack. 

💡 What could be better 
The pricing structure could be improved so developers can try more features in the free or lower-cost version. The platform could benefit from more template options for a broader range of use cases. 

Source: G2  

Pricing: Starts at $49 

Free trial: Free version available  

Google Dialogflow 

Google Dialogflow conversational AI platform

Google Dialogflow, formerly Api.ai, represents a cutting-edge chatbot-building tool that has redefined the landscape of human-computer interaction. Tailored to offer users novel and engaging methods of interacting with digital products, Dialogflow stands as a powerhouse in constructing voice and text-based conversational interfaces driven by the prowess of artificial intelligence.  

Acquired by Google in 2019, Dialogflow brings the technological might of one of the world's tech giants to the forefront of chatbot development. With a focus on user experience and the seamless integration of AI, Dialogflow is at the forefront of innovation, enabling developers to craft dynamic, responsive and intuitive conversational interfaces for a diverse range of applications and industries. 

🚀 Top features 

  1. Natural language processing 

  2. Scalability 

  3. Cross-app compatibility 

  4. User-friendly interface 

  5. NLP capabilities 

Overall verdict 

Google Dialogflow emerges as a user-friendly and scalable solution for creating chatbots, especially for those without coding experience. While its NLP capabilities and scalability are commendable, challenges related to customization, learning curve, cost structure and integration complexity need consideration. It remains a powerful tool, but users should weigh its strengths and limitations based on their specific needs and preferences.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
Dialogflow's drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates make it easy for anyone to create a chatbot, even without coding experience. This accessibility lowers the barrier to entry and encourages experimentation. Moreover, Dialogflow's NLP capabilities enable it to understand the nuances of human language, allowing for more natural and engaging conversations with users. This can significantly enhance the user experience. 

💡 What could be better 
Dialogflow uses its own proprietary language (structured as intents or training phrases). The learning curve might be a challenge for new users. Dialogflow's pay-as-you-go pricing can become expensive as usage scales up. Depending on the size of the organization, this pricing model may not be cost-effective. 

Source: G2 

Trial and pricing information is unavailable on the vendor website.  

How to evaluate the best conversational AI company 

There are some features and capabilities that are non-negotiable in conversational AI software since they are critical for performance and scalability. We have compiled a checklist of these parameters and questions you need to answer during tool selection. 



📲Multichannel support 

Does the conversational AI platform support key communication channels such as web chat, SMS/text and social media?

How seamlessly does the platform integrate with these channels to ensure a consistent user experience across different touchpoints?

📝Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities 

To what extent does the platform demonstrate proficiency in NLP based on how accurately it understands a customer query?

How well does it handle intent recognition, labeling and response management in varied and dynamic conversational contexts?

🤷Response actions 

Are essential response actions available, including designed dialog paths, presentation of knowledge base articles, sending URLs and launching automation to fulfill requests?

🤺Advanced training and learning 

Does it offer preloaded training templates, iterative models, supervised learning with human-in-the-loop, intent matching confirmation and exception processing? 

How adaptive is the platform in learning from user interactions and improving over time by monitoring user feedback over time?

🌎Real-world effectiveness and reliability 

Beyond features, how effective and reliable is the platform in real-world scenarios?

Can the company provide transparency into the underlying technology, algorithms and data sets used for training the conversational AI?

What is the platform's track record in scaling actual deployment and are there case studies or references to support its reliability and scalability claims?

9 Key features to look out for in your conversational AI platform

Nine key features set truly great conversational AI platforms apart: 

  1. Industry-tailored language models 
    To tackle industry-specific jargon and vocabulary, a robust system must be pre-trained with relevant knowledge bases. Integration of company-specific language through historical chat logs and internal documents enhances its adaptability. 

  2. Multi-language compatibility 
    Look for solutions with proprietary NLP models capable of handling mixed languages, supported by extensive datasets for effective training and response in diverse linguistic landscapes. 

  3. Contextual understanding beyond keywords 
    Conversational AI leverages semantic search to understand user intent and contextual meaning, enabling fluid, natural conversations without repeated keywords and the ability to bring users back into the conversation flow.

  4. Dialog scripting 
    A truly great conversational AI employs dialog scripting that considers user emotions and context, ensuring a positive and engaging user experience. 

  5. Unified experience 
    For large enterprises managing diverse stakeholders, conversational AI should offer a unified experience. Capable of managing multiple bots and providing conditional responses based on user characteristics, it ensures tailored interactions for different user segments.

  6. Ease of training 
    Stakeholders closest to customers should have the ability to easily update and manage intents and content, ensuring that conversational AI evolves efficiently with changing business needs. 

  7. Seamless live agent takeover 
    Recognizing the limitations of automated responses, the best conversational AI solutions seamlessly transition to live agent support when necessary.

  8. Integration with CRM and knowledge base systems 
    Knowledge bases elevate conversational AI utility. Access to personalized information allows for a richer user experience, particularly in sectors like healthcare, where integration with electronic medical records enhances contextual understanding. 

  9. Customizable analytics for decision-making 
    Admin users must have the flexibility to monitor metrics relevant to their specific functions, enabling data-driven decision-making tailored to the organization's evolving objectives. 

Top benefits of conversational AI software 

Deploying a conversational AI software platform brings forth a myriad of advantages that transcend traditional approaches. Here's a closer look at the key benefits: 

Streamlined operations: Conversational AI seamlessly handles tasks without human intervention, allowing employees to focus on personalized customer interactions. The availability of conversational AI chatbots for customer support 24/7 further contributes to efficient operations.

Cost efficiency: Conversational AI operates independently and requires minimal supervision, leading to substantial cost reductions. For instance, Sprinklr Service automates tasks, such as monitoring human agent performance, minimizing the need for extensive human resources. 

Automate Customer Care with Conversational AI bots

Seamless data collection: By transcribing and analyzing recorded discussions, businesses can discern customer interests, identify trends, and refine their sales and marketing strategies. 

Personalized support: By analyzing factors like location, preferences and account history, AI generates highly relevant information and recommends personalized solutions. 

Enhanced customer experience: The omnichannel nature of conversational AI ensures increased accessibility, allowing customers to engage through their preferred channels, be it calls, text messages or chat. 

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Sprinklr’s conversational AI platform: Engaging customers, one conversation at a time 

Organizations today face loads of challenges in customer engagement, support and communication as the digital landscape evolves. There is a growing need for Conversational AI platforms to streamline interactions, enhance user experiences and scale operations. Let's explore some scenarios where organizations could benefit from a Conversational AI platform and why Sprinklr's Conversational AI platform is a suitable choice. 

Scenario 1:  
A company faces a surge in customer support requests, leading to longer response times and decreased customer satisfaction.  

Scenario 2:   
A business struggles with delivering a consistent brand experience across various channels, resulting in disjointed customer interactions.  

Scenario 3:  
An organization faces high agent expenses and wants to optimize AI accuracy and resolution rates.  

Implement Sprinklr's Conversational AI Bots to handle complex scenarios, reducing the dependence on human agents. As a result, self-serve rates increase by 150%, enabling customers to find quick and effortless solutions. The conversational interface humanizes the bot experience, eliminating long wait times and significantly improving customer satisfaction.  

Leverage Sprinklr's Conversational AI Platform to build once and deploy across 25+ channels, including voice and in 100+ languages. The intuitive drag-and-drop UI simplifies the entire process, from discovery and building to testing, deployment and KPI measurement. This omnichannel approach ensures a unified brand experience, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.  

Use Sprinklr's platform to quickly identify top contact drivers and automate them, reducing agent expenses while maintaining high-quality customer service. In-platform testing allows for the discovery of suggested workflows, optimizing AI accuracy. With omnichannel routing, empower agents with contextual data for first-touch resolution and improved customer satisfaction.  

 Sign up now for a free trial and unlock the potential of Sprinklr's Conversational AI Platform. 

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