10 Best AI Tools for Social Media Marketing Other than ChatGPT

Karishma Borkakoty

June 5, 202420 min read

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AI and its transformative tools are making waves everywhere, marketing and social media included. In fact, more than 80% of marketers worldwide have integrated some form of AI into their online marketing activities. And it's not at all surprising considering the mind-blowing impact AI brings, from automating those mundane tasks to scaling up social media strategies across platforms. 

So, if I were to tell you that AI-generated ad copy triggered a 450% click-through rate for a banking giant, would you believe me? Well, don’t just take my word for it — see it yourself. 

Now, amidst this sea of social media AI tools, how do you find 'the one' that's like a magical genie for your social media strategy?  

Sure, the internet is buzzing with must-reads on AI tools for social media, but let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park to find the perfect match for you, your team and your budget of course. 

What's your preference when it comes to AI tools for social media? What do you exactly seek from social media AI tools? Do you want the budget-friendly tool, the feature-rich hero, or maybe a free trial before the full commitment?  

Too many filters. 

Fret not! We've done the homework for you.  

Pricing? Thoroughly checked.  

Best Features? Checked  

Not-so-great features? Also checked.  

Testimonials? Absolutely, checked.  

Limitations? Not overlooked.  

All our findings are backed by verified and credible sources, so don’t worry about its authenticity. So, dive in and find your ideal social media match... well, should I say your AI tool for social media success. Isn't that what you're seeking?  😉  

Table of Contents

What is a social media marketing AI tool?

A social media marketing AI tool is designed to automate and optimize your social media efforts, from content creation to scheduling and performance analysis, saving time and enhancing effectiveness. This allows you to focus on nurturing relationships with your audience and scaling your social presence.  

Here's a gist of how AI social media software benefit you and your team. 

  1. Campaign management: It allows you to oversee your social media campaigns across different platforms, all from one place. This means you can create, publish and schedule your social media posts without having to switch between different accounts. 

  2. Social care: You can respond to comments and direct messages on all of your brand’s social media profiles from a single interface. This streamlines your social customer service, boosting your brand perception, customer satisfaction and word of mouth. 

  3. Analytics and reporting: The tool measures the performance of your marketing against key social media metrics, helping you understand how your content, campaigns, hashtags, influencers and creatives are performing. 

  4. Trend monitoring: It keeps tabs on social media trends and trending topics, which can help create a content strategy aligned with current interests. 

  5. Asset organization: You can efficiently manage and share your creative assets with your team, keeping all marketing materials organized in one location.  

  6. Content and image creation: It helps you come up with social media post ideas, simple prompts and even create content and images based on trending topics, your past successful content and audience interests.

Your Ultimate Guide to AI in Social Media in 2024

Top 10 AI tools for social media marketing 

Now that you’ve got the rundown on how social media AI tools can slash your social media headaches (yes, we’re talking migraine-level relief here😉) in half, let's discuss some of the top-notch tools out there. There’s no harm in considering them as your personal assistants in the vast socialverse, tackling the grunt work so you can catch your breath a bit more 😊  

For a pleasant reading experience, we've neatly tucked these AI-powered social media tools into four different categories for a quick pick-me-up read. You can jump straight to the ones that spark your interest. Just a heads up, though — all these AI social media tools are equally important for social media management.   

  • AI-powered social media management tools 
    Sprinklr Social
    Sprout Social 

  • AI-powered video generators and editors 
    Studio Runway

  • AI-powered image and art generators and editors 
    DALL-E 2 

  • AI-powered writing tools and text generators 

⚠️ Important Note for Readers: 

Just a heads-up, the tools listed below are not ranked or rated in any special way. They're just picks from Sprinklr’s editorial team, based on what we've found in our research and on review sites. Keep in mind that software changes over time and the company might fix some of these tiny issues in newer updates or versions. 

I. AI-powered social media management tools

Sprinklr Social 

Sprinklr Social Dashboard for creating social media posts

Sprinklr is an ideal choice for mid-sized to large teams looking to add agility and efficiency with a best-in-breed AI engine that powers all aspects of social media marketing including publishing, engagement, listening, reporting and analytics, employee advocacy, influencer marketing and conversational commerce. What's really cool is the integration of generative AI capabilities into the platform, assisting you with content ideation, copy creation, review, translation and more.   

🚀Signature features  

  1. Smart scheduling: AI auto-schedules posts to publish at the best time possible, maximizing your content's reach and engagement. 

  2. AI-assisted content: Utilize generative AI for content creation from the same dashboard and speed up ideation, improve copy quality and enhance overall content effectiveness. From tone moderation to language translation, Sprinklr AI does it all within seconds.

    Social media content generation in Spanish and other languages is facilitated through the Sprinklr Social Dashboard
  3. AI-powered sentiment analysis: Understand the sentiment behind incoming messages and categorize them by sentiment and intent. 

  4. Analytics and reporting: Access AI-powered detailed reports and analytics to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns and strategies. 

  5. Competitive intelligence: Sprinklr’s AI can benchmark your social media performance against your competitors and give smart recommendations for improvement. 

Brand performance summary on Sprinklr social dashboard

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think  

Sprinklr's social media tool is a comprehensive solution that encompasses a wide range of functionalities. With features like listening, publishing and advertising, as well as integrated generative AI, Sprinklr Social oversees end-to-end social media management effectively.  

Moreover, Sprinklr's ability to create industry-specific workflows across channels, regions and account groups adds a layer of flexibility and customization that is invaluable for businesses with diverse social media needs.  

Case in point: Microsoft leveraged Sprinklr’s AI to respond 30% faster to customers with 95% accuracy. AI could segregate engageable messages from the noise, enabling Microsoft’s social media managers to focus on high-stake conversations and deliver meaningful experiences – at scale. Read the full story here  

Overall, Sprinklr is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, offering a self-serve option for small companies and a comprehensive suite for large enterprises. This versatility makes Sprinklr suitable for streamlining social media management while maintaining ease of use across business scales.  

Trial: Available for 30 days. Try now? 

Price: Starts at $299.00 per user per month. Sprinklr also offers a custom plan based on customers’ request. Check full pricing here 

Trusted by: Uber, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the Prada Group and Boston University  

What do Sprinklr customers have to say?  

💪 Strengths 

“Sprinklr Social helps us with efficiently planning, posting, and analyzing organic social content in a continuously developing digital landscape. With this solution, we do not only save time in managing our owned social channels but also have high ROI on our content and are able to build social communities. We are able to scale our ROI on content by sharing high-performing content across markets, actively using Sprinklr Insights with Sprinklr Social, and running analyses on our data with easy-to-retrieve reports.” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“There are a lot of possibilities within the module. However, the Sprinklr success manager and experts are skilled and support business-fitting use cases. In addition, sometimes features that are available in native platforms are not yet available in Sprinklr. Nonetheless, with an efficient feedback loop through Sprinklr, this normally gets solved after a few development sprints.” Source 

 Sprout Social 

Sprout Social-s social calendar overview

Sprout Social is a unified tool for social media marketing that simplifies and optimizes social media campaigns with AI. It uses AI to integrate content scheduling, social media engagement, social listening, analytics and team collaboration within a single platform.  Additionally, Sprout Social provides a robust and accessible asset library, allowing you to store and share creatives, graphics and other assets with your team and stakeholders efficiently.  

🚀Signature features 

  • Smart inbox: Centralizes your social media messages and comments in one place to minimize channel hopping. 

  • Advanced reporting: Provides detailed, customizable social media dashboards with AI-led benchmarking on metrics like engagement rates, audience growth and content performance. Reports are both standard and curated, with exportable data for in-depth analysis. 

  • Team collaboration: AI simplifies project management with role-based access, task assignments, content approval processes and integrated communication tools, along with activity tracking to optimize team performance.  

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think   

Sprout’s social media reports are top-notch and detailed compared to peers. But their calendar feature could use a little sprucing up. It's missing handy options like drag-and-drop and grouping posts.   

Additionally, Sprout lacks the capability to create specific project teams or customize permissions for different clients, which can impact overall organizational flexibility. Also, the social media workflows tend to become cluttered and less manageable with the addition of more team members.  

Trial: 30-day free trial period 

Pricing: Sprout Social has three different plans: 

  • Standard: $249.00 per month 

  • Professional: $399.00 per month 

  • Advanced: $499.00 per month 

 What do Sprout Social customers have to say?  

💪 Strengths 

“My favorite part is scheduling the posts ahead of time. We use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X primarily; and I love that I can schedule posts to all these platforms from Sprout. Especially if I'm going to be away for a period of time, to still be able to have posts going out in my absence is awesome!” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“It can be hard to collaborate in Sprout, and the more people you add to your account, the messier workflows can become. I wish you could designate certain project teams or alter permissions from client to client to keep things more organized.” Source  



Sprinklr-s content calendar

If you love having everything organized, neat and punctual, CoSchedule's Social Calendar is your go-to. It offers a comprehensive view of your social media plan, making it easy to identify and fill gaps in your schedule. With its intuitive drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly adjust your social media posting schedule and priorities. CoSchedule primarily excels in the publishing realm of marketing, focusing on scheduling and organizing content. However, it offers limited help with other aspects of social media marketing.  

🚀Signature features 

  • AI Social Assistant: This tool leverages artificial intelligence to help you come up with creative social media post ideas and compose engaging social media posts with ease.  

  • Social templates: CoSchedule's customizable social media templates offer structured plans for distributing content across different platforms. For example, the "30-Day Social Media Plan" template helps users to organize and schedule a month’s worth of content in advance, ensuring a consistent posting schedule.  

  • ReQueue: This feature automatically selects and re-posts your most successful social media content. By identifying and re-sharing your top-performing posts, ReQueue feature helps you maximize the reach and impact of your best content, ensuring it gets seen by more people over time without requiring you to manually repost it 

Trial: 14-day free trial  

Pricing: CoSchedule offers 3 plans:  

  • Free Calendar: No cost, suitable for individuals or freelancers 

  • Blog Calendar: $19 per user/month or $29 annually, includes social schedule automation and WordPress integration 

  • Marketing Calendar: $39 per user/month or $29 annually, with full social media management and project rescheduling features 

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

CoSchedule shines in organizing marketing efforts and team coordination, but it places a limit of connecting only 10 social media profiles, which can be a bummer. Additionally, a few users have noted performance slowdowns and publishing errors while some find the interface less user-friendly for administrators. 

What do CoSchedule customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths

“CoSchedule provides a number of features, from a drag-and-drop calendar to a chat system where you can tag your teammates in projects. It allows you to create a list of tasks per campaign or project, and you can tag the appropriate employees to ensure a project is completed. You can also attach photos, files, and other assets to the project to keep everything in one place.” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“While CoSchedule Marketing Suite offers a robust set of features, a minor drawback is the learning curve involved in fully harnessing its capabilities, requiring some time to become acquainted with all the functionalities and maximize its potential.” Source 

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 II. AI video generators and editors 

 Synthesia Studio 

Synthesia product demo page

Synthesia Studio leads in AI-generated video technology. The company's user-friendly web platform allows users to produce videos featuring virtual human hosts by simply inputting a prompt akin to ChatGPT.   

🚀Signature features:

  • AI avatars: Synthesia provides 140+ avatars that come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. These avatars are experts at presenting your videos in a professional manner, each with their own distinct voice, accents and expressions. 

  • Language: This tool offers 120 choices in voice tones, accents and language options. For global coverage, Synthesia supports multiple languages including Chinese, German, Korean, Dutch and more. 

  • Micro gestures: You can use small movements, like nodding or eyebrow raising, in your video avatars to make them look more real and expressive.    

Trial: Available. No credit card required.  

Pricing: Synthesia offers two plans: 

  • Starter plan: $29/month for 10 minutes of video, options for monthly or annual billing

  • Enterprise plan: Pricing varies based on number of seats 

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

This platform is incredibly easy to use and ideal for beginners. However, you can only access Synthesia through a web browser. You can create a custom AI avatar on its builder page that looks and sounds like you.  

As mentioned earlier, adding gestures like nods and eyebrow raises makes the avatars seem more real, but manually setting these can eat up your time. It would be nice if Synthesia could automatically adjust the avatar’s gestures based on your script’s tone. 

What do Synthesia customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths 

“The editing features make it really intuitive to author engaging videos. Synthesia tools make it easy to animate the layout of scenes with pinpoint accuracy as to script timing and specific behaviours. The avatars keep getting better, and in comparison, to other tools it's really the best. The new layers feature makes it even easier to edit complex scenes with multiple images and text features, in ways that were difficult before.” Source  

💡 What could be better 

“Synthesia's drawbacks include high cost, limitations like one avatar per screen and lack of a zoom in feature for the screen recording. The application is also resource-intensive, causing the computer to lag when editing. Despite these, it's generally excellent.” Source   


Runway-s text-to-video generator

Just like Synthesia, Runway is another web-based AI video editor that has been used on Oscar-winning films like Everything Everywhere All at Once for visual effects. The AI-powered software simplifies editing and enhances the clarity of existing footage with the help of features like background removal, object painting, subtitle addition and more.   

🚀Signature features 

  • Green screen: This feature helps you completely change or remove the video background. 

  • A whole suite of integrated generative AI tools: It has embedded GenAI tool features such as such as text-to-video, image-to-image. All you need to do is type out a simple yet precise description of what you want to see in a video or an image. And before you know it, your video will be ready, whether it’s a stunning mountain scene, an animated clip or a simple presentation.  

  • Object removal and replacement: You need not break your head to remove or replace objects from your images. That means you can change the vase of a flower or turn a soccer ball into a melon with a few clicks 

  • Image section replacement: You can change parts of an image with text prompts. The results are anywhere between mind-bogglingly good to terrifyingly bad, depending on what you type. 

Trial: Runway provides a free trial with 125 credits to get you started. 

Pricing: Runway's pricing structure includes several tiers, priced as follows on annual basis: 

  • Basic: Free 

  • Standard: $12 per user per month 

  • Pro: $28 per user per month 

  • Unlimited: $76 per user per month

Our verdict: Here’s what we think 

Runway offers a wide range of video editing features, making it ideal for creating videos from scratch or converting images into videos. This versatility suits various creative and design needs.  However, beginners might find many of its features overwhelming. Additionally, there's a speed limit for video generation. Another thing to note: Runway doesn't offer the option for realistic human presenters in videos, which could be a miss for certain marketing gigs.   

What do Runway customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths 

“This app helps smoothen video editing process by providing them color correction, VFX, masking and a lot more. A must-have app for every creator.” Source 

💡 What could be better

“Pricing could have been slightly on the reasonable side then it would have been great.” Source  


Home page of Aimages, which is an AI-powered video and image enhancer

Aimages uses AI to boost the visual quality of your videos, regardless of their original technology. This cloud-based tool is accessible from any web browser, whether you're on your computer, smartphone or tablet, without requiring any installations. Whether you have a few videos or a vast archive with thousands of hours of footage, Aimages can process it all effectively.  

🚀Signature features 

  • Mobile-friendly enhancement: You can enhance multiple videos simultaneously from your smartphone or tablet, enabling on-the-go editing and content optimization. 

  • 4X resolution enhancement and upscaling: With this feature, you can increase the resolution of your videos by up to four times while preserving intricate details and sharpness, rendering crisp and professional videos, even when viewed on large screens or high-definition displays. 

  • Smooth frame rate conversion: Transform your videos into a smooth 60 frames per second (FPS) or even higher. The frame rate conversion feature of Runway enhances the visual fluidity of your videos, resulting in smoother playback and a more immersive viewing experience for your audience. 

Trial: 30-day free trial but you won't be able to preview the videos it generates. 

Pricing: In terms of pricing, Aimages offers a range of options: 

  • Free: Allows up to 2 AI filters per video 

  • Standard: Priced at $11/month, includes up to 3 filters per video

  • Premium: Costs $25/month, offers up to 4 filters per video 

  • Elite: At $61/month, provides up to 5 filters per video 

 Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

Aimages employs an AI module powered by GPU-accelerated cloud servers, capable of processing hundreds of videos simultaneously at speeds 100 times faster than a typical office computer.  However, Aimages does have some drawbacks. The pricing plans can be complex to understand and there's a limitation on the number of filters that can be applied to a single video, which might restrict creative flexibility.  

What do Aimages customers have to say?  

💪 Strengths  

“Got the tier 1 deal and recently upgraded to tier 2. The image upscaling works great for low-resolution pictures found online or old photographs. Very happy with it, better results than other tools! It seems, however, that their model is not optimized for faces, the competition works better for portraits. For video, the quality depends on the input. I used it mostly with low-res footage which feels less "magic" compared to the images.” Source  💡

💡 What could be better 

“Bought Tier 3 and disappointed. Spending 24 credits, I've enhanced images and videos with Aimages. Sadly, except Upscales filters, I couldn't see any significant difference between before and after. But since Aimages is lifetime membership, I'm still hoping you can catch up eventually. Just don't be too long. I really don't want to use the money back guarantee here.” Source  

III. AI image, art generators and editors 


Different image creation templates available in DALL-E 2

Gone are the days when art creation was solely in the hands of a few. Now, thanks to generative AI, anyone can dip their toes into the art world and create custom and eye-catching images. Just type a prompt and AI will create your envisioned image. One of the most well-known AI image generators available today is DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, a close cousin to popular ChatGPT😊  

This text-to-image AI program can generate realistic images and artworks based on textual descriptions. You just need to type what you want to see in an image; for example, type the prompt "a woman hugging a dog, created in an ink wash style with a background that merges a cozy earth setting with a fantastical moon landscape." Here's what you'll see. 

An image created in DALL·E 2 with a few prompts

DALL-E 2 can bring such diverse and imaginative scenarios to life and the best part is it's beginner-friendly and designed for everyone to experiment and enjoy. 

🚀Signature features 

  • Realistic images of scientific elements: DALL-E 2 can create lifelike images of hypothetical molecules and visualize complex scientific concepts like black holes or the universe's structure.  

  • Enhanced resolution for detailed images: Offers a higher resolution of 512×512 pixels, surpassing its predecessor (DALL-E 1 with 256×256 pixels) and resulting in incredibly detailed and nuanced images.  

  • Diverse training dataset: The AI program in DALL-E 2 has been trained on a diverse dataset containing images and corresponding text descriptions covering a wide range of subjects. This extensive training allows DALL-E 2 to generate images with different levels of complexity and detail, making it versatile for various applications. 

Trial: Not available 

Pricing: You get 50 free credits upon signing up and then 15 free credits from the second month onward. Additional credits can be purchased as needed.   

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

Until recently, the general consensus was that AI couldn't quite match human creativity, at least not anytime soon. However, DALL-E 2 has shattered that perception. Its ability to understand and visualize a wide range of concepts showcases significant advancements in AI-driven creativity. However, like any AI model, there are potential ethical considerations and challenges, such as ensuring the responsible use of generated content, mitigating biases and maintaining transparency in the generation process. Admittedly, OpenAI has been proactive in addressing concerns about potential misuse of DALL-E 2. While it's not a perfect solution, there are safeguards and protocols in place to manage risks effectively.  

What do DALL-E 2 customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths 

“I have found that the best thing about DALL·E 2 is its efficiency in generating high-quality images. The tool's ability to generate realistic images from text prompts is truly remarkable and has saved me a lot of time and effort in my work. Additionally, I appreciate the tool's innovative features, such as the ability to control various image attributes and adjust the level of detail in the generated images.” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“One of the things I don't like about DALL·E 2 is that sometimes the generated images can be a bit blurry or pixelated, which affects its overall quality. This is especially noticeable in more complex images, where there are many elements in the composition. Also, I have noticed that the app takes a while to process more complex images, which can be a bit annoying and affect the smoothness of the app. It is understandable that high-quality image processing takes a lot of time, but I hope that in future updates the processing speed will be improved.” Source  


Midjourney-s image generation outcome with AI

Midjourney is another AI art generator that's being used widely by marketers and designers. It's accessible through its Discord channel and anyone can give it a try. The trial version allows you to make 25 queries and it's quite efficient, generating four different images from your prompt in just about a minute. 

 🚀Signature features 

  • Superior image quality and understanding of user prompts: The AI's understanding of prompts is remarkable, resulting in more precise outcomes that closely match your prompts.  

  • Impressive ‘Zoom out’ features: In Midjourney 5.2, a new feature called 'Zoom Out' is getting a lot of visibility. This feature allows you to enlarge an image while maintaining its fine details. It's akin to zooming out with a camera lens, expanding the view to show more of the surrounding scene while keeping the main image clear and detailed. 

 Pricing: In terms of pricing, Midjourney offers several plans, priced as follows:  

  • Basic: $10/month for 3.3 hours of fast GPU time each month 

  • Standard: $30/month for 15 hours of fast GPU time per month 

  • Pro: $60/month for 30 hours of fast GPU time each month

  • Mega: $120/month for 60 hours of fast GPU time per month 

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

Midjourney is famed for its ability to generate a wide range of images, including logos, artwork and various graphics, all available for free use. With each prompt you enter, the tool creates four unique images, providing you with a diverse selection to choose from. However, there are a few limitations with Midjourney. which may pose a challenge for some users. The user interface is not intuitive, making navigation and usage somewhat difficult for newcomers. Lastly, the pricing structure can be complex to understand, especially for technically challenged users.  

What do Midjourney customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths  

We can create stunning images without the hassle of manual design work or expensive tools like Photoshop. It's a game-changer for people like me looking to add visually captivating images to their projects with ease.” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“While the Discord integration is convenient, some users may prefer alternative platforms. Expanding accessibility beyond Discord, even though a web interface is in the works, could further broaden the tool's reach and user base.” Source  

IV. AI writing tools and text generators  


SocialBee-s inapp integrations with platforms like Canva, Unsplash and GIPHY

In social media marketing, the impact of well-written content cannot be overstated. AI writing tools step in to provide a quicker, more efficient method for social media content creation. SocialBee's AI content generator is ideal for small businesses, solopreneurs and advertising agencies looking to streamline their content creation and publishing processes. It's a robust tool for those who want to automate their entire content workflow. You can easily brainstorm ideas, craft posts, tailor the tone of voice and even select from a variety of pre-designed content templates, making content creation a breeze.   

🚀Signature features 

  • Easy integration with graphic design platforms: SocialBee stands out by offering seamless integration with popular graphic design platforms like Canva, Unsplash and GIPHY. 

  • 1K +pre-made prompt templates: SocialBee provides a vast library of pre-made prompt templates tailored for leading social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), X, Pinterest and Instagram. You can easily customize these templates to suit your brand tone and content needs. 

  • Auto-generated hashtags: One of SocialBee's standout features is its ability to automatically generate hashtags based on the content of images or social media post captions. This feature helps you enhance the discoverability of your content and reach a broader audience on social media platforms. 

  • Built on top of OpenAI's powerful ChatGPT API: SocialBee leverages the robust capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT API, enabling advanced features like intelligent content suggestions, automated responses and personalized interactions.  

Trial: 14-day free trial 

Pricing: SocialBee offers 3 different pricing plans catering to different marketing needs: 

  • Bootstrap plan: $29/Month. Best for authors, coaches, solopreneurs. 1 workspace, 1 user, 5 social profiles.

  • Accelerate plan: $49/Month. Suited for startups and small businesses. 1 workspace, 1 user, 10 social profiles.

  • Pro plan: $99/Month. Designed for freelancers and agencies. 5 workspaces, 3 users, 25 social profiles.

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think 

When using SocialBee’s AI content generator one thing to keep in mind is that creating a post with images, links and tags may slow down the process. This could mean spending more time on each post, possibly taking up to 45 minutes, especially on a computer with a lot of processing power. While this slowdown might be a drawback for some of you, it's essential to understand that individual experiences may differ based on personal preferences and expectations.  

What do SocialBee customers have to say? 

💪 Strengths 

“It's easy to use, saves time, and produces high-quality posts that will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. So, if you're ready to take your social media game to the next level, give SocialBee's post composition module a try! And this beast is flawlessly integrated in the SocialBee platform, which already offers amazing benefits regarding flexibility and efficiency when it comes to social media management. Highly recommended.” Source 

💡 What could be better 

“They have improved the interface over the years, but the interface still has a look and feel that can be hard to navigate and looks not as modern. Doesn't affect the functionality, but I think the interface could be modernized.” Source 


Copy AI-s repository of content templates to help you create various types of content.

Copy.ai is a comprehensive AI powered copy writing tool designed to streamline social media content creation across various formats with over 90 templates available for blog posts, advertisements, sales copies, social media pages and more. Copy.ai also features a long-form document editor and shares AI writing hacks to help you get started with content generation.   

🚀Signature features  

  • Multilingual support: Copy.ai supports over 25 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, English Dutch and more.  

  • Integrated plagiarism checker: Unlike other content writing tools that rely on third-party services at an additional cost, Copy.ai comes equipped with a built-in plagiarism checker.  

  • Convenient Chrome extension: For travel bloggers and content creators who multitask across multiple tabs, Copy.ai provides a seamless solution with its Chrome extension.   

  • High-quality content output: Content generated through Copy.ai is known for its accuracy, minimal errors and grammatical correctness. While minor adjustments may be necessary, the initial outputs serve as excellent starting points for content development. 

Trial: For 7 days, free of cost 

Pricing: Copy AI has two pricing plans. 

  • Free plan: Allows up to 2,000 words per month without any restrictions 

  • Pro plan: Starts at $36 per month, offering unlimited word generation in various languages 

Overall verdict: Here’s what we think  

While Copy.ai is praised for its versatility and efficiency in content creation, some users have noted a few limitations. These include the need for manual adjustments to fine-tune generated content, especially for complex topics. Some users also find the built-in plagiarism checker less comprehensive than dedicated tools, potentially leading to oversight of duplicated content.  Despite these minor drawbacks, Copy.ai remains popular for its wide range of templates, multi-language support and user-friendly interface for generating content quickly and efficiently.  

What do Copy.ai customers have to say?  

💪 Strengths  

“I like the content it creates when needing short form content (like a short description). It generates good content for more general categories (as opposed to more specific topics). It is very easy to use and implement!” Source  

💡 What could be better  

“It's not the best for long form content or content on specific topics. It creates decent content, but not outstanding content.” Source 

Factors to consider while picking a social media AI tool 

When assessing and comparing social media AI tools, there are some aspects that are non-negotiable as they directly impact your social media ROI and performance. Here they are: 

Broad channel coverage 

The tool should support various social media platforms, allowing for centralized management of multiple accounts. Not only mainstream channels, it should also be compatible with smaller channels and forums popular with your target audience. 

Do you know what channels your audience prefers?    

Sprinklr leverages a blend of analytics and AI to figure out where a brand's audience likes to hang out online, helping to craft messages that hit the mark. Here’s how it works:  

  • Data analysis: Sprinklr examines user data across various platforms to understand where the audience is most active. 

  • Engagement tracking: Tracks engagement levels on different channels to identify where users are most responsive. 

  • Content performance: Analyzes performance of content types across channels to see where it resonates the most. 

  • User feedback: Incorporates direct feedback from users about their preferred channels. 

  • AI insights: Utilizes AI to predict channel preference based on user behavior and interaction patterns 

Interaction with customers on their preferred channels is facilitated by Sprinklr Social

This way, you have data to back your investment in certain specific channels and campaigns and you can bank on assured returns from these investments. 

AI accuracy 

The tool’s accuracy should be best in class, with self-training algorithms that get better with time. Vendors should be able to provide demonstrable success stories, case studies and positive customer testimonials to support their credentials.  

For example, Sprinklr Social was named Leader in Forrester Wave Social Suites, Q3 2021. Plus, it has earned votes of confidence from analysts like Gartner and G2, making it a trustworthy partner in your social media success journey.

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Enterprise-grade governance 

The vendor should promise robust governance on all your engagements with custom approval workflows, governance rules and moderation processes. Plus, Responsible AI should be their priority for safeguarding sensitive customer and company data. This can help you stay on the right side of law and compliant with regulatory policies of social platforms. 

Final thoughts 

AI might sound daunting, especially for social media marketers who aren't knee-deep in data science. But you don't need to be a tech genius to get the hang of AI. The market is brimming with user-friendly AI tools designed to streamline your social media tasks. So, why not dive in and start exploring these tools beyond ChatGPT for your strategy? 

If you feel you're ready to learn and experience firsthand how AI can transform your social media marketing, give Sprinklr Social a try. It’s absolutely free for 30 days and available right below.👇

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