The key to an 89% customer retention rate? A proactive, digital-first, unified customer service experience.

Sprinklr Service makes frictionless service a reality across more than 30 channels, including live chat, social, messaging, email, SMS, voice and video – so your customers can always connect on their terms, and you can always respond as one company. How? By unifying case management and seamless agent engagement in a single contact centre software solution.


of customers expect a seamless experience from channel to channel.

Feature - Unified Care - The key to an 89% customer retention rate? A proactive, digital-first, unified customer service experience.
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Avoid unnecessary escalation – and $22 million in costs.

Want to proactively engage with customers to resolve issues? Sprinklr’s unified contact centre software creates seamless paths to cost-effective self-help tools across more than 30 channels.

Increase first contact resolution by 72%.

Help agents deliver fast, personalised experiences by giving them full context – with data from multiple internal systems and conversations across channels – on a unified agent desktop leveraging AI, Automation and Agent Assist tools.

Increase CSAT scores by 200% in less than a year.

Customers hate having to repeat information. Sprinklr’s contact centre software turns those conversations into streamlined single-touch experiences – regardless of which channels they’re using or whether they’re talking to agents or bots.

93% of consumers expect seamless experiences from channel to channel. How does unified contact centre software deliver?

Most contact centres use different solutions for different channels – one for social, one for messaging apps, etc. But these systems handle cases differently, and don’t share data. That means chaos: customers have to repeat information on different channels, agents can’t find all the information they need in one place and managers need multiple dashboards to get the whole picture.

Unified contact centre software uses a single system for case management across all channels and a single agent desktop to handle all cases – so no matter which channel customers use, every conversation works together to create a seamless, unified brand experience.

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Unify customer care and improve your response times with Sprinklr Service.

Connect with our experts to discuss your unique goals and use cases, and find out how Sprinklr’s contact centre software can help you:

Unify your channel strategy across live chat, social, messaging, email, SMS, voice and video.

Deploy effective self-help tools to decrease contact volume – and reduce costs.

Optimise agent productivity with Agent Assist and Automation Tools.

Unify your channel engagement strategy.

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With Sprinklr Service, your teams can choose the channels that your customers use most in each region – live chat, email, SMS, voice, video and more than 30 social and messaging platforms – and treat them as part of a single, seamless customer experience.

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Unify your agent experience.

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With a single agent interface that unifies case handling, your team can seamlessly switch between channels while maintaining customer context at every step – while out-of-the-box integrations with CRM systems and robust APIs give agents a consolidated, complete picture of customer information.

Unify customer care insights.

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Identify the top reasons why customers are contacting you – so you can measure SLA success across channels and reduce the need for service contact. Sprinklr’s conversation analytics also show supervisors exactly where and why customers are dropping off or escalating from bots to agents, helping you spotlight areas for optimisation.

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How a unified contact centre solution helped AkzoNobel UK reduce response times by 80%.

Offering proactive support with a streamlined care centre.

AkzoNobel UK now provides social customer care for 6 different brands and 19 different accounts across 6 social channels – all from a single contact centre solution.

Increasing engagement by 172%.

By supporting customers along every step of their journey, AkzoNobel UK has seen a steep increase in interactions, positive sentiment and even earned reach.

Decreasing average response times by 80%.

Sprinklr cut their average response time from 5 hours and 42 minutes to 70 minutes – all in a single year, leading to improved sentiment and happier customers.

Get the Essential guide to AI for customer service.

  • Discover how AI-powered listening on the digital channels that your customers prefer can help you get a head start on customer care.

  • Find out how to power IVR deflection via AI-powered chatbots, reducing your call volume and live agent costs.

  • Identify ways to accelerate agent response time by detecting customer intent via AI – and use those insights to generate helpful data and winning responses.

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Unify your contact centre to make your customers happier and empower your team.

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  • Manage customer service across more than 30 digital and voice channels from one unified platform

  • Scale your capabilities while reducing costs with Conversational AI and self-service solutions

  • Reduce overall handle times and boost agent productivity using AI-driven insights and assistance

  • Optimise your operations with automated speech and text analytics

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