How to Use ChatGPT in Contact Center [+10 Prompts]

Jayadeep Subhashis

February 12, 20247 min read

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Until now, traditional AI has been pervasive in contact centers, automating routine tasks and furnishing predefined responses for a myriad of customer interactions, ranging from random product inquiries to subscription renewals and billing concerns. 

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape where customer service acts as a frontline defense against churn, the introduction of ChatGPT in contact centers signifies a revolutionary leap forward. The technology offers what businesses have always wanted from AI — constant learning capabilities, deeper engagement and the optimal utilization of inbound customer data.   

Now that the Generative AI technology is freely accessible, it's time to examine how businesses have seamlessly integrated ChatGPT in contact centers. 

This blog aims to dissect the nuances of ChatGPT in contact centers, shedding light on its definition, its collaborative potential with existing chatbots and its use cases. Moreover, learn the tangible benefits experienced by early adopters of ChatGPT in contact centers and some expert-approved customer service prompts that can be seamlessly integrated for an immediate and impactful customer service transformation. 

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Table of Contents

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT, or Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is a transformative force in contact centers, leveraging its natural language processing capabilities to engage in nuanced customer conversations.  

The incorporation of ChatGPT in contact centers is facilitated by its constant learning abilities, enabling it to adapt and understand complex queries and generate coherent, contextual and sophisticated responses with speed and precision.  

Despite skepticism about its infancy, early adopters of ChatGPT in contact centers are driving efficiency and leveraging traditional AI alongside generative AI to derive incremental value from their existing conversational intelligence

7 Steps to Implement Generative AI in Customer Service

ChatGPT vs. Chatbots 

In simple terms, chatbots operate on a rule-based system using an if-this-then-that model. In contrast, ChatGPT leverages natural language processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning, moving beyond predefined sequences of responses. Let's delve deeper into the distinctions between these two. 





Language model with generative capabilities 

Rule-based system designed for specific tasks 


Pre-trained on unstructured data and conversations 

Programmed with predefined rules and responses 


Adapts to a variety of queries and contexts 

Limited adaptability, requires explicit programming for each scenario 


Constant learning and improvement over time 

Static and requires manual intent creation for new scenarios 

Context handling 

Grasps and maintains context in conversations 

Relies on predefined context and struggles with context-switching 

Conversation style 

More human-like, can generate original and insightful responses 

More structured and predictable, follows predefined patterns 

Use cases 

Versatile in handling a wide range of queries such as texts, images, codes, video/audio clips, animations etc.  

Effective for specific, well-defined tasks 


Suitable for dynamic and evolving environments where the chat can change rapidly based on external factors, user needs or industry developments. 

Well-suited for structured and repetitive tasks 

Key benefits of ChatGPT in the contact center for businesses 

As businesses evolve from merely reacting to customer queries to actively anticipating and solving issues, the landscape of customer service undergoes a transformative shift. AI-enabled virtual agents are now taking proactive strides, reaching out directly to customers with preventive solutions before issues arise. With this forward-thinking approach, let's explore the concrete benefits that businesses are currently harnessing through the integration of ChatGPT in contact centers. 

1. Adaptive learning with varied queries 

ChatGPT in contact centers seamlessly facilitates two-way complex conversations, a capability that traditional chatbots or virtual agents often struggle to achieve.  Unlike earlier systems where users needed precise inputs to avoid confusing the chatbot, ChatGPT, empowered by expansive language models, excels in addressing both structured and unstructured customer queries. It engages in profound and meaningful conversations, leveraging your existing knowledge base to consistently deliver accurate and contextually relevant responses. 

This adaptive learning feature ensures that the system continuously evolves, becoming increasingly adept at understanding and addressing a wide array of customer inquiries over time.  

2. Summarizing complex threads 

Troubleshooting can be a painstakingly complex task, often challenging for contact center agents to grasp swiftly. The quick-summarizing feature inherent in large language models renders ChatGPT indispensable in contact centers.   During intricate conversations, the automatic summarization capability significantly reduces the time required for a human agent to comprehend the issue and identify suitable solutions. This feature expedites the troubleshooting process and makes the overall contact center operations more efficient, allowing human agents to address customer concerns more effectively and promptly. 

Connecting auto-summarization to Sprinklr AI+ 
Just as auto-summarization streamlines troubleshooting processes, Sprinklr AI+ takes it a step further. It expedites case resolution and enhances productivity by intelligently assigning summarized cases to the most suitable agents through omnichannel routing. Automated case summarization and auto-disposition ensure that troubleshooting is efficient and strategically aligned with each agent's strengths. 

Skill-based Case Assignment with Sprinklr Service

Sprinklr AI+ doesn't stop there – it sets up intelligent alerts for timely responses and leverages quality automation for real-time conversation analytics, providing invaluable insights. The result is not merely enhanced operational efficiency but a transformation of your contact center into a hub of intelligent and responsive customer service. 

Learn more about Sprinklr AI+.

3. Lightning-fast resolution 

ChatGPT in contact centers significantly influences average handling time, leading to more effective resolutions and heightened customer satisfaction. Like a co-pilot, ChatGPT accesses historical data and offers contextual recommendations to agents during live conversations, ensuring consistency and seamlessness throughout interactions. 

This empowerment of contact centers extends beyond efficient handling times, actively maintaining contact center metrics such as average hold time and call abandonment rates within optimal ranges.  

4. Contextual understanding of personalized service 

Leveraging natural language processing, ChatGPT stands out in its ability to comprehend and maintain the context of ongoing conversations. This capability allows ChatGPT in contact centers to grasp not just individual queries but the broader context in which they occur.

For instance, if a customer starts a conversation about a product issue and later mentions a related concern, ChatGPT retains the context, providing a more coherent and personalized response. 

This contextual understanding is pivotal for delivering a personalized service experience. Instead of treating each customer interaction in isolation, ChatGPT recognizes patterns, references past queries within the same conversation and tailors its responses accordingly. This ensures a more natural and engaging dialog, as ChatGPT adapts its language and recommendations based on the evolving context.    

Real-time conversation tone modification with Sprinklr AI+

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Good to know: New-age analytics and reporting software helps you track the entire customer journey, dissect crucial moments in conversations and access real-time insights with AI-driven sentiment analysis. Leveraging its data drill-down capabilities, you gain the flexibility to delve into valuable specifics while unraveling actionable insights from persona-based, comprehensive, out-of-the-box reports.   

Data Drill down and Visualization with Sprinklr Analytics & Reporting Software

Top 6 use cases of ChatGPT in contact centers (+Prompts) 

Now that you have a fair understanding of the benefits of ChatGPT in contact centers, here we’ve compiled the top ten use cases and the expert-approved ChatGPT prompts for your customer support team. 

1. Setting the tonality across conversations 

By training the model on specific language patterns and communication styles, you can guide ChatGPT to respond in a manner consistent with the desired tone. This can be particularly useful for maintaining brand voice, ensuring a professional and customer-centric approach in interactions. 

📃Prompt: Act as a contact center communication expert and communication coach and suggest five variations of inbound call opening scripts for agents. 

Agent script creation in contact centers with ChatGPT

Do you know: Sprinklr AI+ automates quality monitoring in real time. You can analyze 100% of daily conversations on 30+ quality and compliance parameters such as opening/closing quality, intro, active listening, customer empathy and more. Learn more about Sprinklr quality management software

Quality management software powered by Sprinklr Service

2. Enhanced customer support 

ChatGPT in contact centers can be deployed as a virtual assistant to provide instant and helpful responses to customer queries. This helps in reducing wait times and enhances the overall customer support experience. 

📧Prompt: As a customer support representative for XYZ store, generate a response to a customer inquiring about the status of their recent order. Make the response concise.

Instant response generation for order related query with ChatGPT

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3. Automated ticketing and issue resolution 

Utilize ChatGPT to automate the creation of support tickets and resolve common issues. By understanding customer concerns and generating appropriate responses, ChatGPT can streamline ticketing processes and alleviate common problems without human intervention. 

🤖Prompt: You are a virtual assistant for ABC services. A customer reports a slow internet connection. Please craft a concise response in 100 words and initiate a ticket for further assistance.

Instant service response and ticket creation with ChatGPT

4. Knowledge base enrichment 

The knowledge base is a critical customer service tool that requires constant updating with every product release and feature update. ChatGPT plays a pivotal role in continuously updating and enriching the knowledge base by analyzing customer interactions, FAQs or common issues, contributing to a more robust knowledge repository.

📂Prompt: Please highlight all the key information from the social listening components knowledge base article and organize it in simple bullet points.

Chat GPT for Contact Centers-Knowledge base Article Summarization


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5. Complaint prioritization

ChatGPT in contact centers can analyze customer inquiries during initial interactions and intelligently route calls to the most suitable agents, optimizing call management.  

🔄Prompt: A customer has reported that their DND activation request has not been addressed yet, even though it was requested 2 days back. Please reply to the customer politely via email apologizing for the inconvenience, assuring quicker resolution in 24 hrs. Keep the email concise. 

Chat GPT for Customer Service Replying to Customer Email (1)

Good to know: AI-powered omnichannel routing software surpasses traditional call distribution methods by considering the distinctive skill sets of individual agents. Through intelligent matching of customer inquiries with the most qualified and available agent (also called “skill-based routing”), the software ensures that complex issues are directed to experts, leading to faster resolutions and heightened customer satisfaction. 

Omnichannel routing software powered by Sprinklr Service

6. Interactive training for agents 

You can use ChatGPT in contact centers to simulate real customer interactions for training purposes. This interactive training aids agents in practicing diverse customer service scenarios, refining their responses and enhancing their overall communication skills.

💼Prompt: You are a contact center supervisor for PQR Services. Simulate a customer interaction scenario for agent training purposes. Focus on a common product-related inquiry and guide the agent on responding effectively.

💼Prompt: You are a ChatGPT trainer for Acme Support. Simulate a customer interaction scenario for training purposes. Focus on a common product-related inquiry and guide the agent on responding effectively. 

Guiding contact center supervisors to simulate a customer interaction scenario with ChatGPT (1)

Optimizing contact center operations with Sprinklr Service 

In the customer service landscape, where time is of the essence, the pursuit of excellence often encounters hurdles, especially regarding real-time insights, personalized responses and consistent customer satisfaction.  

Here, Sprinklr Service emerges as a game-changer. Powered by Sprinklr AI+, your customer-facing teams effortlessly harness Generative AI capabilities with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to learn new workflows or constantly switch screens.  Our platform seamlessly integrates and supports prominent GenAI and LLM vendors, including Google VertexAI, OpenAI and more.

With Sprinklr AI+, bid farewell to operational complexities. Usher in a future where customer service isn't just streamlined but elevated to an experience that effortlessly blends intelligence and care. 

Take the next step in transforming your contact center operations by scheduling a Sprinklr Service Demo today. For those ready to dive in, we offer an exclusive 30-day Free Trial, allowing you to explore the platform at your own pace.

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