Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools [Best Rated 2024]

Aishwarya Suresh

June 3, 202418 min read

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In this age of social media, it's super important to track and manage conversations about your brand across different platforms. It's all about keeping a strong online presence, you know? However, many companies rely on disconnected social media monitoring tools, which can result in important data slipping through the cracks and a limited understanding of how the audience feels about the brand. 

That's where a unified and comprehensive tool for social media monitoring comes in. It yields real-time insights, allowing your team to analyze trends and respond in the best way possible. It's all about fostering those deep connections with your audience and protecting your brand's reputation

But selecting the right social media monitoring solution for your unique needs is easier said than done. There are tons of tools in the market, but they come with overlapping feature offerings and tall performance claims. How to pick a winner when all vendors promise winning returns? 

Review our list of the top 10 social media monitoring tools for 2024. We've handpicked them after careful analysis of features and pricing, verified customer reviews and analyst feedback. By the end, you'll have all the info you need to pick the perfect tool that suits your business needs. Voila! 

Alright, let's get this show on the road! 

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What is a social media monitoring tool? 

A social media monitoring tool is a platform that enables you to track and analyze online conversations about your brand, competitors or industry. These tools vary in sophistication, from basic keyword-tracking applications to advanced AI-driven platforms that offer real-time insights, sentiment analysis and comprehensive trend tracking across various social channels. 

No matter which tool you choose, it will significantly lighten your workload by offering a clear view of public perception and emerging trends. This allows you to focus more on strategic decision-making and relationship building with your audience. 

Using a social media monitoring tool, you can: 

  • Monitor mentions: Identify and analyze when and how your brand or products are mentioned across social channels. 

  • Track competitors: Understand what competitors are doing and how the public responds to them. 

  • Discover trends: Keep up with trending topics to engage with your audience on what's relevant. 

  • Generate reports: Share comprehensive data on audience sentiment, media coverage, brand visibility and brand reputation. 

  • Enhance customer engagement: Respond quickly to customer feedback, showing care and improving relationships. 

Social media monitoring tools for businesses of all sizes 

While this list isn't exhaustive, we invested significant time in research and consulted with paying customers to arrive at tools that are making waves in 2024. Their insights have contributed to this compilation of social media monitoring tools, giving you the freedom to choose the software that best aligns with your social media requirements. 

⚠️ Important Note for Readers: 

The below tools are in no particular order of ranking or popularity. Still, they are independent picks by Sprinklr’s editorial team based on our research and publicly available information in the review sites. It is crucial to note that software or platforms may evolve over time, and the company may address some of these concerns in newer updates or versions. 

Here's a brief preview of the 10 best social media monitoring tools as of May 2024. 


Sprinklr-s Social Monitoring dashboard

Sprinklr's social media monitoring platform offers an in-depth understanding of your audience through advanced listening and monitoring capabilities. This tool empowers you to explore your audience’s interests and needs, leveraging unstructured social conversations to drive strategic, data-informed decisions. With Sprinklr, you gain access to real-time insights for competitive benchmarking, crisis management and more, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your industry. Additionally, it leverages advanced AI to analyze unstructured data across 30+ digital channels — providing cross-channel insights that keep you ahead of the competition. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Unlock customer and competitor insights: Analyze real-time customer conversations and explore sentiments about your brand and competitors effortlessly. Delve deeper to understand the underlying causes behind shifts in key performance metrics. 

  • Protect your brand reputation: Receive immediate alerts on spikes in brand mentions, engagement levels and negative sentiments. This proactive monitoring enables effective crisis management to safeguard your brand's public image. 

Sprinklr-s monitoring platform provides immediate alerts

Watch Now: Manage Your Brand’s Reputation with 360 Degree Insights

  • Identify emerging trends: Stay ahead by connecting with your audience through AI-generated themes. This tool helps you initiate relevant conversations that resonate with current and potential customers. 

Sprinklr Monitoring dashboard helps to spot emerging trends
  • Wide channel coverage: Expand your monitoring to encompass over 10+ social and review channels, ensuring no critical insight goes unnoticed, regardless of where the conversation is happening. 

Sprinklr-s wide channel coverage
  • Quick query setup and refined listening: Set up specific queries in seconds and refine insights using powerful filters like language, location and message type, focusing on what truly matters to your brand. 

  • Actionable reports for brand health: Monitor vital brand health metrics and generate competitor reports from a unified dashboard. Access use-case-based reports to drive effective social media strategies and improve your brand’s visibility and reputation. 

Sprinklr Monitoring dashboard provides actionable reports

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  • Sprinklr AI capabilities: Sprinklr AI triages incoming messages for faster response times, ensuring brand compliance with AI-powered checks and leverages logo detection to discover user-generated content opportunities. This advanced AI processes data from a vast range of sources, including social media, messaging platforms, news, blogs and review sites, to deliver actionable insights. 

Sprinklr Social AI

Overall verdict 

Sprinklr's platform stands out in the realm of social media monitoring with its comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance brand management. From real-time insights and wide channel coverage to advanced reporting, trend identification and robust AI and machine learning potential, Sprinklr equips you with the capabilities needed to maintain a proactive stance in your marketing and brand strategy efforts. 

💡 Pro Tip: Whether you're running a startup or leading a large enterprise, finding the right social media monitoring tool can transform your online interactions and brand management. Sprinklr offers two distinct variants to cater to all business sizes — ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. 

  • Self-serve variant: Ideal for smaller teams, this version offers a simple UI, out-of-the-box listening and OpenAI’s GPT integration, making it perfect for effortless social media handling.  

  • Enterprise solution: Designed for large organizations, this option supports 30+ channels with extensive customizations and an AI-first approach, suited for complex business needs. 

 Find your fit with Sprinklr and simplify your social media strategy today!

 Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Sprinklr has empowered our organization to make strategic decisions based on a wide array of data. From competitor benchmarking and crisis monitoring to deep dives into internal data, we have utilized Sprinklr daily for the past two years to increase engagement, improve brand health, and gain an edge over our competitors. Sprinklr helps us determine which strategies are effective for us and which are not. This allows us in real time to refine our approach to social. It also allows to monitor what works and what doesn't for our competitors, gleaning critical insights into areas we could leverage for our own success.” 

💡 What could be better 
“Sprinklr is extremely customizable to your needs. This does entail a learning curve, which can be steep for novices, but once mastered, it's a powerful tool, and the team is super helpful at onboarding new users and solving problems in real time.” Source 

Trusted by: IKEA, Shell, SAP, Acer, Sonos and Arnott’s Group 

Price: USD 299/seat/month Check full pricing here 
Trial: Available for 30 days  


Hootsuite monitoring capabilities

Hootsuite's platform transforms social feeds into actionable insights, allowing you to listen effectively to what people are saying about your brand, competitors and the broader industry landscape. By monitoring mentions, keywords and hashtags, Hootsuite helps you tune into your audience's thoughts, feelings and needs.  This comprehensive tool is designed to elevate your social listening and monitoring strategy, making it an invaluable asset for enhancing engagement and refining your social media presence. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Customizable streams: Set up tailored Streams to monitor specific mentions, keywords and hashtags. This feature enables you to listen actively to discussions relevant to your brand and industry, helping you develop a customer-centric strategy that boosts engagement and sales. 

  • Reputation management: Quickly identify and respond to negative feedback with dedicated feeds. Protect and enhance your brand reputation by addressing customer concerns directly from your Hootsuite dashboard, saving both time and effort. 

  • Enhanced engagement: Engage with your community by jumping into relevant conversations across various social networks. Reply to, save and like public comments to position your brand as an industry leader. 

  • ReviewTrackers Integration: Manage and respond to reviews across over 50 popular sites via the ReviewTrackers integration. This tool simplifies handling online reviews, allowing you to share positive feedback and manage review profiles by location and user. 

  • Advanced social listening with Hootsuite Insights: For enterprise users, Hootsuite Insights offers a deep dive into social conversations. Search any topic or keyword and apply filters like date, demographics and location to gather rich insights about brand perception and identify brand advocates or thought leaders. 

Overall verdict 

Hootsuite stands out for its robust integration capabilities and comprehensive social listening features. It is more than just a monitoring tool; it is a powerful platform for social listening that offers real-time insights into millions of online conversations. However, compared to Sprinklr, Hootsuite has some limitations. Its dashboard can be cluttered and overwhelming for new users, requiring a learning curve to fully leverage its features. 

Additionally, its listening capabilities, while powerful, are not as comprehensive as Sprinklr's listening tool. Sprinklr's AI offers deeper sentiment analysis and broader data collection across numerous channels, which makes it more suitable for enterprises needing granular insights. Despite these drawbacks, Hootsuite remains a solid option for businesses seeking a versatile tool that balances social listening and engagement needs. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Hootsuite has been our tool ever since I started with our team's social media function. We are able to use streams to monitor all of our social media channels, and provides the ease necessary without having to login every single function. Hootsuite Amplify, a feature included with our package, allows us to manage user experience among our subject matter experts, which helps with spreading our brand message.” Source 

💡 What could be better 
“Hootsuite has changed ever since the pandemic-- and we have been experiencing a lot of bugs ever since they had challenges with their staff. Customer service is available with our package, but it usually takes a while for issues to be resolved. And to top it all off, Hootsuite now removes features that have been very helpful for us-- such as streams for Amplify. They also keep changing their user interface, removing features that have been very useful for us.” Source 

Price: USD 99/month for up to 10 profiles 
Trial: Available for 30 days 

Sprout Social  

Sprout Social Monitoring tool

Sprout Social offers a robust social listening and monitoring platform that integrates seamlessly into your social media strategy, giving you the power to track and act on important interactions across multiple networks. Designed for businesses looking to streamline their social media management, Sprout Social simplifies tracking mentions, comments and keywords, particularly on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X and TikTok. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Smart inbox: Consolidate all your social media interactions into one streamlined inbox. This feature provides real-time updates of communications with leads, followers and customers, enhancing responsiveness and engagement. 

  • Crisis management: Equip your team with custom alerts and detailed sentiment analysis to proactively manage potential crises, ensuring you're always prepared to handle sensitive situations with care. 

  • Competitor comparison and industry analysis: Gain insights into your market position and consumer attitudes towards competitors with tools that help track share of voice (SOV) and identify industry gaps. This feature aids in uncovering new business opportunities and strategic advantages. 

  • Comprehensive consumer research: Utilize detailed demographic analysis and sentiment research to better understand and engage your target audience. Features like trend identification and influencer recognition further help to refine marketing strategies and capitalize on emerging movements. 

Overall verdict 

Sprout Social excels in providing a comprehensive toolset for social listening and monitoring, making it an invaluable resource for businesses focused on enhancing their social media engagement and understanding their audience better. Its integration of various analysis tools into one platform makes it a great time-saver and a facilitator for consistent customer experiences. 

However, compared to Sprinklr, Sprout Social may lack some of the more advanced analytical capabilities and broader integration with enterprise-level marketing stacks. While Sprout Social offers excellent tools for day-to-day social media monitoring and engagement, Sprinklr’s solutions provide deeper insights and more extensive data handling, suitable for larger organizations or those with complex global needs. 


Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Along with using Brand keywords in Smart inbox and preparing Social Listening queues, it has helped me and my clients to know a lot about not just what people are talking about us but also about our competitors which has helped in our growth.” 

💡 What could be better 
“The social listening sentiment is not accurate, and the tool is not able to decipher neutral sentiment. Often time, the neutral sentiment is positive and negative.  

I noticed that the demographic tab is not accurate for Twitter, with some posts being tagged as "France" when the user location or the geo-location is clearly in the US. The social listening sentiment on YouTube is not accurate and trustworthy.” Source 

Price: USD 299/seat/month  
Trial: Available for 30 days  


Khoros Monitoring tool

Khoros' social media monitoring software equips brands with the tools necessary to manage a wide range of digital and social media customer service inquiries effectively. Designed to handle high volumes of interactions without compromising on quality, this platform is ideal for businesses looking to protect their brand reputation and enhance customer satisfaction across diverse digital landscapes. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Unified engagement hub: Khoros integrates multiple communication channels into a single engagement hub, allowing customer service agents to seamlessly transition between social channels, messaging apps, reviews, in-app and web messaging and community platforms. This centralization streamlines responses and improves interaction quality. 

  • Advanced workflows and operational insights: The platform boosts social customer service efficiency by implementing smart workflows and providing insights that help resolve conversations faster and with higher satisfaction rates. 

  • Crisis detection and mitigation: Monitor changes in social volume, sentiment and specific keywords to quickly identify and address potential crises, ensuring continuous quality customer experiences. 

  • Secure data exchange: Khoros ensures the secure handling of personal data during social interactions, enabling businesses to address consumer inquiries confidently and compliantly. 

Overall verdict 

Khoros stands out for its robust capability to manage and monitor digital interactions across a variety of platforms from one consolidated hub. Its advanced features support efficient scaling of social customer service efforts and provide the necessary tools to maintain high-quality customer interactions.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“By connecting all our social media accounts we are able to plan easily and in advance our publications and be sure to monitor all comments that are related to our brand.” Source 

💡What could be better 
“I dislike how hard it is to pull data from responses and transform them into a more comprehensive report. It is so manual and wish it was more automated features. I also wish I could pull data directly from posts in the calendar or combine data from multiple posts in a campaign automatically. I wish publishing would be easier with a better ai and we don't have to manually push stories and reels.” Source 

Price: Contact sales/vendor for information 
Trial: Information available on request 


Emplifi Social Monitoring tool

Emplifi’s social monitoring tool, known as Emplifi Listening, is designed to provide comprehensive insights into social media dynamics for modern brands. It offers a 360° view of key audiences, enabling businesses to create content that resonates with their target demographic, deliver engaging social experiences and drive impactful campaigns. 

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🚀 Prominent features 

  • Comprehensive insights: It searches and analyzes data across social media, news, blogs and forums, providing deep social and web listening capabilities. 

  • Social trend spike alerts: Users receive notifications of sudden changes in online activity, ensuring they stay informed and responsive. 

  • Real-time, multilingual support: With real-time translation for over 100 languages, you can engage with a global audience effectively. 

  • Powerful AI tools: Automated labeling, sentiment analysis and advanced routing streamline the process of managing social interactions. 

  • Engagement at the point of purchase: The Ratings & Reviews feature provides diverse feedback and automatically syndicates positive reviews to strengthen your brand’s online reputation. 

Overall verdict 

Emplifi’s social listening tool excels in its ability to deliver actionable insights through comprehensive analysis and robust AI tools. It stands out with its multilingual support, real-time alerts and integration of ratings and reviews, providing businesses with a seamless strategy across all points of engagement. 

However, compared to Sprinklr, Emplifi could be seen as slightly less versatile in some areas. While it offers excellent multilingual support, it lacks the same breadth of customization and unstructured data processing found in Sprinklr. Moreover, Sprinklr’s unified social monitoring features provide deeper benchmarking capabilities and a broader analysis across digital channels, giving it an edge for brands needing highly specialized insights. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Custom content labeling, automation labeling, and listening queries all able to be brought into custom dashboards are all *incredible* features. Companies can use these to segment content based on the custom data valuable to them and draw insights easily.” Source 

💡What could be better 
“I have been using the dashboards and while they are useful, I think there is still room for improvement. In particular, the Listening section could benefit from a feature that would allow us to download the information in an Excel file. Having this capability would make it much easier to analyze and manipulate the data offline. I hope this is something that could be implemented in the near future.” Source 

Price: USD 2400 annually for up to 10 profiles 
Trial: Information available on request 

Hearsay Social   

Hearsay social Content+

Hearsay Social is a social media monitoring tool designed to help enterprises, particularly in the financial services sector, to plan, implement, roll out and monitor their social media presence across platforms like Facebook, X and LinkedIn. Part of the broader Hearsay Systems suite, this tool is designed to help financial advisors and insurance agents optimize their social media communication in line with regulations from FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, PRA and others. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Compliance management: Ensures all social media activities comply with industry regulations. 

  • Social media integration: Allows for seamless connection with platforms like Facebook, X and LinkedIn. 

  • Performance metrics: Provides analytics on social media performance, including engagement and reach. 

  • Event management: Tracks and manages social media events and campaigns. 

  • Social insights dashboard: Offers a workspace-level view of social media metrics for the past 30 days, including published posts, impressions, likes, comments, shares, link clicks and follower growth. 

Social Media Marketing Metrics That Matter

Overall verdict 

Hearsay Social excels at providing a compliant, user-friendly platform for financial advisors and insurance agents. Its unique focus on regulatory adherence makes it invaluable in industries where legal considerations are paramount. Additionally, while its content curation is helpful, it could benefit from more advanced AI capabilities to match broader audience expectations. 

💡 Quick Tip: Keeping up with the fast-paced demands of the financial industry and staying compliant can be challenging. But what if you had a tool that simplifies all that while keeping your brand ahead of the curve?  

Yes, you heard that right! Meet Sprinklr — trusted by 13 of the top 14 FinServe brands, offering solutions that enhance customer engagement, provide exceptional service and unlock valuable insights to foster trust and loyalty. 

Why Sprinklr for financial services? 

🚀 Digital engagement and sales: Boost revenue with localized, AI-driven campaigns that empower advisors to drive sales through social channels. Identify and convert leads more effectively with Sprinklr’s advanced AI capabilities. 

📞 Omnichannel customer service: Enhance customer satisfaction with a seamless omnichannel experience, providing consistent service across 30+ channels, from social media to live chat. 

🔒 Compliance and crisis management: Ensure compliance with financial regulations like GDPR and FINRA and manage potential crises proactively with AI-powered monitoring and alerts. 

Ready to take your financial services to the next level? Learn more right here

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“The customer support tries to make everything possible and product development is very quick to make all change requests possible. The platform innovates itself on a regular basis. We are very happy with the platform due to its easy-to-use interface and the compliant use for social media.” 

💡 What could be better 
“There often glitches, quirks, UX/UI improvements needed, and a lack our ideas and recommendations being implemented.” Source 

Price: Contact sales/vendor for information 
Trial: Information available on request 


Agorapulse social monitoring tool

Agorapulse is designed to provide brands with deep insights into their online presence and the dynamics of their industry. This tool offers the capability to monitor conversations across social media, news sites and blogs, allowing businesses to fine-tune their strategies based on real-time data and trends. It's particularly effective for those looking to enhance their competitive edge through comprehensive social listening. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Comprehensive monitoring: Agorapulse enables brands to create actionable searches to monitor mentions across social networks, news websites and millions of blogs. This helps businesses understand how they're perceived and what's being said about their competitors. 

  • Sentiment analysis and brand health: Track and analyze changes in mention volumes, engagement and sentiment over time. This feature helps brands navigate their strategy by understanding public sentiment — positive, negative and neutral. 

  • Industry insight mining: Use hashtag and keyword searches to uncover current and upcoming trends relevant to your industry, helping to ensure your content remains ahead of the curve. 

  • Competitive analysis: Set up dedicated searches to monitor competitors, providing valuable insights into their activities and uncovering opportunities for differentiation. 

  • Reporting: Include findings on mention volumes and sentiments in reports to inform and navigate your social media strategy. 

Overall verdict 

Agorapulse is a robust tool for businesses that want to harness the power of social listening to drive their marketing and engagement strategies. With features like sentiment analysis, competitive and industry insights and influencer recognition, Agorapulse provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help brands stay informed and reactive to the social media landscape. While Agorapulse offers excellent capabilities for social listening and campaign analysis, businesses requiring advanced data processing and broader digital marketing integration might find Sprinklr's extensive platform more aligned with their needs. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Their social listening feature ensures I never miss a mention, be it direct or indirect. This helps us tap into potential leads, manage our reputation, and respond promptly to customer queries and concerns.” Source 

💡 What could be better 
“The platform doesn't support every social media network. For brands using lesser-known or niche platforms, this could be a drawback. Although their web platform is pretty solid, the mobile app has occasionally been glitchy and not as intuitive as I would have liked.” Source 

Price: USD 49/user/month for up to 10 profiles 
Trial: Available for 30 days 

Rival IQ 

Rival IQ social monitoring dashboard

Rival IQ delivers a powerful social listening and monitoring platform that enables brands to effectively monitor online conversations, analyze customer sentiment and track competitors with precision. This tool simplifies the collection and interpretation of vast amounts of data from various online sources, making it accessible even for teams without dedicated data experts. By providing deep insights into brand health and market trends, Rival IQ helps brands stay responsive and informed in a dynamic digital environment.  

🌩️ Is a crisis clouding your brand's bright future? 

In a world where a brand's reputation can change with a tweet, staying one step ahead of potential crises isn't just smart; it's essential. Imagine having the power to detect emerging risks before they escalate, ensuring your brand remains trusted and resilient no matter what comes your way.  

Here's how you can safeguard your brand's health using a tool:   

🔍 Proactive crisis detection: Identify and respond to emerging risks early with AI-powered monitoring tools. 

📈 Real-time brand health monitoring: Keep track of your brand's mentions, sentiment and engagement across multiple channels. 

⚡ Swift crisis response: Quickly route insights and respond to critical messages while maintaining brand compliance. 

📊 Comprehensive reporting: Analyze the effectiveness of your crisis response and refine your strategies with detailed post-crisis reports. 

 And if you're wondering where to find such a comprehensive solution, look no further. Sprinklr’s Crisis Detection & Brand Health Monitoring platform is tailor-made for marketing teams. It offers an end-to-end crisis management system that integrates seamlessly across 30+ social and digital channels, leveraging advanced AI to deliver actionable insights with exceptional accuracy.  

Ready to protect and propel your brand?  

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Comprehensive data analysis: Rival IQ aggregates data from millions of websites, including major platforms like Reddit, X and Quora. This extensive reach allows brands to gain a holistic view of their online presence and consumer perceptions. 

  • AI-powered search: Utilize ChatGPT-powered search capabilities to bypass complex Boolean queries and set up custom searches with ease. This feature simplifies deep data dives into consumer conversations and brand mentions. 

  • Advanced sentiment analysis: With state-of-the-art sentiment analysis tools powered by Quid, brands can quickly discern the emotions and behaviors their content evokes, allowing for more targeted engagement strategies. 

  • Trend monitoring and alerts: Monitor post volumes, brand mentions and industry trends with Rival IQ’s always-on alerting system. This ensures that brands never miss crucial shifts in conversation or sentiment, keeping them proactive rather than reactive. 

  • Influencer and advocacy identification: Spot and engage with key influencers, advocates and detractors, leveraging insights to foster partnerships or address public relations challenges. 

End-to-end strategies for discovering influencers and decoding impact

Overall verdict 

Rival IQ stands out for its comprehensive approach to social monitoring, providing brands with the tools necessary to monitor their digital footprint and adapt quickly to consumer sentiment and market changes. The integration of AI-powered search and advanced sentiment analysis allows even non-data-savvy teams to make informed decisions that enhance their social media strategies.  While Rival IQ offers excellent functionalities for trend tracking and sentiment analysis, it faulters in handling cross-channel data aggregation and advanced predictive analytics. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Rival IQ is such a great find because not only can I monitor content performance for brands I work with but I can also look at my brand vs. competitors. The tool, out of the box, provides insights around performance, areas to improve upon, and sends alerts on breakout posts from competitors. It also tells you if a post was likely "boosted" which is also insightful in today's pay-to-play environment. Probably the most helpful thing is that it also tracks TikTok data along with all the other data sources. It makes my job easier because I can get my information from one source, rather than cobbling it together from multiple data sources.” 

💡 What could be better 
“A lot of companies had no historic data and RivalIQ could only begin capturing data from the time you commence tracking.” Source 

Price: USD 239/month  
Available for 14 days  


Mention-s social media monitoring dashboard

Mention revolutionizes how brands monitor the web and manage social media through a comprehensive, all-encompassing tool. Designed to deliver instant insights, Mention analyzes mentions from over a billion sources daily, equipping teams with the necessary tools to gain full visibility into brands, trends and influential figures. This powerful tool simplifies the complexity of online monitoring, allowing you to track and respond to conversations in real-time with precision and ease. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Extensive monitoring capabilities: Mention offers keyword-based and page-based monitoring alerts, capturing data from an expansive array of web and social sources, including major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and X, as well as forums, blogs and news sites. 

  • Advanced query building: Users can create simple to complex queries with an intuitive query builder that supports Boolean logic, enhancing the precision of monitoring and focusing on highly relevant insights. 

  • Real-time tracking and alerts: Stay updated with a live feed of mentions and receive spike alerts for unusually high volumes of activity, ensuring no critical information is missed. 

  • Sentiment analysis and influence indicators: Automatically analyze the sentiment of each mention and assess the influence of sources, helping to prioritize responses and strategize more effectively. 

  • Integration and collaboration: Seamlessly integrate Mention with existing marketing stacks like Slack and Zapier and utilize collaborative features to enhance productivity and team response. 

Overall verdict 

Mention stands out as a highly capable social listening and monitoring tool that provides brands with critical insights into their online presence and industry movements. With its robust data analysis, real-time updates and flexible integration capabilities, Mention is ideal for marketers who need to stay on top of trends and manage their reputation meticulously. While Mention excels in real-time data tracking and user-friendly features, it doesn’t offer extensive cross-channel analytics and predictive capabilities that modern organizations seek. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“Mention allows us to create alerts and allow us to perform searches with our filters. We can easily monitor the profiles of our brand. With the searched keywords we can easily review and digest the email list. Their dashboards is very simple to use and we do not have to learn many skills to use their dashboards. There are exceptional packages for the filters and Boolean search. It has a simple interface and is very easy to navigate.” 

💡 What could be better 
“It misses some places and does not cover all the areas where your business name was mentioned. I found that it did not capture abbreviations or mentions on websites that are not very famous. In one example, my previous company had been cited 160 times, but it did not even show half of them.”  Source 

💡Pro Tip: Don’t let your brand mentions slip through the cracks. Sprinklr’s advanced monitoring capabilities excel in capturing a wide range of mentions, including those on obscure sites and abbreviated references. With Sprinklr, you can ensure that no mention goes unnoticed, whether it’s structured, unstructured, tagged or untagged. 

Price: USD 149/month  
Trial: Available for 14 days 


Keyhole social monitoring tool

The next entrant in our list of leading social media monitoring tools is Keyhole. Keyhole's social listening and monitoring tool offers an in-depth analysis of social media conversations to help brands understand and engage their audience effectively. Designed to deconstruct conversations around specific hashtags and keywords, Keyhole provides real-time data and insights that are essential for optimizing campaigns and measuring their impact. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Real-time hashtag and keyword tracking: Keyhole provides instant data and analysis on any conversation, enabling you to gauge and report your social media impact swiftly across all campaigns and channels. 

  • Influencer and campaign monitoring: Keyhole helps you find and vet the most impactful influencers within your industry, providing insights into their audiences and engagement levels. This feature allows you to compare all your influencers in one dashboard, helping you optimize your influencer marketing strategies

  • AI-driven sentiment analysis: Understand how your audience feels about your brand and competitors with Keyhole's sentiment analysis tool. This feature enables you to gauge customer sentiment and use the data to improve overall engagement and brand perception. 

  • Historical data and QuickTrends: With Keyhole, you can access historical data to track previous campaigns or generate last-minute reports. The QuickTrends feature provides a high-level overview of any topic across social media and the web, helping you stay updated on industry trends and conversations. 

  • Volume predictions and alerts: Keyhole's volume predictions alert you when posts are trending, enabling quick reactions to capitalize on engagement opportunities. 

Overall verdict 

Keyhole offers a robust set of features for social media monitoring and listening, making it a valuable tool for brands looking to understand and engage their audience effectively. Its real-time tracking, influencer analysis and sentiment insights provide comprehensive data to optimize campaigns and measure their impact.  However, it has been noted for having less comprehensive tracking options, which may not meet the needs of all users. Additionally, Keyhole’s focus is primarily on X, Instagram and Facebook, potentially limiting for businesses that utilize a broader range of social platforms. Users have also reported a steeper learning curve due to a complex interface and customer support response times can be slow, which could be a significant drawback for businesses requiring timely assistance. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 
“I've been using Keyhole almost since the beginning and what I love best is the flexibility in the data that can be tracked and captured. It has made evaluating ROI of different campaigns and tactics much easier.” 

💡 What could be better 
“It is a steep price for a singular item like hashtag tracking. I also wish they did a bit better job with the sign-up feature it is really hard to get to the pricing section.” Source 

Price: USD 194.25/month  
Available for 14 days 

How to find the best social media monitoring software for your business 

If you're on the hunt for the right social media monitoring software for your business, following these structured steps will guide you to the best choice: 

Clarify your objectives 

  • Determine key requirements: Specify what outcomes you want from a monitoring tool, whether it's for brand reputation management, competitor analysis or market trend identification. 

  • Integration potential: Make sure the tool can connect seamlessly with your existing systems and provide a unified workflow. 

📢Good to know: Sprinklr offers extensive integration options, allowing you to connect with the software tools your business already utilizes. By unifying your data on a single platform, Sprinklr enables cross-team collaboration with ease — enhancing workflows across engagement, sales marketing, advertising and customer care.  

This seamless integration empowers your teams to work together more effectively, driving better results for your business. 

 Learn more about our integration capabilities

Start with research  

  • Explore options: Start by exploring the variety of social media monitoring tools available. Consider platforms known for their robust monitoring capabilities. 

  • Perform feature analysis: Assess the features each tool offers. Focus on essential elements like sentiment analysis, influencer tracking, real-time alerts and comprehensive data reporting. 

  • AI advantages: Consider tools that leverage AI for enhanced monitoring efficiency. These can offer predictive insights into brand reputation and customer sentiment shifts. 

Test and trial 

  • Try before you buy: Take advantage of free trials or demo versions to see how the tools function firsthand. 

  • Evaluate compatibility: During the trial period, verify that the tool aligns with your daily social media workflows and overall strategy. 

Check usability 

  • Prioritize ease of use: Choose software that's intuitive, reducing the learning curve for your team. Opt for self-serve tools that can be implemented right out of the box, with one-click widgets for adding channels and teams to it. 

  • Seek out experiences: Read case studies and testimonials to better understand how others view the tool's usability and efficiency. 

Plan your growth 

  • Future-proof your choice: Make sure the software can scale up as your business and social media needs expand. 

  • Explore expansion paths: Look into the upgrade paths and understand how easily you can expand features or switch to higher plans. 

Consider support resources 

  • Customer support quality: Evaluate the quality of customer support through responsiveness and problem resolution. 

  • Access to training: Ensure that the software provider offers comprehensive tutorials, guides and resources to help you onboard the tool. 

Protect your data 

  • Security protocols: Investigate the data security measures in place, ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

  • Privacy policies: Confirm that the software adheres to strict privacy practices to protect user data, especially if you operate in regulated industries like banking and healthcare. 

Make the final call 

Compare your notes and select the tool that aligns best with your monitoring needs, offering the best overall value. 

Final Verdict 

"Having the right tools in your arsenal makes all the difference," and this is especially true for social media monitoring. With the right platform, you'll be able to uncover valuable insights from conversations across networks, monitor brand sentiment and stay one step ahead of your competitors. And a comprehensive social media monitoring tool like Sprinklr equips you with the intelligence and agility needed to master your strategy like never before. 

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