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Why Do You Need a Social Data Management Platform (DMP)?

Sprinklr Team

February 23, 20213 min read

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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

So wrote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1891 for his first Sherlock Holmes short story, A Scandal in Bohemia. The quote didn’t just serve his fictional detective well in solving seemingly unsolvable cases. It also holds weight for today’s marketers.

Marketers are in danger of creating social strategies for target audiences without actually knowing who those audiences are or what they want. Without data, theorizing campaign success is sleuthing without clues.

That said, data management is a challenge for many. Marketers have more data at their fingertips than ever before, and they just don’t know how to access it and make it actionable.

Enter the Social Data Management Platform (DMP).

What is a Social DMP?

A Social Data Management Platform collects audience data from social and digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and e-commerce sites. It also divides that data into key audience segments that are important to your brand.

It does this all of in real time so marketers can join audience conversations while they’re still happening and reach consumers with content that’s relevant, timely, and personal.

Why Do You Need a Social DMP?

A Social DMP helps marketers build more effective campaigns and customer interactions by:

Unifying Data Across Social Channels

It’s not enough to know just what audiences are saying on Facebook. Marketers have to see what they’re saying across the web in order to generate a holistic view of each customer. For instance, a customer may have reached out about a product issue on Twitter, but you’re still serving them ads about that product on LinkedIn. As a result, they become frustrated and start looking at competitors. With a Social Data Management Platform, you can avoid making that mistake.

Alternatively, a potential customer on Instagram may be voicing the need for a product just like yours. But you’re not there to see it. A Social DMP can help you find that potential customer and then reach them with personalized content.

Automatically Refreshing Customer Profiles

Customer behaviors change, and your data should change with them. A Social DMP can automatically update customer profiles based on real-time data. You can then use that data to target potential customers more effectively.

Properly Allocating Budgets

Real-time data management allows you to see how campaigns are performing while they’re running. From here, you can optimize your content and spend to support top-performing media. You can also allocate your budget to reach only the most relevant audiences.

For instance, potential customers will see one campaign; customers who’ve reached out for support will see another; loyal customers will see another. Without a Social DMP, you risk reaching customers with irrelevant and overly generalized messaging.

A Social DMP That Works For You

Sprinklr’s new Social Data Management Platform provides marketers with real-time access to customer data across every touchpoint.

It’s the solution to many marketers’ data problems and a guiding light that will help them solve their own seemingly unsolvable mystery: How to engage customers in real time across a variety of platforms.

Data-driven customer content. A simple, powerful concept. Or as the man himself would say, “Elementary my dear Watson.”

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