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3 Marketing Automation Tips to Increase Speed of Conversion

Sprinklr Team

February 11, 20203 min read

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Sending automated email marketing campaigns is an effective tool to engage and nurture your customers. However, using email as the only messaging channel isn’t good enough anymore. Customers have evolved and now expect personalized and instant interactions with the brand. And this can be achieved by creating opportunities to converse with them on modern messaging channels.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how Sprinklr lets brands automate omnichannel messaging across email and modern channels (like Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber) to deliver a unified customer experience and boost speed of conversion.

Three Tips to Increase Speed of Conversion using Sprinklr

We will be explaining the tips using the example of an imaginary travel brand, TravelTrail, that wishes to formulate an omnichannel strategy to increase conversions.

1. Engage and convert customers on modern channels using conversational marketing

Modern customers love interacting on messaging channels because of the immediacy and convenience. According to a survey done by Twilio, 66% of customers want to reach brands or be reached by them through messaging apps. So marketers should have direct interactions on these channels to engage, understand, and recommend their customers.

Sprinklr lets brands automate personalized messaging across modern channels at scale.

3 marketing automation tips journey set-up

In the above example, TravelTrail deploys a 5-question quiz on Twitter DM using Sprinklr’s Journey Facilitator, which helps in visualizing and mapping conversation in a unified flow. The customers are scored for every right answer given and then awarded a discount at the end of the quiz.

2. Gather customer insights to optimize marketing communications

Social ad campaigns that trigger guided selling conversations fuels efficient customer engagement and conversions. By directing customers into DM interactions, brands collect actionable data and build meaningful customer profiles. Customers can then be re-engaged with relevant communication, recommending products that convert.

Sprinklr lets brands create unique experiences for their audience on social channels like Twitter and Facebook by taking customers from social ads to automated one-on-one messenger conversations. Sprinklr’s Audience Management helps to build and visualize customer personas based on their preferences from the conversation, which can be used by brands to retarget customers with automated, personalized campaigns at scale.

3 marketing automation tips traveltrail facebook

TravelTrail directs the target audience from Facebook ad to Facebook Messenger where they respond to travel preference-related questions. The brand builds user profiles in Sprinklr from the responses given by the audience, and uses it for retargeting their customers.

3. Drive users to their preferred modern channels to increase conversions

Modern customers expect a personalized experience in their preferred channel of communication. Using Sprinklr’s omni-channel marketing strategy, brands can seamlessly drive their customers from one channel (email, website, sms) to another (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter DM) and create a one-on-one, trusting relationship with them, on their preferred channel of communication.

3 marketing automation tips whatsapp click-to-chat

TravelTrail takes customers from website and email to WhatsApp messenger for a trip planning via WhatsApp click-to-chat link.

Final Thoughts

Using Sprinklr’s automated messaging across modern channels, it is possible for customer-facing, front office teams to build a direct relationship with their customers at scale and boost speed of conversions. Sprinklr enables the marketing teams to break the long-duration nurture journeys and longer conversion cycles in email with instant messaging in Modern channels. The paid social teams leverage the customer personas build from guided DM conversations to recommend and run re-engagement communication that converts.

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